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Demon Realm, a place hidden in the depths.

Demon Realms Androids Mira had his hands behind his back, his blood-red eyes ruthlessly staring ahead.

He walked on the long and narrow winding corridor, makingTap! Tap! Tap! sounds.

The sharp and clear sounds reverberated within the space-time corridor.

The vast and hazy road behind had disappeared in the dark and could no longer be seen.

A blurry shadow flashed a few times, and the red-clothed sorceress, Towa, appeared in front of Mira.

“You left the Demon Realm without permission to make a deal with that Frieza”

Mira curtsied towards the bewitching woman.

“Yes, Master Towa.

This is a necessary preparation for the resurrection of Master Demigra.”

Towas purple eyes flashed with a bright light, and suddenly, her face broke into a smile.

“Yes, yes, for the great Demigra-sama.

So what were your gains You know that wasting a piece of demon crystal for nothing is very costly.”

“Master Towa, please look.”

Mira opened his hands, and a test tube containing purple blood floated above his palm, which had a faint silvery-colored light wrapped around it.

“Whats this” Towas eyes narrowed.

Although her jade-like silky face had a charming smile on it, her eyes were shining with a cold light.

This blood is not ordinary.

Towa could vaguely guess the identity of its owner.

“This is Friezas blood.

I used a demon crystal in exchange for it.”

“That bastard Frieza was willing to abide by the trade and give you blood” With a chuckle, Towa took the test tube containing Friezas blood from Miras hand and looked at it.

Her purple pupils were like beautiful crystals, shining brightly.

“He was naturally unwilling, but my strength is above him.” Miras stiff face twitched a few times, briefly narrating what he did.

“Why did you have to trade Wouldnt it have been enough to just steal it”

“Master Towa, the strong powerhouses of Universe 7 were watching attentively.

I couldnt attract the angels attention, as that would have been disadvantageous for the resurrection of Master Demigra,” Mira said, recounting everything in detail as usual.

Towa giggled and looked at the purple blood in her hand with an intoxicating smile.

“This time, you were smart, but dont make decisions on your own next time.

Right now, we should hide in the dark and slowly plan until Master Demigra is resurrected…”

“Yes!” Mira responded calmly before turning into a wisp of smoke, disappearing.

Towa looked on coldly with her exquisite and smooth face.

“Audacious guy.

How much does he know”

Frowning while looking at Friezas blood, Towa smiled again.

“With this blood, I might be able to make more powerful Androids.

No, its still not enough.

Friezas blood alone cannot make the strongest one.

I have to get some more.

Who are the powerful experts in Universe 7 Its a good plan… Hehehe, it seems Ill be busy again.”

As the space-time controller of Demon Realm, Towas strength was not great, but her magic was very strange, as she had extremely powerful Android manufacturing technology.

Thus, she was chosen by the ancient demon god Demigra as a spokesperson to resurrect him.

It was also with the support of the demon god, Demigra, that Towa created the first Demon Realm Android-Mira.

Towa is dissatisfied with Mira, though.

Although that guy was strong and respected her on the outside, no one knew what thoughts he harbored deep in his heart.

“Dabura… that idiot actually followed Babidi to do his bidding.

He was really stupid.

What does a trifling Majin Buu count for His vision was too small.

He deserved to get destroyed.”

Thinking of Demon Realms matters, Towa couldnt help but hold her forehead, sighing.

In name, Dabura was her brother, but she did not have much affection for him.

Forget it.

Why was she thinking about it so much anyway Instead, she out to think about how to make a perfect Android!


In the Time Vault, Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa, seriously investigated what had happened around Frieza in the past few years, and she finally found some clues in the Book of Beginning and End.

Chronoa leaned back on a small wooden chair, her orange hair hanging down, and muttered, “Why the hell did that Demon Realm guy take Friezas blood”

Planet Hongshan.

After ten years, the martial arts tournament has once again begun.

Just like ten years ago, it was an unprecedented event.

In order to compete for a place in the rankings, all Saiyans tried their best to win in the specially-made arena.

Since the number of Saiyans had increased even more compared to ten years ago, and the arrangement of this tournament was more thorough, this tournament lasted for seven days.

After the tournament ended, the bottles of Fountain of Youth were distributed.

The supposed Fountain of Youth that Xiaya possessed was completely distributed.

The next day passed peacefully.

Planet Hongshan was calm, and no major events occurred.

One day, Xiaya was floating calmly amidst the blue and clear sky.

Below the clear sky-blue atmosphere, there was a vast azure sea.

The breeze stirred the surface of the sea, producing small ripples.

The schools of fish in the sea looked like brown silk ribbons.

A giant sea beast leaped out of the sea and opened its big mouth… With a plop sound, it fell back to the bottom of the sea, creating a huge wave that was tens of meters tall.

The tranquility of the sea was suddenly broken…

The golden aura suddenly surged, the great waves on the surface of the sea suddenly undulated, and Xiaya entered Super Saiyan 3.

Many days had passed since he returned to Planet Hongshan, and now he finally had the time to carefully comprehend the different aspects of this state.

“My Battle Power is close to 35 billion, which is a bit higher than the Full Power Super Saiyan 2, but I cant maintain it for as long.”

After Canceling the transformation and regaining his Normal State, Xiaya gasped for breath as beads of sweat dripped down his forehead.

“I cant transform for a long time, or my body wouldnt be able to bear it.

A transformation that cant last for a long time is a failure.

This shortcoming must be corrected, no matter what.” If the breakthrough was only for a moment, then trying to become stronger would be useless.

When the breakthrough ends and he transforms back into Normal State, wouldnt he get a beating

No one liked getting trampled on.

His black eyes held a gloomy gaze.

Xiaya was not very satisfied with the Super Saiyan 3 form.

Speaking of Super Saiyan 3 transformation, although it is a 400-times increase of Normal State, and looked very attractive, it seemed to be a form that had very little value.

Because of the difficulty of the transformation and the bodys requirements, only Goku and Gotenks had achieved it in the original work.

There was a problem here.

Xiayas Battle Power in Super Saiyan 2 state had reached 25 billion.

Why then was it only 35 billion after transforming into Super Saiyan 3

Shouldnt it have increased by 400-times

This is actually easy to understand because, regardless of the strength of the transformation, the final strength was linked to the Normal States Battle Power and the multiplier.

Generally speaking, an ordinary Super Saiyan transformation was 50 times Normal State, and 100 times for Super Saiyan 2.

There is nothing wrong with this, but Ascended Super Saiyan and Full Power Super Saiyan lie in between the two states, which respectively have 65-times increase and 80-times increase (this setting was mentioned earlier).

Thinking about this, the 400-times increase of Super Saiyan 3 really did look very powerful, but it was best to remember that Xiayas Super Saiyan transformation was essentially different from Goku and the others transformations.

Its base strength was also stronger.

Moreover, before he had already reached an unprecedented Full Power Super Saiyan 2 state, in fact, his power increase had long reached a value close to 300 times.

So, Xiayas 25 billion Battle Power was actually his power after a 300-times increase.

Normal State Battle Power was more than 80 million.

So, 35 billion Battle Power had already exceeded the 400-times increase.

But compared with the stability and endurance of Super Saiyan 2, although Super Saiyan 3 has certainly a new breakthrough in strength, it was a bit disgraceful as it did not last for a while.

In exchange for unusual body fatigue and mental stress, increasing strength by ⅓ of Full Power Super Saiyan 2, whether it is a profit or a loss.

Different people had different views on this problem.

Of course, in the battle with Silver Frieza, Xiaya broke through in a dangerous situation and annihilated Frieza.

From this point of view, Xiaya seemed to have made a profit, but from the perspective of essential improvement, Super Saiyan 3 transformation did not let him have a qualitative leap and was a bit disappointing.

If taking Gokus powers as standard, a threshold is established, Super Saiyan 2 has about 5 billion Battle Power, and Super Saiyan 3 has about 20 billion Battle Power.

If talking about powers, Xiaya had already reached this level when he fought Broly several years ago.

So, Super Saiyan 3 may be good, but in fact, it is not very attractive to Xiaya.

So why should he pursue Super Saiyan 3

The answer was the problem of limits.

He is clear that his goal is to walk the path of god training, and this path is which God of Destruction Beerus had once passed and it is covered with thorns and obstacles.

Not to mention the rough and strange difficulties, but the time spent cannot be measured by using a simple “year”.

If Xiaya was not a Saiyan, and did not go through some shortcuts, who knows how far he will be able to walk on this path even if he spent his whole life.

It is Saiyans physique that gives Xiaya a shortcut to improve the physical body to the limit, and then use the Creating God Stars god training path to stabilize it, which can really save a lot of time.

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