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Thousands of kilometers away, Dodoria, the pink-skinned alien with fat all over his body, soared into the sky, and according to the direction indicated by the energy detector, he pierced through the air quickly with a group of subordinates.


With a sound of explosion, the detector worn on Dodorias ear burnt again.

“One more has burned down, the technology of this product is really unreliable.

Hey, do you have any advanced detectors” Muttering softly, Dodoria took off the burned energy detector and shouted to his subordinate alien.

Seeing his subordinates shake their heads, Dodoria scoffed, directly seized a detector from one of them and put it on.

“Umm, there is a fierce energy reaction 50 kilometers away.

Hey, everyone, speed up!” Dodoria shouted.

There were more than a dozen lifeforms with fairly strong energy on Planet Namek.

They were mostly from the natives—Namekians.

In order to look for the dragon balls and gain achievements in front of King Frieza, it could be said that Dodoria was doing his best.

After shouting an order, Dodoria took the dozens of subordinates and sped towards the position displayed by the detector, and soon, they approached the target.

On the grassland in the distance, several blue lakes were connected together.

The lake water was sparkling, and there were several bare spherical trees growing around them.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

A black afterimage flashed, and a cold ray streaked across the sky.

Putting away the katana in the scabbard, seven or eight aliens paused, and with a thunderous noise, boiling blood splattered out, splashing on the ground.

The bodies of the aliens who had lost their lives were immediately torn apart.

Yajirobe calmly turned his back to the dead aliens and looked up at the sky.

At this time, Dodoria—leading his team—had arrived in the sky.

Looking at the aliens below who had lost their lives and Yajirobe holding a sword next to them, Dodoria frowned as he thought,Why havent I seen the Namekians, and who is this human

“Boy, you killed these people You are not a Namekian.

Why did you appear on Planet Namek”

Yajirobe sneered, straightened out his messy hair and muttered to himself, “Another group has come, but this time they are decent.”

“Hey, didnt you hear what I said” Dodoria immediately became angry after seeing that the human didnt answer his question, and his tone wasnt good.

“He is quite arrogant, it seems he is the leader,” Yajirobe muttered.

Shaking his head disdainfully, Yajirobe grinned, pulled out his katana and suddenly slashed towards the several people in the sky.

Swift and fierce cold rays flashed by, producing a substantial sharp ray which was thin like a cicadas wing; the sharp ray ripped through the air at a speed that was difficult to see with the naked eyes.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

With the sound of piercing, space seemed to transform into several blocks.


Drops of blood splashed out, dropping like raindrops.

Several aliens who came with Dodoria were hit by the tip of Yajirobes katana and exploded into fine powder.

Upon seeing this, Dodorias eyes suddenly bulged, and a few drops of cold sweat immediately oozed from his forehead; he was panic-stricken.

Dodoria suddenly discovered that the fatty in front of him seemed to be a tough nut to crack.

‘What to do Should I escape

Dodorias thoughts were erratic, and he couldnt make a decision.

‘Forget it! I should withdraw to King Friezas side, Dodoria thought to himself.

Dodoria valued his life; thus, he didnt dare to take risks lightly.

So, he said to the aliens next to him, “You guys, go up and capture that fatty!”

“Yes!” Dodorias subordinates were also scared, but they had no choice but to obey their superiors order.

They rushed up with their energy cannons.

However, Dodoria took advantage of this time and rapidly left in another direction as if his feet had been smeared with grease.

“You want to run away You havent asked for my permission!”

Yajirobes eyes remained on the pink Dodoria.

When he saw that Dodoria wanted to use his subordinates aliens to stall him, Yajirobe could not help but sneer.

He lowered his body and exerted strength in his feet before his body shot into the sky.

“Huu, it was really too dangerous.

Who would have thought that the fatty would so powerful.

Damn it, there are no Namekians on this planet.

I must report the situation here to King Frieza.”

Dodoria fled in panic, a faint ominousness in his heart.

‘This Planet Namek seems to be a trap that has been set up, waiting for us to jump in. The fatty that had attacked previously scared Dodoria, which was very rare.

Dodoria exerted his full strength and rushed towards the place where the Frieza Corps spaceships landed, but just then, an orange figure barred his path.

Looking at the person who had appeared in front of him, Dodorias expression suddenly turned ugly.

Yajirobe had already finished off those aliens, and was in front of Dodoria, blocking him.

‘How did this guy get ahead of me so quickly Didnt those useless people even delay him for a little bit‘ Dodorias heart was beating wildly, and a chill rose from the bottom of his heart, somewhat hesitating over what to do.

He was even more afraid of Yajirobe.

“Now that you have come to Planet Namek, dont even think about leaving alive,” Yajirobe stopped in midair and said with a solemn expression.

“Humph, its not certain who will die and who will live!” Knowing that he wasnt good at it, Dodoria also gave up the idea of ​​escaping at this moment.

How could he say that he was also a powerhouse whose Battle Power exceeded 20,000.

Although he had always lived like a prince, he couldnt possibly not have even a little bit of will to fight.

So, with a loud shout, Dodoria rushed towards Yajirobe.

Yajirobe however smiled, exposing his white teeth, and also stepped forward.

In the distance, Xiaya and Friezas battlefield had already changed beyond recognition.

The two of them were too powerful.

The fragile planet couldnt resist the energy emitted from them.

Even if only a tiny bit leaked, it was shockingly terrifying strength.

On the battlefield suffused with a somber and desolate air, two gorgeous splendour lit up the sky.

Xiaya and Frieza stared at each other from a distance, neither of them showing their full strength.

The earlier fight could only be regarded as a warm-up.

The warriors in Dragon Ball World seemed to like this method.

Of course, from the perspective of a warrior, this seemed to be very necessary.

If they were easily crushed when facing an enemy with large strength disparity, it was okay.

After all, they had been thoroughly crushed.

But if both sides were evenly matched, a moment of slight negligence could ruin the overall situation.

Thus, how would one not be careful

If one erupted their strength when facing an enemy on their level, they had to be careful when taking big strides as it may backfire, instead.

Because of this consideration, when two enemies with not too big strength disparity fought, they would tacitly release their full strength slowly and rhythmically.

When competing fiercely to win a fight, it was not only about whose peak strength was strongest, but also about how both sides adapted to the battlefield when the disparity between their peak strength was not much.

In other words, who could control their own strength more comprehensively.

Suddenly, Xiaya and Friezas strength erupted at the same time, like enormous stars, which caused earthshaking changes to their surroundings.

With a flash, Friezas body rapidly shot in Xiayas direction, and the energy permeating everywhere turned into a mist-like free state.

Xiaya did not remain indifferent to Friezas actions and quickly reacted.

His body flashed as he stepped forward, passed through the mist-like energy and touched Friezas side.

Afterwards, leaving behind a few afterimages in the sky, Xiaya and Frieza collided violently.

Treading the void lightly, his figure flashed around like a ghost.

No matter what tricky angle Frieza attacked from, Xiaya counterattacked grandly, directly blocking his attack by treading only one step in the void.


They fought from the sky to the ground, and from the ground to the sky.


Explosions reverberated throughout the sky, and there were silhouettes fighting everywhere.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They rapidly struck each other before withdrawing quickly.

Cyclones formed, visible to the naked eye.

These cyclones formed huge ring-shaped shock waves that spread from the sky to the ground, bombarding the ground and changing it beyond recognition.

At this time, due to the impact of the battle, a desert area of ​​nearly 1,000 kilometers appeared on the ground underneath.

“Humph, annoying guy.”

Frieza leisurely narrowed his eyes as his body floated in midair, then he slowly dropped down, his eyes full of blood and darkness.

Licking his lips, Frieza said, “Your Super Saiyans strength has really impressed me.

It looks like with your strength, an ordinary Frost Demon is really not your opponent.

Its no wonder that you were classified as the greatest disaster by my race.”

After a pause, Frieza sneered, “But compared to this king, you are still too lacking.

So, do you understand what I said”

Seeing that Xiaya did not respond, Frieza once again clicked his tongue.

“Then, I will tell you that this king has not used his full strength until now.

The strength I displayed just now did not even reach 20% of this kings full strength.

Are you scared” Frieza muttered to himself and extended his finger, his movements cultured and refined, looking proud of himself.


he is just like a child showing off his strong points, waiting for adults to praise him.

In Xiayas view, Frieza was a bit childish.

“Oh, then let me experience your real strength.”

Xiayas green pupils looked at Frieza as he said with what appeared to be a smile and yet not a smile.

Frieza smiled, his purple lips were slightly curled up and his face was full of smiles.

He seemed very satisfied with Xiayas response.

“Ha ha ha, thats natural.

To kill an opponent like you, its worth it for this king to use his full strength.

Be proud, you are the first person to see the full strength of this king.”

After he finished speaking, the white demon-like Frieza suddenly spread out his hands and pressed against his chest.

The veins on his forehead bulged and he roared loudly.

As Frieza roared loudly, a silvery white radiance rose, and then an earth-shattering energy wrapped around his entire body.

Xiaya suddenly discovered that the entire space had become different.

The atmosphere became sticky, and dark nauseous killing aura filled the whole space.

Dark clouds floated over, followed by lightning flashes and rolling thunder.

The sparkling lightning was flashing in a zigzag manner amidst the dark clouds.

Friezas Ki grew increasingly stronger, gradually causing Xiaya to frown deeply.


The silver ball of light exploded, and Frieza stood there proudly.

The entire transformation process was extremely fast as before.

There was not much change in his appearance.

He was still petite, but the entire shining and white body was coated with a layer of a bright, metallic luster.

It seemed to be sparkling with silvery light, and although his height did not change much, his aura had an earth-shattering change.

“Silver Frieza!”

Xiaya took a deep breath and stared at Frieza with a solemn look.

From the earth-shattering pressure coming from him, Xiaya felt a vigorous energy fluctuation.

“Heh heh, Ive kept you waiting!” Friezas cold and bone-chilling voice sounded.

The vigorous strength flowing throughout his body made him narrow his eyes in euphoria, as if everything was under his control.

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