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They stopped in front of a huge relief sculpture.

The reliefs showed the development process of the Yardratians civilization from ancient times to the present, from being weak to becoming strong.

Farming, hunting, little by little they walked out from primeval ignorance.

Suddenly, Xiaya noticed that one of the murals was familiar.

Upon closer inspection, it was engraved with a zigzagging and soaring golden Shenron.

There was a raging flame on its surface, and it gave an awe-inspiring, simple, and profound feeling.

Xiaya frowned.

He had seen this picture decades ago, but looking at it now, the golden flame Shenron was really familiar.

Didnt it look like the Golden Flame Shenron he had made

How did the Golden Flame Shenron he created appear on the Yardratians mural

“What is this mural”

“It was recorded by my ancestors during the ancient times.

We are not clear about its specific meaning.

It seems to be related to the legendary Dragon God-sama”

“Dragon God Zalama”

“Yes.” After saying that, the Yardratian did not speak anymore.

When it comes to the topic of the supreme god, he wanted to speak as little as possible.

Xiaya became lost in thought and continued to look at the Shenron in the mural before smiling.

All the visions of Planet Yardrat have been weird, but what did it have to do with him

Nodding towards the Yardratian, Xiaya and Goku immediately launched Instant Transmission and returned to Earth.

Nearly one after the other, they appeared in West City.

Goku and Bulma also had a home in West City, which was their real residence.

The house in Mount Paozu was just for the convenience of Gokus training.

Coming to Earth again and walking along the streets of West City, Xiaya clearly felt that the atmosphere of Earth had changed.

Not only the programs broadcasted on TV, but also the posters advertised in the streets and lanes, most of them were related to martial arts.

Of course, it was not just these external decorations that had changed, but also the inner civilization and connotation.

After experiencing successive crises and alien invasions, the people of Earth had finally learned to constantly strive to become stronger and had developed the martial arts world to certain heights.

Now, learning martial arts had become a trend and the status of martial artists was comparable to that of famous scientists.

In the villa not far from Dr.

Briefs house.

Vegeta was training in an enormous Gravity Machine.

In the dimly lit room, the light had distorted into red colour.

Vegeta was wearing a training suit as he gasped for breath while withstanding the laser robots attack.

Boom, boom, boom, the entire training room kept trembling as the robots were smashed into pieces by Vegeta and the dispersed parts scattered on the ground.

Turning off the switch of the Gravity Machine, Vegeta walked out with a towel hung around his neck.

“With this kind of training room, my strength can continuously improve and one day I can surpass Kakarrot.” Vegetas sharp eyes were shining brightly.

After understanding how Goku became stronger, Vegeta had regained his self-confidence and then trained in the Gravity Machine day and night without any rest with a strong will.

As a genius, even though he knew that haste brings no success, since he continued to gain strength, it made him not want to stop.

Yes, as he continued training, he would surpass Kakarrot sooner or later.

He believed that the title of the strongest Super Saiyan would ultimately belong to him.

For the moment, he automatically ignored the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan, especially Xiaya, who was a powerful Super Saiyan like in the legends.

After entering the bathroom to rinse with cold water for a while, Vegeta walked out in a good mood.

Maybe staying on Earth was also a good choice, provided that annoying woman was not there.

“Hey, Vegeta, you messed up the training room again.

You know that this training room was developed by my father and Feidaya people.

It is difficult to repair if it is broken.”

Tight, who had long blonde hair, put her hands on her hips in front of Vegeta with dissatisfaction.

She was only wearing thin pajamas, so her delicate body, like that of a young girl, was clearly apparent to Vegeta.

“Shameless woman.” Vegeta turned his head angrily.

Tights giggled, and wrapped her body around Vegetas arm with great interest, so her whole body stuck to him.

“Hey, Vegeta, are you embarrassed Older sister hasnt lost her charm from before!”

Saying that, out of nowhere, she took out a bunch of yellowing photos.

“Look, Vegeta, how naughty you were when you were a kid!”

“Bastard, why do you still have these pictures” Vegeta pointed his trembling finger at the crazy woman and snatched the photos from her hand.

“Hey, this is my collection from the past.

Dont tear them.”


Vegeta snorted with an unpleasant expression, clenched the photos in his hand, and with an energy beam, directly burned them to ashes.

These photos were his black history, recording the embarrassing moments of his youth.

How could he stay on Earth if they were around

Tights watched with a dumbfounded look and stomped her feet.

Suddenly she narrowed her eyes with a smile, waving a data cable.

“Heh, I have backups of these photos; it doesnt matter even if you burn them.” She walked away giggling after she finished speaking.

“She is really asking for trouble!”

Vegeta looked at Tights receding back angrily.

He quietly stared for a while and then slammed shut the door to his room.

Time flew by and Goku continued to train after returning to Earth.

Xiaya also stayed on Earth and waited quietly for the arrival of Trunks, but many days passed and Trunks still had not arrived.

“Thinking about it, its almost time.

How come he hasnt come yet Could it be Trunks will not be coming in this world”

Xiaya lay quietly on the balcony of the villa in the small island city, basking under the warm sunshine.

It was neither cold nor hot and was just comfortable.

Normally, it was easier to come to an existing world than to a new multiverse which had split from its timeline.

The self-repairing ability of the universe implied that, in general, avoidance of this behavior should naturally be through certain means, thus the few emergences of new worlds.

If Trunks was not coming, it meant that the world he lives in has nothing to do with the other multiverses.

At the same time, it means that, besides Trunks mainline world, a world of the Android Saga storyline will emerge.

But Xiaya was observing the situation outside the multiverse.

At the moment, there are only three multiverse worlds and no fourth one has emerged.

Suddenly, a peculiar space-time fluctuation appeared on Earth.

At almost the same time, Xiaya felt that fluctuation.

Xiaya brushed off the dust from the ground and stood up.

With interest, he said, “Finally here.

I wonder if it is Trunks”

At the same time, the Southern Hemisphere, Southern archipelago.

The southern archipelago, surrounded in all directions by the sea, has an excellent geographical location, like stars adorning the blue ocean.

This place experienced spring all year round, so it was cool and pleasant.

The natural conditions are superior and the archipelago is densely lush and verdant with trees.

There were a few buds on the branches, and the aura of life was surging.

On the mountain peak of a large island, a time machine engraved with the Hoi-Poi Capsule symbol suddenly appeared in mid-air.

After slowly landing, a boy with purple hair suddenly appeared.

Seeing a completely different scene from the impression he had in his mind, a trace of envy flashed in the boys eyes.

His original world had experienced continuous large and small scale battles and was no longer such a beautiful place.

The purple hair swayed with the wind as the young boy soared into the sky and rapidly flew away towards a certain direction.

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