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Goku and the others walked to the first floor of the Great Elders home and found a place in the spacious hall to sit down cross-legged like old monks in meditation.

Time gradually passed, and Goku rapidly grasped his power.

Half an hour later, everyone stood up and reigned in their auras.

The immense and profound energy instantly turned bland, making them seem like ordinary people, but it did not achieve complete energy convergence.

There was still a portion of the Ki that leaked out — about six or seven thousand Battle Power.

After a while, Nail returned with the seven dragon balls, and a middle-aged Namekian also came with him.

Under the Great Elder, this Namekian was the person with the highest prestige.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Seven orange football-sized dragon balls landed on the ground, forming seven big craters.


Planet Nameks dragon balls are so big,” Krillin exclaimed after seeing Planet Nameks dragon balls for the first time.

Chichi and others were also dazzled.

“Except for their size, they completely resemble the dragon balls on Earth,” Bulma, who had studied the dragon balls deeply, said in surprise.

Its no wonder they can fulfill three wishes at once.

Just looking at their size, the tiny dragon balls of Earth cannot be compared to them.

Bulma didnt know that one year on Planet Namek was only 130 days — one-third of Earths year.

When Planet Nameks dragon balls were created by the Great Elder, Planet Nameks “year” was used as the standard.

In this way, if Planet Nameks dragon balls were placed on earth, nine wishes can actually be fulfilled in one earth year.

They were not alittle stronger than earths dragon balls.

Xiaya remembered that in the main storyline of the original work, after Namekians had temporarily migrated to earth, they waited 260 days as they used six wishes in a row to resurrect Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Krillin, Yamcha, and transferred Namekians to the new Planet Namek.

Furthermore, a year later, Future Trunks came to earth.

Oh, thats right, there are less than two years before the Future Trunks comes over.

In fact, at this point, a bug — neither too big or too small — should exist in the original work: that is, Gohans age problem.

When Gohan appeared, he was 4 years old, and now is 5 years old.

If the interval is less than two years, Gohan should be 7 years old when Trunks comes, and 10 years old during Androids Saga.

Then, he should be 17 years old when Majin Buu appeared, and not the 16 years old as in the original work.

Naturally, if one was to resolutely explain it, the problem lied in the period between the end of the Planet Nameks Saga and when Future Trunks appears.

This is infinitely close to two years.

In the end, is it regarded as one year or two years Gohan could be considered more than 16 years old, and infinitely close to 17 years old.

Flinging these useless thoughts to the back of his head, the first thing he had to face was Frieza, who would arrive soon.

“Moori, from today on, you are the new Great Elder of Namekians,” On the second floor, the Great Elder weakly told the middle-aged Namekian.

Moori was a short and stout Namekian.

In the original work, he took over the job of the great elder after the Great Elder Gurus death.

He is also a very outstanding member of the Dragon Clan.

“Great Elder, what are you talking about” Moori shouted in surprise.

Nails eyes flickered, looking at the Great Elder silently.

The Great Elder said, “I can sense my lifespan is running out.

It will be the last time making a wish.

When the new Planet Namek is found and clansman are transferred, dont care about me.

I want to stay on Planet Namek, accompanying it in its final moments… ”

“Great Elder, there is no need for you…”

“Hehe… More than three hundred years ago, when the climate cataclysm hadnt happened yet, Planet Namek was a beautiful planet full of happiness.

Time flies; let it follow me into the darkness,” the Great Elder said calmly.

“Yes!” The newly-appointed Great Elder Moori said respectfully.


Both of you go and summon Porunga; there isnt much time.” The Great Elder closed his eyes and peacefully went to sleep.

Moori and Nail looked at each other and sighed before going out.

Outside, Bulma was still studying the Planet Nameks dragon balls.

Measurements showed that Planet Nameks dragon balls have a diameter more than three times that of the earths dragon balls, and a volume twenty-seven times that of the earths dragon balls.

“Everyone, back away a little.

Im going to summon Porunga.

Having Goku and others retreat some distance, Nail began to summon in Planet Nameks language.

With a low chanting voice, layers of clouds floated over from the horizon, and the entire Planet Namek fell into darkness.

Then, amidst lightning flashes and resounding thunder, the divine dragon Porungas sturdy body appeared.

It has two antennas on its forehead, glaring scarlet eyes, and there were black horns growing on the forehead, cheeks, and shoulders.

Its arms were full of muscles — looking full of explosive power — and there was a fin-shaped object growing till the tail bone, along the center of its back.

“People who have gathered the dragon balls, say thy wishes,” Porungas deafening voice resounded.

Bulma watched in amazement, her light purple hair fluttering like soft silk threads.

“So, this is the divine dragon of Planet Namek.

It looks nothing like Shenron of earth.”

“Dad, how does this divine dragon compare to Planet Hongshans divine dragon” Meifei asked Xiaya in a low voice.

Rubbing his daughters small head, Xiaya said lightly, “It cannot be compared; their levels are different.”

“Oh.” Meifei nodded, but she did not quite understand.

Nail watched calmly, with both hands behind his back, as the scarf around his neck and the lower hem of his jacket swayed in the wind.

He glanced at the excited Gohan and said, “Porunga, please revive Piccolo of earth!”

After that, he waited for Porungas response.

After a while, Porunga said.

“Thy wish is very easy.”

Porungas eyes glowed with a blood-red light, and Piccolo was revived on the faraway Earth.

At the same time, on Lookout, the old Kami reappeared while leaning on the scepter.

Even the dragon balls that Mr.

Popo had gathered and placed on a plate recovered their orange-red luster.

“Whats going on I was clearly in the Underworld just now.

How was I resurrected ” Piccolo moved his arms, and the majestic power in his body surged out.

Piccolo pondered for a moment before directly flying towards Lookout.

“Okay; thy first wish has been fulfilled.”

“The second wish: please find a planet in the universe that is suitable for Namekians to live on.” Nail made a wish using Planet Nameks language.

After Porunga found the new Planet Namek, Nail said, “Please transfer all the Namekians on Planet Namek except me and the Great Elder to the new Planet Namek.”

After Nail finished, Porunga began to use the divine dragons power.

In an instant, all the Namekians were transferred to the new Planet Namek, and the only remaining Namekians were Nail and the Great Elder.

When Shenron turned into a beam and flew away, the Great Elder spoke in a hoarse voice, “Nail, why did you stay behind”

Nail said with a resolute expression: “My duty is to protect the Great Elder.

Right now, a powerful enemy is threatening Great Elders life.

I have no reason to leave.”

The Great Elder heaved a sigh and said, “Come here; let me increase your strength.” Please go to https://www.novelupdates.cc/The-Strongest-Legend-of-Dragon-Ball/ to read the latest chapters for free


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