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Earth — Lookout.

More than ten figures appeared on the vast square.

As soon as Xiaya appeared, his children happily rushed away.

Bulma stepped forward and pounced at Goku while holding Gohan.

“Where is this” Vegeta looked around in confusion, but his expression remained cold as though he was warning everyone to stay away.

“This is Earths Lookout.” Mr.

Popo explained expressionlessly.

“What This is Earth” When Vegeta heard the black person in front of him reply, he was stunned, and his mind went blank.

He knew the distance between Planet Namek and Earth.

Vegeta had spent more than a month in his spaceship traveling to Planet Namek, so how had Xiaya traveled to Earth from Planet Namek in the blink of an eye

How many magical skills did Xiaya know Vegeta was dumbstruck in his heart and couldnt help but guess.

Vegeta now understood why although he had been the first to set off for Planet Namek, Goku and the others were already fighting Aka when he got there.

It turned out that they used a magical skill like Instant Transmission!

“Dragon ball… What about Planet Nameks dragon balls”

Vegeta froze for a moment before shouting.

He had gone to Planet Namek for the purpose of collecting dragon balls.

Now that he had returned to Earth, what should he do about the dragon balls Not only was he unable to get the dragon balls, but his body was also in a sorry state.

“Dragon balls”

Piccolo glanced at Vegeta, and after understanding his true purpose of going to Planet Namek, he sneered and shook his head.

“Planet Nameks dragon balls are gone.

With the death of the Great Elder, they have completely disappeared.”

“What!” After hearing Piccolos words, Vegetas countenance turned gloomy.

The dragon balls had disappeared! Could it be that his rush to Planet Namek, which he had done with great difficulty, was all in vain Vegetas body began to exude an icy murderous aura.

Piccolo frowned and stared at the Saiyan in front of him, asking, “Why did you go to look for dragon balls”

“Why should I tell you” Vegeta said indifferently.

Piccolo had a cold expression on his face.

“If you have any designs on making absurd wishes like immortality or eternal life, I think it is better to give up on them.”


“Because the divine dragons wishing power cant exceed the powers of the creator!” Piccolo glanced at Vegeta with contempt.

“Resurrection of the dead and the transformation of nature is already the limits of its ability.

Wishes involving the accomplishments of living beings and the deprivation of others life cant be fulfilled by Shenron.

If not, why then did the Great Elder not directly wish for the divine dragon to kill Frieza”

Vegeta stared blankly for a while, looking dumbfounded.

After a long while, he suddenly said disdainfully, “So, these dragon balls are nothing amazing.

What a waste of my time.” Then, he sat down on the floor of Lookout.

He originally had a great interest in dragon balls, but as soon as he heard the limitations of dragon balls, he immediately lost interest in them.

Really wasted his emotions!

While Xiaya played with his children, the dialogue between Piccolo and Vegeta entered his ears.

He couldnt help but laugh.

“Of course, Earth and Planet Nameks dragon balls cant fulfill that wish because the dragon balls power is determined, but for Super dragon balls or the crystal dragon balls, it is not certain.”

Xiaya remembered that the power of the Super dragon balls really could make people gain immortality, but he didnt say it.

At this time, Kais voice rang above the main hall, “Hahaha.

Thanks to you all, Frieza and his subordinates are buried on Planet Namek.

If there is no Frieza, that villain, peace can finally be restored in the North Area.

Also, Mr.

Xiaya, who has come from the East Area, Im really very thankful.”

North Kais hearty laugh echoed.

He had great respect for Xiaya.

This was not only because of the other partys power but also because of the other partys background.

North Kai knew that Xiaya could train where God of Destruction lives.

His background was surely not small, while himself, a little Kai, dare not overstep his status.

The sound that had suddenly appeared was familiar to everyone except for Piccolo, Yajirobe.

After talking with everyone, North Kai disappeared again.

“The person that just spoke was Kai” Xiang asked.

“Yes, he is the administrator of the entire North Area.”

“So the East Area also has Ki”

Xiaya said with a smile, “East Area naturally also has an administrator, but if East Kai knows whats best for her, then we will not have to administer it.”

It had to be known that Planet Hongshans powers had already exceeded East Kais administering capability.

Especially after the battle with Bojack, East Kai was very afraid of Xiaya and the others.

Almost every matter related to Xiaya was considered invisible.

Fortunately, Xiaya did not give her trouble, so East Kai was relieved.

“Oh.” The children nodded, not quite understanding.

Xiaya also didnt explain anything else to them.

At this time, old Kami walked to Piccolo while leaning on a cane and sighed with emotion.

“Piccolo, I didnt imagine that the gap between me and you had become this large in just a few years.

You can become a powerful warrior to protect Earth.

I am very pleased to see it.”

“Old guy, are you mistaken about something I have never thought of protecting Earth,” Piccolo indifferently replied as he put on his cloak and turned into a ray of light, flying towards the mortal world.

Old Kami looked on with a smile.

Others might not understand, but how could he, who had a similar life as Piccolo, not know that while Piccolo became stronger, his heart had gradually changed.

Now, it is unsuitable to say that Piccolo was a demon, especially after assimilating Nail, he is already a pure Namekian.

Then, the few people left separately and went back to their own homes.

Goku hugged Bulma and, together with Gohan, went to the edge of Lookout, preparing to return to Mount Paozu, but Vegeta stopped him.

“Kakarrot, this time you may be the first, but I will not admit defeat.

I will personally defeat you one day.”

Vegeta crossed his hands across his chest and looked at Goku with a cold expression.

Goku turned around his head and laughed, not caring about Vegetas words.

“I wont lose to you!” Then he left Lookout with his family.

After Goku left, Yajirobe also left, and then Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu said goodbye to Xiaya and jumped down from Lookout.

Xiaya chuckled, nodded toward old Kami, and then he teleported back to Planet Hongshan with his children.

Seeing everyone leave, Yamcha asked Krillin, “Krillin, where are you going next”

“Ill return to Kame House.

I feel comfortable living there.”

“Ill go look for Puar.”

After they dispersed, Vegeta paced to and fro on the Lookout.

Suddenly, he remembered something, and his expression changed, blankly looking at the thin white clouds and mist in the distance.

“Oh no.

My spaceship was parked on Planet Namek.

How do I leave earth” Vegeta became dispirited.

Being engrossed in acting cool, he forgot to tell Xiaya to take him away…

Looking at the mortal world gloomily, Vegeta cursed and jumped down.

Passing through the thick clouds, Vegeta arrived at the surface of Earth.

Looking at the Korin Tower which reached as high as the sky and the vast forest in the distance, Vegeta hesitated.

On this weak planet, where should he go

“If I want to surpass Kakarrot, I have to go through harsh training, but the environment of the earth is obviously not suitable.

Dammit! Kakarrot can grow into a Super Saiyan on this planet, why cant this prince”

Carrying a competitive heart, Vegeta gritted his teeth and flew towards West City.

Now, except for Kakarrot, the only person he knew on earth was that woman.

More than ten years ago, she left earth with a spaceship.

As long as he can find her, he have the possibility of leaving earth.

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