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Absorbed the power of Super Saiyan and entered Ultimate State, allowing Xiaya to be able to use the power of Super Saiyan in Normal State How awesome! Xiling and Myers were dumbfounded when they heard this.

“Xiaya, you dont need to transform into Super Saiyan now, yet you still have immense strength” Myers asked in a trembling voice.


I call this state the “Ultimate State”, and of course, I can still transform into Super Saiyan, but my strength would be similar to the Ultimate State.”

The Ultimate State was equivalent to turning on the power of Super Saiyan 3 at all times.

The color of the hair and pupils would remain like that of the Normal State, but the essence is, in fact, a bit different from the Normal State.

Not only would it increase transformation time and reduce energy consumption but the strength it could bring out would also become even stronger.

It should be known that after eliminating the burden and consumption of the Super Saiyan transformation, there would be more strength and spirit leftover for combat.

“Great, you should be very close toGod now, right”

Myers exclaimed, looking at Xiaya with amazement.

A wave of pride suddenly washed over her, and her delicate lips could not help curling to form a sweet smile.

The “God” she mentioned was, naturally, the Super Saiyan God, not an ordinary god.

Xiaya smiled and nodded.

“Although I am still very far from it — if you mean if I am getting close — I am indeed getting very close.”

Xiaya was not exaggerating.

He was only responding to the question.

Above Ultimate State was Super Saiyan God.

This was quite clear.

However, a huge barrier separated both levels, and it remained a mystery whether or not Xiaya could break through it.

“Come, lets go back.”

Xiling and Myers nodded, and the three of them floated upwards and accelerated like a flash of light, penetrating the dense fog.

They headed towards the exit and flew out of the Creating God Star in the blink of an eye.

Outside, Whis stood quietly next to a tree stump for a long time, using the crystal ball to communicate with other people.

When he saw Xiaya and the others flying over, he cut the communication and looked at Xiaya.

His eyes, which had always been calm, suddenly showed surprise.

But soon after, he regained his calm and chuckled.

“This state of yours is really profound.

Perhaps there are not many people in Universe 7 who are your opponents now.”

Xiaya humbly said, “Whis, youre overpraising me.

Im still very lacking.”

Universe 7 was not considered powerful in the multiverse, and it was impossible for people more powerful than Xiaya to not exist.

Besides, even if Xiayas strength was second to none in Universe 7, he wouldnt dare to say that he is invincible.

After all, a universe had existed for so many years, the water was not as clear as it looked on the surface.

Take Universe Commerce Alliance as an example.

This Force was very powerful.

“By the way, there was news from Supreme Kai of Time: the demonization of Frieza was indeed done by the people of Demon Realm, and the conspiracy in it is still under investigation.”

“Sure enough, it was them.” Xiaya nodded his head as he had expected that.

He was really fed up with these people.

Whis was as calm as ever.

It was as if nothing could make his expression change.

“The power of those Demon Realm people is unpredictable, and they often create chaos.

Their whereabouts are unknown, and it is difficult to get any information about them.”

Whis had never paid much attention to the Demon Realms Towa and Mira.

Even if the universe was destroyed, Angels like him would not be harmed, even by a tiny bit.

That being said, the Demon Realms flies had been constantly buzzing around, and it was starting to get annoying.

“We can only wait for them to reveal themselves.”

The space-time ability was so strange that even Xiaya couldnt say that he had completely mastered it, and it is even more impossible to hunt down similar space-time controllers.

Xiayas character was such that so long as they dont provoke him, he would let them be.

These worrying matters should be left to others.

After saying goodbye to Whis, Xiaya left the God of Destructions Planet with Xiling and Myers.

The entire god planet suddenly became quiet.

With a calm smile on his face, Whis looked at the place where Xiaya and others had left and nodded slightly, and then he grasped the scepter and started patrolling again.

Planet Yardrat.

The humid air was slightly chilly.

After returning to Planet Hongshan with Xiling and Myers, Xiaya had a brief meeting with his friends and family, and just a few days later, Xiaya set off for Planet Yardrat once more.

This was because he knows that Trunks from another space-time will come over in a few days.

So much in this world had been changed by him, though, so he wondered if Trunks would actually come.

“He should come, other space-time has not changed,” Xiaya muttered in his heart.

Xiaya believed that the future of this space-time had him and Planet Hongshans experts.

Maybe there would be no major changes, but its not certain for the other multiverse.

From what he knew, there were currently three multiverses: the main-line world, which should have kept developing before Xiaya crossed over; the present world, which split up after Xiaya arrived; and the world of Golden Warriors, which did not have a Super Saiyan legend created because Bardock did not time travel due to Xiayas intervention.

Of the three multiverses, Xiaya was most familiar with the world he was in now and the world of Golden Warrior.

The other main line world is actually the Trunks world.

Except for the Super Saiyan legend, it was basically the same as the Golden Warrior world.

In fact, speaking of the main line world, something was interesting.

That is the plot of the dragon balls.

If it developed as it had after the Frieza Saga, the real main or the legitimate Dragon Ball World should have Goku die of illness and Androids kill all the dragon ball warriors.

This was the real main line.

Then, Trunks traveled through time with the help of Bulma and changed the timeline, creating the familiar Android Saga storyline world.

That is to say, if there was no Trunks traveling through time, it would be impossible for the story line world to be born, and Future Trunks disaster world would take precedence over the story line world.

(Author`s Note: In fact, the real reason for the birth of the storyline world is Cells traveling through time.)

If Trunks came to Xiayas world, it would mean that the story line world of Androids Saga in the original world had disappeared.

After all, time travelling into an existing world would not create a new world.

It was just considered shuttling between parallel universes, and the only way for a parallel universe to be born was to change the timeline.

Future Trunks did not go to the storyline world that he would have gone to, but instead arrived at the world where Xiaya existed.

Isnt that what caused the disappearance of Androids Saga story line world that should have appeared

But after thinking so much, there was a prerequisite: that was Trunks really would come; if not, it meant that Xiayas world and Trunks mainline world had nothing to do with each other.

Planet Yardrat, stone forest.

The place where Xiaya had once visited.

Walking into the underground palace engraved with Planet Yardrats secret techniques, surrounded by familiar relief sculptures, Xiaya didnt look at them for long; instead, he continued to go deeper, and soon, he saw Goku sitting cross-legged on the ground in a corner of the underground palace, thinking hard.

“Kakarrot, how are your studies going” Xiaya quietly appeared in front of Goku.

“Why are you here”

When Goku suddenly heard someone call his name, he opened his eyes and was puzzled to see Xiaya.

With a distressed expression, he said, “Planet Yardrats secret techniques are so difficult.

It took me more than a year to learnInstant Transmission.”

“You have already learned Instant Transmission Thats enough.

Lets go back to earth!” Xiaya chuckled.

“Okay.” Goku nodded happily as he wasnt too keen on even more secret techniques.

Planet Yardrats secret techniques required extremely high mental power.

Goku was already dizzy from staring at these relief sculptures all day.

Suddenly, an old voice spoke, and a middle-aged man wearing Planet Yardrats costume came over, his holy cyan eyes staring at Xiaya.

Compared to several decades ago, this Yardratian hadnt changed much.

“King of Saiyans, this is the second time you have come to Planet Yardrat.”

“Hehe, long time no see, mysterious Yardratian,” Xiaya said in an indifferent voice.

The Yardratian took a deep look at Xiaya and said in a hoarse voice, “The Saiyan race has really become stronger under your leadership.

Thats good.

At least when facing crisis in the future, there will be more powerful warriors.”

“Future crisis” Xiaya smiled and shook his head, raising his eyebrows unconsciously.

This Yardratian is odd, maybe he has predicted something.

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