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Due to the sudden fusion of Abo and Kado, the situation on Gokus side suddenly fell to the bottom.

Aka was very strong; although he had not reached the strongest state, which was comparable to Friezas 120 million Battle Power, 50 million Battle Power was enough to give Goku and Tien Shinhan trouble.

The development of the battle could be described asundergoing myriad changes in the blink of an eye.

In the first second, Goku had success in his grasp, but the next second, he was trampled and suppressed.

Goku clearly felt the change in pressure when this situation reversed instantly.

“Forcing me to this stage, you humans strength have obtained my acknowledgment.

Ill let you both experience the terror of death,” Akas said in a booming voice.

He did not speak fast.

Instead, he was calm; it was though victory was within his grasp.

The enemys calm meant their sides defeat.

Suddenly hearing the threatening words of the powerful expert named “Aka”, Goku and Tien Shinhans countenance could not help but sink.

Goku gritted his teeth and turned around his head, speaking quietly, “Hey, this guy is too powerful.

I estimate that his Battle Power exceeds 50 million.

I am not certain that I can defeat him.”

“We have no choice but to go all out,” Tien Shinhan said with a tense expression.

“Yeah; go all out!”

Saying that, Goku looked at the ugly violet alien, his face becoming calmer and calmer as suddenly shouted, “10x Kaio-ken!”

A dark red flame instantly erupted out from Gokus body.

The pressure of 10x Kaio-ken suddenly besieged his body, and his bones made “creaking” sounds.

A few strands at the corners of his tattered clothing fluttering in the wind.

Feeling his bodys ability to bear the weight, Goku again crazily roared, “20x Kaio-ken!”

Boom!! An enormous void suddenly appeared in the sky; the majestic power was a little out of control.

20x Kaio-ken was no joke.

If Goku got a little bit careless, his body could collapse.

Because the large aura was beyond his tolerance level.

It overflowed in all directions and charged around violently.

Gokus looked pained, but he stared at Aka with a sinister expression.

34 million Battle Power was already his limit.

The difference between his battle power and Akas was huge, as wide as a chasm.

However, unlike before, Goku was no longer incapable of resisting.


Tien Shinhan stared at Goku with a stiff expression.

Gokus body was surrounded by a dark aura, which was exuding a terrifying power.

He couldnt believe that he had been left this much behind.

“7x Kaio-ken! ”

Not willing to be outdone, Tien Shinhan roared, and his aura suddenly soared.

He floated in midair, the veins on his body bulging.


It looks like your appearance has changed.

Originally, I prepared this power for Frieza, but now … I will finish you off first!” Akas fat body turned around.

Although he was fat, his movements were not slow.

In an instant, he had arrived behind Goku.

“Swoosh!” He leisurely threw out punches.

Goku was on high alert.

His body flashed, avoiding Akas attack.

He then flew up and created some distance between them.

He carefully observed his surroundings, moving his eyes up, down, left and right.

Suddenly, a sinister aura approached him.

“Bang! Bang!”

His eyes blurred.

A vigorous and brutal force erupted out, and an arm full of offensive power suddenly appeared in Gokus field of vision and struck him hard.

Goku was sent flying like a cannonball.

“Just so-so!” Aka sneered.

After that, he turned around and attacked Tien Shinhan.


With a grave expression, Tien Shinhan used his most powerful move.

Sparkling and bright shock waves flashed, and space seemed to rip apart.

Light rays stretched to form a strange curve, and a powerful shock wave pierced straight ahead.

But in this area, which was extremely distorted and full of scorching energy, Akas body was slightly lowered, as if he had met little resistance.

He smiled evilly before extending his claws towards Tien Shinhan.

“Puchi!” Blood splashed out.

Tien Shinhan screamed and was also knocked aside.

Just as Aka made to finish off Goku and Tien Shinhan — Krillin, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Yajirobe, and the others rushed over.

“Destructo Disc!”


“Dodon Ray!”

“Spirit Ball!”

Aka turned around in surprise and saw four terrifying and powerful energies merge into a colorful rapidly-moving energy ball.

It suddenly exploded, blocking his steps.

However, due to the disparity in levels, this attack could not cause even a little damage to Aka.

The instant it touched his body, it turned into fog-like energy.

“Solar Flare!” Shouting an alarmed voice.

A bright and dazzling sun suddenly formed in the sky, and its extreme white glare stung Akas eyes.

Although his eyes are closed, light still passed through the eyelids.

Aka screamed fearfully as he temporarily lost his sight.

This opportunity was very rare; if it was missed, another one may not come.

Without going into too much detail… “Everyone attack this monster together.” No one knew who shouted, but Goku, Tien Shinhan, Krillin, and the others did not hesitate.

They all stepped forward and surrounded Aka in the middle.

Red, blue, white… Different energies attacked him.

In the next second, a huge, dark red mushroom cloud expanded on the entire plain.

Airwaves continuously battered the highest point of the atmosphere, almost breaching the atmosphere of Planet Namek and entering the universe.

After such fierce attacks, even a tenacious creature ought to be buried! Goku gasped for breath, but after a brief pause, his expression turned gloomy.

“How is it possible! Even after suffering such an attack, he still didnt die!” Goku said in disbelief.

“What! Not good; everyone, quickly retreat!” Krillin also reacted.

He looked frightened as he shouted with all his might.

“Its too late to escape.”

Everyone heard a relaxed voice, after which the gentle breeze blowing by turned into a storm, and Akas violet figure appeared in the smoke.

The Battle Armor on his body was in tatters, and his body was covered with deep blood-red cracks.

However, compared to the nervous Z Warriors, he looked calm and relaxed, and there was even a trace of sneer at the corner of his mouth.

At the same time.

The place where Xiaya was fighting Frieza.

“Pff!” A spiral energy penetrated the ground.

Frieza stretched out both of his arms, and while fighting fiercely, his body rapidly retreated.

Bang! A beam of light flashed as Xiaya resolutely darted towards Frieza.

With the support of space-time ability, Xiayas speed had increased to an inconceivable level.

Moving swiftly, he immediately launched fierce attacks at Frieza.

Following Frieza closely, Xiaya vigorously punched, swiftly dodged, and then kicked! Suddenly, there was a loud bang, and a sparkling ripple illuminated space.

Frieza careened through the air like a cannonball, and from afar, he was a small dot crossing the sky.


Frieza, who had turned into a black dot and disappeared on the horizon, roared.

He spread out his four limbs, and the air around him immediately froze.

It was as though a big net had quickly opened.

His body stabilized, and his flying speed slowed down.

Hovering in the air, Frieza narrowed his blood-red eyes, his silver body glowed.

Looking at the tiny land below, Frieza snorted and descended, and with several swift flashes, he suddenly arrived in front of Xiaya.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The two sides started another high-frequency battle.

This time, Frieza was the one attacking, extending his claws, elbow attack, and tails for a sweep.

His nimble body moved in various ways as though he wished to vent the rage in his heart.

His attacks steadily grew stronger.

Finally, with a loud bang, Xiaya was hit by a claw that arrived from the upper right and lost his balance.

Xiu! He fell to the ground just like a shooting star.


Less than ten meters from the ground, Xiaya stopped his body forcibly.

Then, with a loud rumbling sound, a strong storm pressed down on the ground, and the hard rock sunk down, creating a crater that was hundreds of meters wide.

“Tsk tsk!” In the sky, Frieza shook his head and descended, swooping down on Xiaya once again.

Faced with Friezas increasingly crazy attacks, Xiaya moved swiftly and skillfully.

Every time he attacked, his strength was not a point more or a point less; it was just right every time.

The space-time ability made his reflexes sharper.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten minutes had passed, and after an evenly matched fight, Frieza laughed crazily and again returned to midair.

Xiaya and Frieza, like two bright stars, both wanted to try to obstruct the other, but because of the huge “physique”, no one could do anything for a while.

Rumble! Rumble!!

Frieza recklessly condensed shining energy balls in the air, and a new battle began.

Raising both hands above his head, Frieza slowly brought them in front of him.

As an evil Ki suddenly burst out, he shouted, “Death Cannon!!”

Huge scorching hot and bright fireballs formed in mid-air.

Each of them had a diameter of thousands of meters.

The destructive force of each energy ball could wipe out an entire planet!

After Friezas strength improved, his signature move “Death Cannon” had also changed from a small fireball to a majestic Destroying Ball! Behind these energy balls, Frieza was so small.

Frieza laughed wildly.

Raising the huge fireballs, a vicious power burst out, and he threw them down from high in the sky.

The air was suddenly pervaded with a sour scent, and the thin, high-pressure energy balls divided the gloomy sky into two parts.

Between these parts was an illusory aura that made whoever sensed it tremble.

Facing these huge energy balls, Xiaya looked focused and formed a shining blue-white energy wave in his hand in response…

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