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When Xiaya teleported to where Goku and the others were, he was somewhat surprised to see the scene in front of him.

In the sky, Goku, who had transformed into a Super Saiyan, was fighting Aka.

Due to the disparity in strength, it was, naturally, more appropriate to call it a beatdown.

Xiaya was not surprised by Gokus transformation.

As the real protagonist of the Dragon Ball World, Goku could transform into a Super Saiyan when fighting against Frieza.

What not now

Regardless of the key factors driving his transformation, the result is obvious.

On the ground, both Tien Shinhan and Yajirobe were seriously injured and collapsed on the ground.

Krillin and Yamcha were already on the verge of death.

Although they were not dead yet, they were, more or less, close, especially Krillin.

If Xiaya did not observe his aura carefully, he may thought him already dead.

Gokus transformation may have had something to do with his companions getting struck down one after another.

“Why are they in such bad shape” Xiaya frowned, after which he appeared in front of them.

He took out a few Senzu Beans and divided it amongst them.

Thinking of the disparity between them and Aka, it did not seem difficult to understand why this situation occurred.

After eating Senzu Beans, they all recovered quickly.

Tien Shinhan, who was still afraid, said, “That alien is much stronger than we are.

If it was not because of Gokus breakthrough at the last moment, none of us would have survived.”

“Yeah, that guy is too strong.

He took us down in only a few moments!” Krillin sighed, thinking of the fight with Aka before.

Calling what transpired a “fight” was pleasing to hear, but in reality, not only did he fail to land a hit on Aka, he was severely injured after taking just two or three hits.

“Thank you.

Fortunately, you had Senzu Beans with you; otherwise, we would have met with misfortune!” Yamcha jumped twice.

His healthy body made him feel full of vitality again, but when he looked at the two that were fighting in the distance, he patted his chest with lingering fear.

“Teacher, how did the battle on your side go” Tien Shinhan asked hastily.

He knew that his teachers opponent was Frieza, who was a rarely seen strong expert in the universe.

After all, Aka, who they considered invincible, wasnt even qualified to lift Friezas shoes.

“Dont worry.

I already killed Frieza,” Xiaya said, briefly explaining what had transpired.

Then, he glanced at the person on the side who was wearing Battle Armor and lying on the ground without moving.

From the distinct appearance of this person, this is no doubt Vegeta.

Xiaya frowned and asked, “Why did he come to Planet Namek”

“Vegeta arrived after Piccolos did.

When he arrived, he lost his mind and attacked Aka.

If it werent for him, we might not have been able to keep up until Goku transformed,” Krillin whispered as he glanced at Vegeta, who was lying on the ground in the distance.

Slightly nodding, Xiaya walked to Vegetas side and fed him a Senzu Bean.

When Vegeta woke up, Xiaya said, “How did you feel when you saw Kakarrot transform into a Super Saiyan”

Vegetas face had on a gloomy expression as he coldly replied, “I will surpass him one day.”

Regardless of whether Vegeta admitted it or not, Gokus strength was above his.

This fact had already been shown on earth.

As a warrior with the best talent among the Saiyans, Vegeta had pride that ordinary people couldnt fathom.

Because of this, there is definitely a thorn in his heart, and a feeling of humiliation lingering in his chest.

Why would a trifling Low-level Warrior be more powerful than this prince Now, he has even become a Super Saiyan! Vegeta could not accept this.

When Vegetas eyes shifted to the man before him, they brightened.

Perhaps, Kakarrots continuous breakthrough in strength and his Super Saiyan transformation had happened because he knew Planet Hongshans leader.

This is the only explanation Vegeta could think of.

He wouldnt admit that he was inferior to a Low-level Warrior.

Yes, the mysterious and powerful Xiaya must have made Kakarrot become so strong.

“You really killed Frieza” Vegeta suddenly asked, somewhat nervously and somewhat expectant.

“Yes, there was not even a single cell left behind.”

“Hes really dead…”

Vegeta muttered to himself as complex emotions swirled in his heart.

Frieza was an opponent that Vegeta was determined to kill.

Frieza had refreshed his understanding of strong experts over and over again, gradually making him a little flustered.

Now, Frieza has been killed by Xiaya.

Vegeta didnt know whether he should be happy or disappointed.

His heart suddenly felt empty.

Looking at Vegeta indifferently, Xiaya wasnt concerned about his thoughts and said, “Planet Namek will not last long, so I will take you out of here now.”

“Hmm!” Looking at the fierce battle in the sky and at the desolate land, which lava was gushing out of, everyone nodded in understanding.

Continuing to stay on Planet Namek was no different from waiting for death.

“Wait, I dont want to leave,” Nail said.

He still had injuries on his body.

Piccolo frowned.

“What are you saying”

“Planet Namek is my homeworld.

My duty is to guard the Great Elder.

Now that the Great Elder has passed away, there is no need for me to leave.”


Piccolo stared blankly, wondering what his clansman was thinking.

After a while, he snorted.

“Then, look out for yourself.”

“Piccolo, before you leave, I have a gift for you,” Nail said, grabbing Piccolos hand and placing it on his chest.

His whole body suddenly shone with a dazzling brilliance before it began to turn blurry as if it would disappear at any time.

“My duty has been completed.

Let my life turn into your strength.”

Smoke surged out, and Nail completely faded away.

His entire life force entered Piccolos body and assimilated into Piccolos power.

Piccolo stretched his palms in a daze, suddenly feeling that every muscle in his body was full of vitality, and his strength rose by more than ten times.

“15 million Battle Power.” Xiaya thought as he watched silently.

“What happened That Namekian has disappeared” Yamcha shouted in surprise.

“Look, Uncle Piccolos Ki has gotten a lot stronger,” Gohan said.

“That Namekian…” Vegetas face was pale.

His clenched fist was trembling; he was extremely unwilling and angry.

That Namekian, who was already stronger than me, has grown stronger again.

How is their strength improving so easily

Seeing everyone looking at the brand-new Piccolo in surprise, Xiaya explained, “This is the assimilation ability of Namekians.

It can assimilate the potential and vitality of a Namekian into the body of their clansman, allowing the clansman to obtain immense power.”

For example, Saonel of Universe 6 was the fusion of all the Namekians when Namekians encountered a race-extermination crisis.

This was a way to become stronger at the expense of sacrificing life.

“Namekian is really a strange race.”

Everyone was inwardly speechless.

Although it was not clear how strong Piccolo had become, it was noticeable that his improvement was a huge one.

When everyone thought about it, they could not help but look at Piccolo with envy.

Rumble! The ground suddenly shook.

Planet Namek was about to be destroyed.

Xiaya looked up at Goku and said, “Kakarrot, no more playing around.

Quickly finish off your opponent.

We are leaving Planet Namek.”


When Goku heard that, he turned and calmly looked at Aka with his green eyes.

Aka suddenly shuddered, and his countenance turned bitter.

He was upset at himself.

What was wrong with my brain that made me run over to Planet Namek

However, Goku did not give the upset Aka a chance.

A golden light swept by, and Goku blocked Akas path.

Although Goku, in his Super Saiyan state, did not have up to 150 million Battle Power like in the original work, Aka did not have Friezas strength.

The disparity in strength between Goku and Aka was huge, and Aka was already covered all over with cuts and bruises like a stray dog, losing the ability to resist.


Aka was sent flying, shrinking to a small black dot high in the sky.

Below, Goku cupped his hands and was already preparing to launch his final attack.

“Ka Me Ha Me Ha!”

A sparkling blue blast wave shot out from between Gokus palms, and like the rumbling roar of an angry wolf, it quickly rushed towards Aka.

Aka was frightened and frantically wanted to resist, but Gokus Super Kamehameha was so powerful that it swept out like thousand catties power, and within a few seconds, the scorching energy penetrated through Akas body before rushing to the depths of the universe.

With a rumbling explosion, Aka was reduced to dust in the universe.

Planet Namek was also on the verge of destruction.

“Grab my hand!” Xiaya shouted as he grabbed Goku and hurried to stand beside Piccolo and the others.

They all linked hands, and Instant Transmission was launched.

After that, in the dark universe, a dazzling light shone brightly as Planet Namek met its unavoidable destruction.

The lava spurted out like fireworks streaking across the starry sky, and the afterglow of the planets destruction spread in all directions at the speed of light.

Perhaps, whenever this light group gets captured by any technological civilization, it might be possible to know of the final glory when a certain planet was destroyed.

But, Planet Namek had completely become history.

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