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On the green field, a powerful aura majestically soared into the sky.

At this moment, the Ki waves seethed and lightning rumbled.

Planet Namek trembled violently under the harsh and unstable atmosphere.

Xiaya suddenly erupted with a powerful aura.

Cracks appeared on the ground, and it began to sink; soon a pit 50m in dimensions appeared.

“Super Saiyan!”

Frieza bore the brunt of the strong aura, but the one that stirred his emotions the most was the term—Super Saiyan.

His face was gloomy as he gnashed his teeth and said, “So this form of yours is called Super Saiyan.

It really is the same as in the rumors.

Golden blaze, and the overbearing warrior.

At that time, I thought that it was only a little bit similar to the rumored Super Saiyan.

I didnt expect you to really be a Super Saiyan!”

“Very good, very good.

Then, this kings move of destroying Planet Vegeta was correct.

Saiyan, this troublesome race, I really should have finished them off earlier.”

Xiaya snorted softly and said, “The Frost Demon race and Saiyan race have always been mortal enemies.

Its no wonder that you view Saiyans on Planet Vegeta as an eye-sore.

By the way, your father—King Cold, your brother—Cooler, Luther and King Davidow of the West Area, all died in front of my eyes.

Except Cooler, who was not killed by me, everyone else was.”

“Oh, is that so” Frieza narrowed his eyes and jumped from the Hover Pod.

“I had long thought that the death of those useless people may be related to you.

Humph, Super Saiyans are worthy of being called our familys nemesis, killing so many people from my race, but it would all stop here.”

Xiaya raised his eyebrows, but Frieza continued leisurely, “This kings Battle Power in this current form is 125 million; moreover, this king still has three transformations!”

“I have seen your form.

Why dont you directly transform into your Final Form!” Xiaya bluntly ordered.

Frieza smiled with a stunned look.

“Are you so eager to court death Very well, then this king will help you out!”

As soon as his voice fell, Friezas body began to tremble fiercely, and the white sandstone skin all over his body began to wriggle and became deformed.

In just 0.1 second, Frieza completed the first energy release, and then quickly completed the second and third release respectively.

In less than a second, Frieza had transformed into his Final Form.

Petite build, blood-red eyes, and a youthful but icy face.

In his Final Form, Friezas whole body emitted a layer of fluorescent glimmer, and bright white radiance.

Compared to the pure white that Xiaya saw more than ten years ago, its luster was even more mysterious.

Almost in an instant, Friezas strength multiplied by tens of times.

“This is Friezas full strength” Xiaya muttered to himself, his expression began to turn serious.

Even without using the “Spirit Eye” skill, just the Battle Power displayed by Frieza required for Xiaya to treat him seriously.

Frieza twisted his neck comfortably, producing “creaking” sounds, and then he folded his hands across his chest, full of confidence.

His white tail struck the ground, an evil energy which was full of a dark aura was released without any restraint.

Right now, Frieza looked extremely arrogant.

“Ho ho ho, Ive kept you waiting.

My Battle Power is now 5 billion!”

Frieza belittled all living creatures, so he didnt mind telling the enemy his own Battle Power.

In other words, he told the enemy his Battle Power only to enjoy the enemys flustered and despairing expression, which was more in line with his intentions.

It made him even more delighted.

But facing Xiaya, Friezas thoughts wouldnt come to fruition.

“It wasnt long, I only waited for less than half a second.

It cant be compared with the time we used in talking!” Xiaya responded coldly.

“…” Frieza felt as if his heavy punch had struck cotton.

“5 billion Battle Power, it is almost the same as my Full Power Super Saiyan 1.” Secretly observing Frieza, Xiaya calculated in his heart.

In fact, the Super Saiyan 2 stage of an ordinary Saiyan already had 5 billion Battle Power, and the Super Perfect Cell in the original work was also at this level.

Frieza achieving such strength did not exceed Xiayas prediction.

Since he knew Friezas training talent, 5 billion Battle Power was very small.

Xiaya guessed that it may not be Friezas full strength.

The gentle breeze blew past, and the weather in the sky changed irregularly.

Frieza, who didnt see the fear on Xiayas face, felt unsatisfied.

He clicked his tongue and sighed.

Licking his lips, he took the initiative and attacked.

With his sudden jump, at this moment, the ground collapsed, and a strong force was poured into the earth.

The majestic waves froze for an instant, and Frieza rushed towards Xiaya like lightning.

Without any warning, a dazzling light suddenly shone.

Frieza stuck close to Xiayas side.

Compared to Xiayas height, Frieza was a little short, but being short also had its own advantages.

With Friezas rapid speed, his body was extremely flexible and nimble, just like a loach.

However, Xiayas reaction was also sufficiently fast.

Two blurry figures flashed in different places.

The sky, grasslands and lakes, their figures were everywhere.

Illusory afterimages were all over the space, making it difficult to differentiate the real from the fake.

For a time, the sound of their fight lingered everywhere like the sound of a bell or war drums.

Exchanging moves, separating, sprinting; these moves integrated like floating clouds and flowing water.

Without any pause, a large amount of frightening energy was pressing down, terrifying people.

A large wave of bombardment fell to the ground in all directions, the rumbling sound lingering in the air.

Under the powerful force, Planet Namek was extremely fragile.

The entire planet trembled like it could collapse at any moment as the two of them fought.

However, the parties involved in the fight, whether it was Xiaya or Frieza, didnt want to end the battle so quickly.

They knew that the other possessed the ability to survive in a vacuum environment, so in order to have a battlefield that was more advantageous and familiar to themselves, both sides had the tacit understanding to avoid excessively damaging the core of Planet Namek.

In the sky, black clouds pressed down.

With a teleport, Xiaya appeared behind Frieza, grabbed his tail and flung him away with a powerful throw.

Frieza immediately turned into a black dot and charged towards the high altitude of the atmosphere.

Suddenly, with a flash, Friezas figure appeared on the ground.

“Ka Me Ha Me Ha!”

Xiaya assumed an attacking posture, and an extra large “Ka Me Ha Me Ha” flew out, the bright blue ability gushing out like closely compacted artillery shells concentrated in one place as it swept through the whole sky.

The residual power brushed by the ground, and the entire Planet Namek immediately trembled as a thick layer of soil was scraped away, causing red magma to gush out.

Just then, the corners of Friezas lips rose slightly, and his body suddenly stamped on the ground, leaving behind three figures in the sky.

The first figure was Frieza suddenly opening up distance, backing away, and the other two turned back twice in the sky with great speed.

“Turn!” Xiaya shouted softly, and the Kamehameha immediately turned with overwhelming force, rushing towards Frieza who was high in the sky.

Soon the sky exploded, the atmospheric pressure suddenly dropped, and ring-like Ki waves spread out.

A hole appeared in the atmosphere, forming a complete vacuum zone.

“Dodged it.” Xiaya sighed.

The previous series of battles were extremely wonderful, but it could be said that they were only probing each other; neither side had deployed any real techniques, but even so, the frightening destructive power made the people on the Planet Namek tremble.


“So terrifying… so the teacher has always held back.

Is this his true strength No, his strength may not be only this much.”

On Tien Shinhans side, he, who had just now killed several aliens, suddenly felt an earth-shattering frightening aura.

As if a Ki wall was pressing down, making him unable to breathe.

In addition to his heart trembling, he also had a strong yearning.

‘This … is the strength of a universe-level peak warrior!

“Teacher Xiaya is locked in battle with Frieza.” As his disciple, although Tien Shinhans latent talent was a bit lacking, he could at least deal with several bosses.

So ignoring these scattered aliens, he flew towards the west in the direction of Abo and Kado.

“Tien Shinhan, wait for me.”

Upon seeing this, Gokus body flashed as he shouted, flying together with Tien Shinhan to the west.

“Brother, we should also follow them.

Its no fun killing these weak aliens.” Xilis face looked innocent, with short black hair blowing beside her ears, but the words she spoke were frightening.

“Yeah, its boring to kill the small fries.”

Xiang also became impatient.

“He he he, I can sense that someone with 550,000 Battle Power is approaching.” Xilis small face flushed due to her excitement.

Meifei said, “Lets go and kill them!”

Thus, after they discussed, the three children went directly to look for the several strongest auras.

Concerning this, Krillin, Yamcha and Chi-Chi could only laugh bitterly.

Forget about the several strongest bosses, they honestly did not even have the strength to kill the aliens here.

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