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“This is Friezas Ki”

The energy coming from space made them tremble.

This Frieza was actually this fierce and evil.

Krillin was greatly surprised, and his complexion turned pale, as he was extremely nervous.

Xiaya shook his head.

“Everyone, reach out with your senses closely; besides Friezas Ki, what else is there”

The other were confused for a moment, but they calmed down.

After leaving out Friezas Ki, which had almost frozen the air solid, they quickly discovered weaker Kis under Friezas.

As Friezas aura was too powerful, Goku and others had not sensed the other Kis.

Thinking of this, their expressions turned ugly.

Goku looked gloomy as he said gravely, “In addition to Frieza, there are several very troublesome energy responses.

They are not much weaker than that of the two that just landed on Planet Namek.”

“There are several thousand strong Kis outside, but these are not enough to be worried about.

To us, it is Frieza and several of his powerful subordinates we really have to pay attention to,” Tien Shinhan added.

“In short, Friezas Ki is the strongest, and counting the remaining two on Planet Namek, there are altogether three powerful energies.

If Frieza is handed over to Xiaya to deal with, we only need to deal with the other three powerful people.

The remaining small fries are nothing to worry about.

“Krillin counted on his fingers and discovered that the situation was not bad.

It seems that among the enemies who came to Planet Namek with Frieza, not many were peak-level experts.

Only three experts had more than 500,000 Battle Power, and rest were weaklings with Battle Powers in the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands.

A large number of them were only cannon fodder, with Battle Powers only in the thousands.

But, their side did not consist of only Goku, Tien Shinhan, and other powerful experts, Xiayas three children were also around, making them strong enough to give the enemies a tough fight.

From those calculations, the situation suddenly seemed quite good! Their tension suddenly disappeared.

Xiaya was silent for a while, but he was not as optimistic as Krillin.

He wondered how powerful Frieza was.

After thinking for a while, he said, “In the current situation, we should not group up.

Everyone should separate as far as possible.

Friezas group usually chooses to rely on energy detectors.

This is an opportunity.

After everyone separates, you should properly use Ki to draw their attention, then eliminate them one by one.”

If there was a large disparity in power levels, it would be a mistake to group together.

Instead, one should adopt a tactic of eliminating one by one.

Goku and others nodded after thinking about it.

Besides Frieza—the particularly troublesome guy who will be handed over to Xiaya—there were three other people that were not weaker than Tagoma.

They gave Tien Shinhan, Goku, and the others no pressure, at all.

Of course, this was on the prerequisite that they did not attract Friezas attention.

Otherwise, with Goku and their strength, facing Frieza would be akin to hitting a stone with an egg.

After a brief discussion, besides Xiaya, who stayed where he was, the other eleven people quickly dispersed in all directions.

“Dad, you have to teach Frieza a good lesson!” Meifei raised her delicate arm and made a cheering gesture.

Xiaya gave a bright smile in return.

“Dont worry; I will not disappoint you.”

After the children dispersed, Xiaya silently sat down cross-legged on the ground, the jade-like green grass rippled with the wind like waves.

Soon, a powerful aura appeared on Planet Namek.

Xiaya stood up and stared in the southeast direction, which had almost solidified into substantial dark energy clouds, and frowned slightly.

“Frieza has become this much stronger 125 million Battle Power.

Is this his Battle Power in Normal State”

The Battle Power displayed by Frieza was five million higher than his peak state.

He certainly did not believe that Friezas Battle Power had only increased by five million after so many years.

The biggest possibility is that Frieza was still in Normal State or a state that was not completely released.

It looked like Frieza had been training well all these years.

“I wonder who is stronger between him and me at his peak strength.”

Xiayas black pupils flickered with sparkling lights, and then an earth-shattering battle intent soared into the sky, swirling up magnificent tornados.

Saiyans had never been afraid of fighting, and the will to fight only made their blood boil.

Friezas strength had only evoked the hidden fighting desire in Xiayas heart.

At that time, in Universe 6, he had continuously challenged the strong experts like this!

Southeastern region of Planet Namek.

The rock stratum was exposed to the outside, and the disc-shaped spaceship of Frieza Corp was rooted here.

8-9 huge steel claws were plunged deep into the soil and stone.

Frieza was sitting on the small Hover Pod, his scarlet eyes looking around.


Dodoria, immediately arrange people to go down and find the dragon balls.

This king wants you to collect all the dragon balls as quickly as possible.”

“Yes, King Frieza,” Dodoria answered with a smile.

If King Frieza did not trust them, why then would he hand over such an important mission to them Dodoria thought happily and arranged the people in an orderly manner.

Soon, several thousand soldiers of Frieza Corp dispersed and spread out in all directions like wasps coming out of their nest.

Dodoria pressed a button on the lens-type and probed in all directions, but only a few sporadic signals were detected.


King Frieza, this Planet Namek doesnt have many living beings.

There are only a dozen energy sources with 5000 Battle Power.

If Planet Namek really has dragon balls, it must be on those people.” Dodoria laughed.

A cold smile appeared on Friezas face as he said, “Mr.

Dodoria, I hope it is as youve said.”

Dodoria laughed but did not dare to take credit for himself.

He then used the detector to test in all directions.

Suddenly, in the west, two fierce energies exceeded the limits of the new energy detector.

Bang, white smoke came out of the energy detector.

Dodorias mouth twitched, slightly surprised: “It burned down!”

“King Frieza, news has come from the front line.

After Tagomas signal disappeared, we lost contact with the Abo and Kado brothers.

They are no longer in their operational area.

It is likely that they also got the news of the dragon balls,” Balfe, who was watching on the side, suddenly reported.

His report meant that Abo and Kado had most likely defected.

“Oh” Frieza was slightly surprised, but the corners of his lips curled into a faint smile.

“Those two idiots… This king did not expect their courage to be so big! Humph, lost contact… Perhaps they are deliberately hiding from this king ” Friezas voice was hoarse and cold, and he glared with blood-red eyes, like a demon from hell.

His voice was frightening.

Frieza has long since known that Abo and Kado harboured wicked intentions, but he believed that with his prestige, he should be able to keep the brothers under control!

That was indeed the case.

When Frieza returned, Abo and Kado, who had enjoyed a king-like treatment, had handed over the authority obediently, and there was not even a little complaint! Thus, it could be seen that Friezas fame is not a joke.

But, it was these two subordinates, who had already handed over the authority, that had now suddenly disappeared! Frieza thought about it; there were not many things that could make them this determined to shed all pretense of cordiality with him, and dragon balls were one of them!

“When this king returns, I will definitely deal with them.” Friezas expression suddenly turned gloomy, and his murderous aura surged as his thoughts shifted to how the two brothers got the news of the dragon balls and are vainly trying to acquire treasures belonging to him.

I should wait.

As long as I can get the Planet Nameks dragon balls and make a wish to obtain eternal life, then the entire universe will not be able to escape this kings palm.

Frieza thought ambitiously.

At this time, Dodorias eyes suddenly turned and he said in Friezas ear, “Your Majesty, it is reasonable to say that Namekians Battle Power cannot burn down the new type of detector.

Currently, Abo and Kado have suddenly disappeared from the area where they were stationed at.

Say, could they have already arrived on Planet Namek … ”

Dodorias words alerted Frieza.

He narrowed his eyes, and the corners of his mouth curled into a cruel smile.

“Its possible.

If the dragon balls fall in their hands, it will be bad.

Shisami, your strength should be above Abo and Kado.

Go and take a look in the direction that the detector had detected the signals.

If it is really is those two guys, then kill them on behalf of this king! ”

“Yes!” Shisami responded loudly without any expression.

Shisami was a tall red alien with a pair of long ox horns.

He was one of the very best experts in Frieza Corp.

Those like him, who can stand firm in the Frieza Corp, were powerful lifeforms, and their strength and talents were, naturally, extremely high.

Previously, they may have not been comparable to Captain Ginyu and others, but now even if Captain Ginyu was resurrected, he wouldnt be Shisami and others match.

After all, Ginyu Force was only a Special Squadron responsible for carrying out flexible missions, and Abo, Kado, Shisami, and even the dead Tagoma were all generals guarding a region.

Without extraordinary strength, they couldnt stabilize a territory at all.

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