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Although the aliens had been repelled and people celebrated Earths escape from another calamity, the inhabitants of the planet were faced with a troubling situation riddled with many wounds.

Rebuilding could not be done in a day or two.

But, this was much better than the prospect of Earth falling into enemy hands.


As the center of Earth, this place was sacred and renowned, and ordinary people could set foot on it.

Only after the anxious-looking Bulma had learned from Mr.

Popo that the enemy had been repulsed did her nervous heart calm down.

But, despite that, Bulma was still worried before even seeing Goku and the others.

Before, she was worried about the invasion of earth, but now, she was worried that Goku and others could be seriously injured.

She stood at the edge of Lookout, waiting for them to arrive.

After a while, several figures appeared from afar and landed on Lookout.

Bulmas blue-purple eyes noticed Goku and Gohan coming back safely, and she smiled and greeted them happily.

“Its great that you guys have come back safely.”

She looked over and saw that Xiaya had arrived, as well, so she gestured in a friendly manner.

However, she did not see Piccolo.

“Uncle Piccolo…died in order to protect me.” Gohan looked downcast, tears streaming down his face.

Goku said, “If not for Piccolo, Gohan would not have survived.”

“Yes, its thanks to him!” Bulma sighed with emotion.

Although Piccolo had not been very pleasing to the eye, he had been their neighbor for so many years, and Gohan was taught by him.

Besides, in the battle, if it was not Piccolo, Gohan would fail to survive before the reinforcements arrived.

Thus, Piccolos death also touched Bulma a lot.

Truthfully, since King Piccolo died in Gokus hands, the new Piccolo had not harmed a single human being.

Instead, he had protected earth many times, and even Kamis contributions couldnt be compared to his.

After death, he should be able to go to Heaven

“Actually Piccolo has a chance to resurrect,” said Tien Shinhan.


Everyone looked at Tien Shinhan, but Krillin shook his head and said, “There are no dragon balls on earth.

What else is there to resurrect Piccolo” In Krillins eyes, only dragon balls could bring people back to life, and Earths dragon balls had disappeared with Piccolos death.

On the other side, Xiaya looked at Tien Shinhan with an expression of surprise, unsure of what he knew.

Tien Shinhan looked at everyone and said, “Earth is not the only place in the universe that has dragon balls; there is also another place they exist.

“Piccolo was not really an earthling.

He is from another planet called Planet Namek, where the mysterious Namekian lives.

There are magical dragon balls on Planet Namek.

After I and Chiaotzu left Planet Hongshan, we accidentally lost our way and crashed onto Planet Namek, and then obtained great power with the help of Namekians Great Elder.

Tien Shinhan narrated what he knew in detail.

Xiaya nodded when he heard this.

He now understood why Tien Shinhan was stronger than Goku.

It turned out that he had had his potential unlocked by the Namekians Great Elder.

In the end, an earthlings potential couldnt be compared with that of a Saiyan.

Even after Tien Shinhans potential was unlocked, and he went through harsh training, he was only a little stronger than Goku.

One could very well tell that the disparity in power would reduce if Goku and the others continued training.

“Great; Uncle Piccolo can be resurrected.”

No one among them was happier than Gohan.

Bulmas beautiful eyebrows knitted, and she asked where Planet Namek was.

Tien Shinhan answered truthfully.

The distance between Planet Namek and the earth is extremely vast.

If an ordinary universe spaceship is used, it will need a month to get there, but if Planet Hongshans spaceship was used, the trip would only take four to five days.

“There is no need to rush; before that, increase your strength first.

You may seem very powerful, but in the eyes of the universe-level top experts, you are too weak.” Xiaya said, pouring cold water over their hopes.

According to Bardocks prediction from before and the current situation, Xiaya could perceive the danger of Planet Nameks trip.

No wonder Bardock said that Goku would transform to Super Saiyan on Planet Namek.

It looks like Frieza might already know about the dragon balls and is on his way to Planet Namek.

But, according to Bardocks latest prediction, the person who will force Goku to become Super Saiyan is not Frieza, but someone else.

This made Xiaya confused.

“Indeed; we are much weaker than those aliens.”

“But, if we dont rush to Planet Namek, would others not rush over there before us” This time, Yamcha was somewhat worried.

“Dont worry; I will take you with Instant Transmission when the time comes.

You can arrive on Planet Namek in the blink of an eye,” Xiaya indifferently said.

This trip to Planet Namek was one he absolutely had to take, as well.

After all, he had once promised Planet Nameks Great Elder that when Planet Namek is endangered, he would step in to help Planet Namek.

Right now, he knew it was time to fulfill his promise.

“Then, we can rest assured.”

They know of Xiayas Instant Transmission ability, so they all smiled as the pressure on their hearts disappeared.

Suddenly, North Kais voice rang in their ears: “Mister, you just spoke aboutInstant Transmission move.

Isnt that Planet Yardrats unique skill”

“Who is speaking” Bulma jumped in shock.

“Relax, thats Kai-sama,” Goku comforted.

Xiaya was not surprised by North Kais peeping, and he smiled.

“Not exactly, but my Instant Transmission ability is similar to Planet Yardrats.”

North Kai said, “Then, Im relieved.

When you were talking about Planet Namek just now, I observed it and found Frieza taking subordinates over there.

They will arrive at Planet Namek in about a month.

Xiayas lips curled slightly before his countenance turned serious.

” One month, huh Its almost the same time, then we will reach Planet Namek one step before Frieza.”

“For the next month, I am going to train hard.” Goku knocked his hands with a serious expression.

“By the way, Ill hand Tagoma over to you.

Let him accompany you all for training.

It can be considered as making use of waste.

I will let Saiyan squads watch over from the side.

You can take advantage of this one month to train well, but the place of training cannot be earth…”

“Xiaya, we are troubling you.”

“Its all right.

I also want to see how powerful Frieza has become.”

Xiaya shook his head, and then borrowed Hyperbolic Time Chamber from Mr.

Popo, intending to shut his three kids inside for training.

Certainly, according to the rules of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, only two people can enter at a time, and not more than for two days; otherwise, the exit will be closed.

However, Xiayas current strength was comparable to Super Saiyan 3.

The rules of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber had no effect on him.

Even if the exit closes, he can break the dimension and rush out.

Just as Xiaya was about to enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, North Kai stopped him.

“Mister, can I ask you a question ”

“Ask away,” Xiaya said.

“Well, I dont know why but I can sense a mysterious aura on your body.

Your dimension seems to be different from other Saiyans.

Can you tell me why” North Kai was puzzled.

He could actually see a dimension that is not weaker than his on a mortal.

Although the aura was very faint, it was still sensed by him.

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