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“When I return, Ill talk with Xiling and Myers to know when we can go to God of Destructions Planet to train for a while.” Looking at the raging waves pound the shore below for some time before regaining its calm, Xiaya smiled brightly.

He knew that a big obstacle had been removed from his training path, and later, all he needed to do was consolidate the dimension before continuing to develop his current foundation.

Afterward, he turned around and flew towards the land like lightning, streaking through the air.

He soon turned into a black dot and disappeared into the vast blue sky.

Earth, Kame House.

The sun was shining brightly, and the sky and the sea were blue.

Krillin, who was wearing a martial arts uniform, was standing on a shallow beach.

The seawater did not rise over his ankles, and the waves battered the beach, making crashing sounds.

Krillin raised his hands and spread them out, and the center of his palms suddenly shone with a bright green radiance.

“Thunder Shock Surprise!”

With a loud roar, the lightning in his hand flew out like a roaring dragon, which caused the foaming water at a distance of several kilometers to directly explode.

Thunder Shock Surprise, like Tri-Beam, is a unique skill passed down from a generational master, Master Mutaito.

Both techniques were inherited by Master Roshi and Master Shen respectively.

Because these two techniques were very powerful and could easily deplete physical strength, Master Roshi and Master Shen used their brains, in combination with their experiences, to develop Kamehameha and Dodon Ray.

They were both well-known and renowned techniques in the world of martial arts.

Master Roshis title, The God of Martial Arts, majorly came from this.

On the beach, Master Roshi, who was wearing beach pants, was lying on an armchair, watching Krillin master Thunder Shock Surprise in such a short amount of time.

He couldnt help but nod inwardly.

Each of his apprentices had achieved great results, and their strengths had long since surpassed his.

As a teacher, he had nothing left to teach them in terms of strength.

He only needed to give them some suggestions on the mental cultivation of martial artists.

After all, he hadnt lived for three hundred years in vain.

No one ought to pay heed to his usual childish antics and sloppy look.

Whenever hes serious, the master of the martial arts had a much stronger bearing than Goku and others.

“Krillin, your Thunder Shock Surprise has almost been perfected.

The next step is to get a thorough understanding of it and integrate it into your own techniques.

Thunder Shock Surprise is mainly an offensive technique, but it is also a wide-area sealing method.

It has some defensive means, too, which will benefit you a lot.”

Master Roshi took off his sunglasses and warned seriously.

“Yes!” Krillin nodded vigorously.

After his fellow apprentices embarked on their respective paths of training, only Krillin returned to Kame House and continued to listen to Master Roshis teachings.

At this time, Hasky came out wearing a scarf and holding a ladle in her hand.

“You two, food is ready.

Come over and eat.”


After giving affirmation, Master Roshi and Krillin slowly walked into the house.

Dishes that didnt look sumptuous were already on the dining table.

4 dishes and soup.

It wasnt lacking.

Kame House currently only has Master Roshi, Krillin, and Hasky.

If you count the old turtle, they have four mouths to feed.

In the original work, it was originally the work of Launch, but in this world, Launch was stolen away by Xiaya when she was a child and brought to his home to take care of the bellies of the Xiaya family.

Now, all the meals of Kame House were in the hands of Hasky.

Hasky, who was originally the worlds number one master thief, had already done well.

Swindling and kidnapping were low-level things she had stopped doing.

Right now, Goku and others were very famous, and with the status of the master of martial arts, one can get a considerable subsidy anywhere.

This is the current environment of earth.

The status of a martial artist was not only noble but also more popular than before.

Seeing the new way of making money, Hasky immediately felt that the master thiefs career had no future and simply started as a cook here.

Although she had a violent personality, if she is not provoked, her good qualities would show.

She usually ran over to Mount Paozu when she had nothing to do.

Her life is very comfortable.

“Krillin, it should be time for the new World Martial Arts Tournament to start.

The prize money should be huge.

Do you want to participate” Hasky asked while digging into the food.

“World Martial Arts Tournament is about to begin” Krillin froze.

“Isnt it every three years” Hasky asked in reply.

Calculating the time, it has indeed arrived.

Master Roshi raised his head and said, his mouth full of congee, “Hasky, you are wrong because when aliens invaded earth previously, it caused great upheaval in society.

Right now, the reconstruction work is still in progress, so the World Martial The Arts Tournament was postponed to two years later.”

“Eh! Is that so Then, there is no money to make” Hearing that martial arts tournament has been postponed, Hasky couldnt help but shout in disappointment, her emotions greatly lowering.

Krillin laughed and said, “I will definitely become champion next time.” Goku and Piccolo should not be participating in the next tournament.

He was very optimistic.

“Good, come on, eat, eat.” Hasky was all smiles, placing a few dishes into Krillins bowl.

“Enough, I can take it by myself.”

After dinner, Krillin continued to train under the guidance of Master Roshi.

In just a few days, Krillin almost learned all the techniques in Master Roshis treasure box.

Even the secrets which were usually not imparted such as Evil Containment Wave were taught by Master Roshi in detail.


Days passed.

Mount Paozu, Goku, and Piccolo were training together.

After the battle on Planet Namek, Piccolos personality changed a lot and he began to communicate nicely with Goku.

At present, Goku and Piccolo were the strongest on earth.

Only when they fight could they fully experience the passionate feeling of fighting between the strong.

Both Goku and Piccolo are martial artists of combat type, and they would only feel excited if their fists hit each other unrestrainedly.

Of course, in addition to daily pair training, they were also responsible for training Gohan.

Starting with the basics and training martial artist instincts of Gohan.

Unlike the broken arm Gohan in that future world, who, due to the early death of Goku and the successive deaths of the dragon ball warriors, did not receive much orthodox training, except for following Piccolo to train for one year, he has been walking on an unorthodox path during other times.

Coupled with the differences in upbringing and mentality, the excellent potential of the black-haired Gohan was wasted.

It was not until the emergence of Androids when the world fell into a desperate situation, did he wake up to reality, but at that time the earths martial arts were on decline, and no matter how good Gohans potential was, where no one was there to guide him.

Its hard to succeed without any support.

Under the joint training of Goku and Piccolo, the purple-haired Gohan quickly offset the illusory feeling brought about by the Unlock Potential, and his real potential was unlocked little by little.

At this time, Bulma walked over to the back of the mountain wearing a woolen coat, followed by a tall woman.

Judging from her gorgeous dress, her identity must be not ordinary.

What is especially eye-catching was that the woman has a slender tail behind her.

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