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He had not increased the Battle Power of his own people before.

On one hand, Planet Namek had not been threatened by external forces before, so being too strong would affect the stability of the planet; on the other hand, it is because of Namekians character.

Namekians advocate for nature and peace, and they do not interfere too much with the workings of nature.

But, at the moment, they are facing a powerful enemy, and Nail has chosen to stay on Planet Namek, so the Great Elder would, naturally, not let him die in vain whether emotionally or logically.

A few minutes later, Xiaya, who was making the final preparations outside, sensed a valiant aura suddenly rise from the Great Elders hall and was slightly moved.

“After Nail had his potential unlocked by the Great Elder, his aura improved by nearly ten times.

From the previous 42,000 to almost 400,000! ”

Soon after that, Xiaya saw Nail coming out of the entrance, guarding the residence of the Great Elder like a statue, motionless.

The icy wind blew at his scarf and collar, making rustling sounds.

With a faint smile, Xiaya no longer paid attention to Nail.

He focused on the conditions of Xiang and the others, teaching them to master their new strength.

Currently, from the people on Planet Namek, with the exception of Bulma and Great Elder—who could not fight—everyone had Battle Powers higher than 100,000.

It was really rare to see so many warriors with high Battle Power gathered together.

“With this much Battle Power, Friezas subordinates can be dealt with, but for Frieza… It is still not enough,” Xiaya said in his heart as he shook his head.

He had seen Friezas Battle Power; more than 10 years ago, it was 120 million.

As Xiaya had defeated Frieza back then, he did not believe that Frieze would not cull his shame and train hard.

It was certain that Frieza would be much stronger than he was, but Xiaya could not tell how much Friezas power had increased until they fight.

“No matter how strong, there should be a limit!” Xiaya muttered to himself and then limbered up.

A few hours later, two mighty auras approached Planet Namek; they had not arrived yet.

The thick evil energy was like a monstrous wave, pounding against the entire Planet Namek.

Goku and others—who were scattered nearby, exercising—frowned and quickly gathered.

“Are they finally here These two Kis are really strong,” Krillin, who had raised his head, said warily, observing the auras emanating from space.

Yamcha, however, was hopeful.

“Although these two Kis are much stronger than me, they still seem to be inferior to Tien Shinhans.”

“Haha; if Friezas strength is only this little bit, then we dont have to worry at all.

We can definitely defeat them easily if we fight together.”

“What, so you all can win easily” Bulma raised her hand in front of her forehead and gazed into the distance, but she could not discover anything.

“Your sensory skills are really strong.”

Tien Shinhans three eyes slightly froze, and he shook his head.

“It doesnt make sense: Friezas Ki cant be much weaker than Tagoma.

If he is really so weak, he would find it impossible to rule over most of the North Area.

It was said that Frieza was an evil, bloodthirsty emperor, but the Ki they could sense was only a little more power than that of Tagoma, who had invaded Earth.

The Ki was, at most, about half a million Battle Power, inferior to the Battle Powers of Goku and him.

It must be understood that the universe was an environment in which the weak were prey to the strong, so strong experts are respected.

Bullying the weak was almost exhibited to the extreme.

Without powerful—to almost crushing—strength, it was absolutely impossible to have experts like Tagoma submit.

In other words, Frieza could not be so weak.

Moreover, only two Kis had entered Planet Nameks range and they obviously do not meet the standard of Frieza—the emperor of the universe.

Xiaya sensed the aura outside the atmosphere and smiled.

“Its really not Frieza; Friezas Ki is not that weak.”

The tone of certainty in Xiayas words caught Gokus attention, and he asked, “Xiaya, have you seen Frieza fight”

Xiaya nodded.

“I fought Frieza once about ten years ago.

Back then, I thought I had killed him, but I didnt expect him to ultimately survive.”

Hearing that Xiaya had once fought Frieza piqued Gokus interest, causing him to ask, “How strong is that Frieza”

Xiaya frowned; he did not know whether to inform them of Friezas Battle Power.

When the thought that they would meet Frieza soon crossed his mind, he decided that it was better that they are prepared.

“Frieza is very powerful.

He is a genius of his race.

Many years ago, Friezas power had reached 120 million.

Now, it will only be more terrifying! I dont know exactly how strong he now is.”

How much Battle Power

120 million 120…

The Battle Power that Xiaya had just mentioned left everyone feeling subdued.

Krillin stuttered, “Xiaya, are you sure that Friezas Battle Power is… 120 million”

“Yes; this is the minimum estimate,”

Xiaya answered affirmatively.

Xiu! A cold wind blew over his head.

Everyone seemed to freeze at that moment, looking both astonished and a little scared.

To them, Friezas Battle Power was too earth-shattering and, even, unrealistically high.

Lifeforms in the universe could amass such a high Battle Power Everyone felt shocked.

Naturally, they believed Xiaya, and this left them even more astonished.

Goku smiled bitterly.

“Oh, I thought I was already strong enough.

Now, it seems that even 10x Kaio-ken is not enough.”

Xiaya glanced at Goku.

Has this guy really already developed more than 10x Kaio-ken

However, the little kids disagreed.

Xiang raised his chin and proudly said, “No matter how powerful he is, he is not Dads match anyway.”

“Thats right; thats right.” Xili and Meifei echoed.

In their eyes, no one could beat their dad.

Had their dad not defeated that Frieza before

“Yeah; Xiaya did say that he had beaten Frieza before!” Yamcha suddenly recovered and looked at Xiaya as though the latter was a god.

Xiaya smiled and nodded.

“Leave Frieza to me.

His current strength is not something that you can deal with.

Back then, he was lucky to survive.

This time, no matter what, he is going to die.”

“With your words, we can rest assured,” Krillin smiled and half-jokingly said.

“If its only some subordinates, leave it to us.” Tien Shinhan looked serious.

“My katana will not be soft-hearted.” Yajirobe lifted the long shiny silver katana, whose blade reflected a cold light.

After about another minute, the ground trembled slightly as the two dark auras landed on the other side of Planet Namek, about 20,000 kilometers away from Xiaya and others location.

For experts like them, only a few minutes would be enough to cover this distance.

Krillin, Yamcha and others flew up and quickly vanished, leaving several afterimages behind.

“Bulma, you need to find a quiet place to hide,” Goku told Bulma.

“Ah, is there any place to hide here” Bulma asked calmly.

Xiaya glanced at the weak Bulma.

“Planet Namek is not safe; let me send you directly back to Earth.”

“Eh” Bulma glanced at Goku and then at her son, Gohan.

In that case, wasnt it meaningless for her to come to Planet Namek

But, when she thought about this, she realized that she was only going to hold them back if she stayed back.

So, she said dejectedly, “Then, you both must be careful.

Dont die; otherwise, when I resurrect you with Earths dragon balls in the future, Ill teach you both a good lesson.

“OK!” Goku and Gohan looked at each other, smiled, and waved at Bulma.

After sending Bulma back to Earth, Xiaya asked Xiang and others to fly into the sky.

Nail needed to protect the Great Elder, so he didnt leave with Xiaya and the others.

Several blurry afterimages flashed, and a straight beam of light piercing through the atmosphere like lightning, as a mighty explosion rang out in their ears.

After catching up with Krillin and others, the group of twelve people formed a line that resembled a parallel ribbon, drawing a beautiful arc in the sky.

Suddenly, the sky rumbled.

The pebbles on the ground quivered with a rustle.

Immediately afterward, an icy-cold aura that almost froze their soul suddenly pressed down on them, like a huge pot smashing their hearts, leaving them almost unable to breathe.

Affected by the oppressive atmosphere surrounding them, Xiaya and others couldnt help but pause in mid-air.

This evil power, which was so dark that it made the entire atmosphere become sticky, swept through Planet Namek.

The undisguised killing intent in that aura was extremely fierce and terrifying.

“Whats going on This evil Ki is making me shiver.” Other than Xiaya, everyones faces were white, and their bodies trembled as they looked at space with expressions of fright.

Xiaya raised his head and looked at the green, cloudy sky.

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