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The Great Elders actions of unlocking Gohans potential did not cause any side effect; it was equivalent to saving training time.

Goku and others watched in disbelief.

When they heard the Great Elders weak voice, they came back to themselves.

“Let me.” Krillin, who was watching Gohan enviously, stepped forward.

The Great Elder placed his huge palm on Krillins head, and an upward force was drawn out from inside as if there were more than ten hydraulic turbines spinning continuously, generating electricity.

Krillin felt that the Ki in his body was surging crazily.

After a few seconds, Krillins Ki stopped, his Battle Power directly rose from 22,000 to 200,000, an increase of about 9 times.

Sensing the surging power in his body, Krillin narrowed his eyes and thanked the Great Elder.

Next was Yamcha.

He was similar to Krillin, after his potential was unlocked, his Battle Power reached 180,000.

Yajirobe was the weakest, and his Battle Power was around 10,000 previously.

After his potential was unlocked, he reached 180,000 Battle Power.

When it was Chi-Chis turn, it might be because Kamis dimension was different from ordinary mortals and Chi-Chis strength was higher than Krillin and others, but her final power reached the same as Gohan — 270,000 Battle Power.

Afterwards, following suit, Goku also had his potential unlocked.

His Battle Power soared from the initial 190,000 to 1.7 million.

During the process, the weather changed suddenly, and a powerful aura suddenly broke through Planet Nameks clouds.

A huge hole split open in the dense floating clouds just like the large eye of a typhoon.

Previously, when Xiaya had his potential unlocked, it only increased to 720,000.

Of course, this was due to the suppression of the space-time ability in Xiaya.

‘Gokus Ki has increased to such a frightening extent.

The gap has increased at once. Tien Shinhan, who was watching silently, thought to himself.

“Tien Shinhan, come over and let me see if your power can be triggered again.” The Great Elder stirred.

“After ones potential has been unlocked, can it still be unlocked again” Tien Shinhan asked doubtfully.

“Yes, my ability is to stimulate the sleeping potential in your body, and not to create potential or to fully overdraft potential.

At that time, I just drew out a part of the power that your body could accept.

After training for so many years, your physique and power has changed drastically; thus, it can withstand another unlocking.

This time the enemy is strong, and the greater the righteous warriors, the better.”

The Great Elder explained the principles of hisUnlock Potential ability.

Tien Shinhan quickly stepped forward excitedly.

After Unlock Potential was finished, Tien Shinhans Battle Power rose to 1.1 million.

The strength of the potential unlock was not as high as the first time, but it was still a huge improvement.

It was second only to Gokus.

The Great Elders weary eyes turned to Xiaya and his children, his complexion poor.

“Young Saiyan King, you possess a power that scares me.

Your dimension is too high, and my ability is only effective on people whose dimension is lower than mine.

Forgive me for not being able to unlock your potential again.”

Xiaya smiled.

Sure enough, Great EldersUnlock Potential was not omnipotent.

It was only effective on ordinary lifeforms with a low dimension.

The dimension of the Great Elder was higher than Kamis, but it was still not much.

Also, his dimension is not much worse than Kais.

Under the suppression of the source level, the Great Elders Unlock Potential was not effective on Xiaya.

Xiaya smiled and said, “Its okay, I have found my own path, and Im going to walk firmly on it.

Unlocking potential is not necessary for me.”

“Thank you for your understanding, but I see that the three little kids next to you have extraordinary potential.

Let me try it on them.” The Great Elder said with a smile.

Xiaya nodded happily and let his children walk over.

The Great Elders hand rested on Xiangs head, and there was a hint of delight on his face.

It seemed that he saw the scenes of the future of Xiang and others.

“I will exhaust the remaining of my power.

The future of the universe will be handed over to you.”

After saying that, the magic flowed out from the Great Elders big hand, stimulating Xiangs potential little by little, and just like a clear stream flowing out of the crack of a mountain, the warm energy nourished every cell in his body.

Xiang pleasantly narrowed his eyes, the energy in his body surged, and soon, a vast amount of Ki—a little weaker than that of Goku and Tien Shinhan—emerged.

800,000 Battle Power!

Second only to Goku and Tien Shinhan.

Later, Xili was almost the same.

It should be said that they really were twin brother and sister.

Her Battle Power also stopped at 800,000.

However, when Meifeis potential was being unlocked, a little obstacle was encountered.

As the Great Elders power penetrated deep, a

green Ki blocked the further penetration of Great Elders power like a diaphragm, and then gradually disintegrated.

The vicious and devastating power was like tiger roaring and wolf howling, the brutal aura made everyone feel stifled.

Great Elders Unlocking Potential resulted in failure.

“Strange, there is frightening energy hidden in this kids body.

MyUnlock Potential ability didnt have any effect!” The Great Elder said in surprise.

“It isnt working” Meifei pouted in disappointment.

“Sorry, the level of power in your body is above mine.”

Xiaya watched calmly.

When the power of the Great Elder failed, a glimmer of light suddenly flashed in his eyes.

He understood what was going on.

‘Meifei is the Legendary Super Saiyan, and as long as she grows up, reaching the Super Saiyan realm would be very easy.

Moreover, according to Whis, the legendary Super Saiyan may be the weaker version of the demonization of Super Saiyan.

If it is weakened further, the energy comparable to the “divine power” will not easily yield, not to mention, Meifeis body is supported by Super Shenron.

Great Elders power is not enough in front of Super Shenron, so Great Elders magic could only fail.

Xiaya stroked Meifeis supple hair and said, “Dont be anxious.

Your potential is much deeper than your brother and sister.

Legendary Super Saiyans are not ordinary.

In order to prevent you from getting out of control, natural growth is the best.”

“Mhm!” Meifei narrowed her eyes and nodded lovingly like a kitten.

“Hee hee, Im finally stronger than my little sister,” Xiang said in a happy mood.

Meifei mocked, “I may not be in the lead for long, but even if I do not train, my strength will continue to increase.”


Xiang rolled his eyes.

He didnt have dignity as a big brother.

‘Cant she let him be happy for a while

“Okay, now we only have to wait for Nail to fetch the dragon balls, and this matter will be more than half done.” Xiaya said calmly, “It will take a few hours before Frieza reaches Planet Namek.

Everyone, get used to your strength first.”


They nodded.

Great Elders ability—Unlock Potential—had caused their strength to rapidly rise by nearly tenfold.

They had to get used to this increase in strength.

At this moment, they were looking forward to the Frieza Corp that was about to arrive.

“I hope those aliens wont disappoint me.”

“I dont know how much weaker I am compared to Frieza.

I am really looking forward to it…”

“Control your strength first.”

Goku and others were martial artists who had walked little by little from being small and weak.

Since they were once weak, they understood the value of power, so towards the excess energy that had appeared in their body, they needed to carefully experience, integrate, and even turn it into a strength that they could control.

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