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Earlier on earth.

When the battle on Planet Namek had just stated, Piccolo, who was resurrected by Nail with Planet Nameks dragon balls, had just regained his consciousness, after which he flew towards Lookout.

He needed to understand what had happened in the time he was unconscious, and Lookout was the only place he could get the answer.

“Youre here,” said the old Kami, who had been waiting for a long time on the plaza.

He watched Piccolo fly over.

“What the hell is going on How did we resurrect” Piccolo looked at old Kami and asked rudely.


Popo, you explain.” Old Kami gestured to Mr.

Popo, who had been standing on the side from the beginning without saying a word, just like a log.


Popo nodded and narrated in detail what had happened after Piccolos death.

After Piccolo heard what had happened, his face was gloomy, and with an expression of incredulity and uncertainly, he said, “So, it was Saiyans who came to save Earth afterward Saiyan… I am a Namekian, but Gohan and the others have gone to Planet Namek… ”

Piccolo muttered as though he was slowly digesting the information.

Suddenly, Piccolo raised his head and calmly said, “Use dragon balls and send me to Planet Namek!”


Dragon balls are for resurrecting the humans that died on earth.” Old Kami refused instantly, without thinking much about it.

“Old man, dont waste my time and immediately send me there using the dragon balls.

I dont care if earthlings die or live.

Dragon balls are not a nanny specifically for the earthlings.” Piccolo stared at the old Kami with sharp eyes.

There was an icy expression on his face.

It was as though he would start a fight if old Kami were to refuse his request again.

Old Kami stared at Piccolo and finally sighed.

Maybe Piccolo was right.

Earths disasters could not be resolved with dragon balls every time.

Natural disasters happened every time.

Laziness could not be cultivated because dragon balls existed.

Old kami turned his head and said, “Mr.

Popo, bring out the dragon balls.”

“Yes,” Mr.

Popo replied and brought the seven dragon balls out from the inner hall.

Seeing that old Kami had finally agreed to his request, Piccolo looked a little better.

He coldly snorted and gazed at the distant universe.

The next step was to summon Shenron and send him to his homeworld—a place that had never been in his memories—Planet Namek.

Planet Namek, a lush green grassland.

A soul-stirring and terrifying pressure erupted from every part of the planet.

As soon as Piccolo appeared on the grassland, he was suppressed by an imposing aura.

“There are so many strong experts fighting on the Planet Namek, eh This is Gohans Ki, and thats Gokus.

How did their Ki become so strong” Piccolo gaped when he sensed the auras in the air.

Everything was beyond his expectations.

As reality sunk in, Piccolo forced down the shock in his heart.

He held his breath and concentrated, sensing the situation around the planet.

He urgently needed to understand what was happening on the planet!

As his senses expanded, a burst of mighty and frightening Kis suddenly bombarded Piccolos mind.

These Kis were too powerful, they almost made him dizzy.

Anyone that understood the application of Ki, even by just a little, would understand how horrifying these Kis were.

“2,000 kilometers northwest of here, there is a very strong Ki.

No fights have broken out there yet.

Lets first understand the situation there.”

Having finalized his plan, Piccolo opened his eyes and made his move.

First, he had to figure out what was going on.

Piccolo flew Northwest; that was where the Great Elder lived.

Rumble! Piccolo could feel huge tremors rock the planet.

It was as though the end of the world was approaching.

The atmosphere roiled, and the planet shook.

These scenes had greatly exceeded Piccolos imagination.

“It seems Goku and the others are facing a very powerful enemy.

Damn it! My current minuscule strength wont have any impact whatsoever.”

The more Piccolo thought about this, the worse his mood got.

He wondered if he could even do anything on Planet Namek! The enemys strength and the power of Goku and the others left him feeling he wont be of any help.

King Piccolo, who had been illustrious and famous in the past, now harbored the desolate feeling of being cast out.

The area where Great Elder lived was vast, full of canyons, and uninhabited.

When Piccolo arrived, the door of the two-storey building atop a stone pillar opened, and Nail stepped out, glancing at Piccolo, who looked travel-worn.

“Clansman who has arrived from a distant planet, Great Elder has been waiting inside for a long time.”

“He looks like me” When Piccolo saw Nail, he was slightly surprised, but he followed Nail inside.

“Child of Katas, welcome to your homeworld.

Im sorry that Planet Namek is currently in the midst of a huge disaster.

My time is running out.

Please, come over,” the Great Elder said in a hoarse and weak voice, gasping heavily.

It seemed he was having difficulty breathing.

“Are you the Namekians Great Elder”

For an unknown reason, some memories Piccolo never knew existed flashed in his mind.

It seemed to be inherited knowledge branded in his bloodline.

Piccolo did as the Great Elder said, walking forward.

The Great Elder placed his brawny arms on Piccolos head and read his memories.

“Dividing ones body and talents into two really is the most stupid method.

As a demon, you possess the heart of the strong.

Very good… let me use my last ounce of strength…”

A weak voice reverberated beside Piccolos ear, and a strange power entered his body.

Piccolo suddenly felt as though every cell in his body had been immersed in a warm ocean.

A majestic Ki emerged from him, and Piccolos strength began rising.

“Okay, child, I can only help you with this.

I hope you can survive this disaster…” The Great Elders voice became weaker and weaker and gradually faded away.

“The Great Elder has passed away!”

Nail said sadly, watching Great Elder eyelids close.

He looked at Piccolo and said, “Great Elder predicted that you would come, so he had waited for a long time.

After raising your strength, the Great Elders body could no longer hold out.

Lets go and destroy the aliens invading our homeworld.

Piccolo was silent for a moment, staring solemnly at the Great Elder, and nodded.

Then, he went out with Nail.

After the Great Elder had exhausted the last bit of his strength to increase his strength, Piccolos Battle Power reached an astonishing 1 million.

Although it was no match for Gokus, Piccolo had the heart of the strong, so he would not easily admit defeat.

When Piccolo and Nail got near the area where Goku and the others were fighting, Piccolo stopped.

The battlefield below was extremely fierce, so he needed to make preparations.

He put two fingers between his eyebrows, and a sparkling light wrapped around his fingertips.

“Special Beam Cannon!”

A spiral-shaped shock wave flew towards the battlefield below.

Special Beam Cannon had a very strong impact force.

Although Piccolos Battle Power was not high, after building it up for a long period of time, the destructive power of the spiral-shaped shock wave was several times stronger than his Battle Power.

The shock wave suddenly arrived and struck Akas eye.

Aka covered his eye and roared in pain.


“Piccolo, you resurrected.”

“Great, you came at the right time.”

When Goku and others, all of whom had fallen into a bitter battle with Aka, saw Piccolo arrive, they all cried out in surprise.

Piccolos attack had arrived just at the right time, hurting Akas eye.

They finally had little hope in this battle.

Everyone cheered up and took out Senzu Beans to restore themselves to their peak states.

“Goku, this is the first time I am seeing you in a sorry state…” Piccolo snorted coldly at Goku, and without waiting for a reply, he turned around and, with a grave expression, looked at the alien with violet skin.

“Who is this guy Frieza”

“No, he is a subordinate of Frieza.

Hes very powerful, though.”

“Attack together while he is injured.”

Tien Shinhan suddenly shouted and used Solar Flare.

After blinding Akas other eye, he and the others flew to different directions and attacked Aka.


In Planet Nameks outer space, a small and medium-sized spaceship was approaching Planet Namek.

After more than a month of flying, Vegeta had reached Planet Namek.

Inside the spaceship.

Vegeta was making preparations as he changed into a brand new Battle Armor, looking at the planet flashing outside the porthole with full of confidence and anticipation.

After leaving earth, Vegeta has been imitating the fighting method of the earthlings.

Within a month, Vegeta had proficiently mastered the use of Ki.

This was because Vegeta is talented and intelligent, and is originally a combat genius.

Being at an advantageous position, he soon learned the earthlings trick.

“Ill reach Planet Namek in a few minutes.

As long as I get the dragon balls, I can kill Frieza withy my own hands.” When he thought of using the dragon balls to become an immortal, Vegeta was very excited.

The spaceship slowly approached Planet Namek.

Through the porthole, the outline of Planet Namek appeared in his sight.

Suddenly, Vegetas face stiffened, and his arrogant and confident expression disappeared.

He looked at the planet not far away in disbelief, as a roar filled with unwillingness burst out from his throat, “Whats going on How could such a strong Ki appear on Planet Namek…” Please go to https://www.novelupdates.cc/The-Strongest-Legend-of-Dragon-Ball/ to read the latest chapters for free


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