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When the battle on earth ended, Vegeta rushed to Planet Namek.

Friezas headquarters.

“Dragon ball Does such a magical thing really exist”

Frieza was sitting on a Hover Pod, with a frenzied look on his face.

The unexpected destruction of Tagomas entire army made him angry, but the information about the dragon balls made his rage dissipate.

A sense of urgency and excitement had emerged in his heart.

Dragon balls were very important.

If they really existed, then exchanging the lives of Togoma and his army for knowledge of the Dragon balls existence was worth it.


Dodoria, have you heard of the dragon balls” Friezas Hover Pod landed, and a pair of blood-red demonic eyes stared at Dodoria.

Dodoria shook his head sideways.

“Your Majesty, this subordinate has never heard of it.

Whether this information is true or not is still to be investigated.

Its just that Tagomas army has been annihilated on the small earth, so we also have to pay attention to it as well as those people who killed Tagoma—”

Frieza waved his hand, dismissing Dodorias words.

“All of those matters are not important.

As for Tagomas death, he can only blame himself for not being sufficiently strong.

The weak do not need to exist, but the information of the dragon balls must be confirmed as it is very important.”

The blood-red pupils turned around and looked outside the window.

Friezas heart, which had felt anything for a long time, suddenly trembled.

If the information from Earth was true, then Tagomas death could be considered a big contribution.

At this time, the frog-face Balfe said, “Someone on the other side of the communicator said that the creator of the dragon balls is related to a dead Namekian.

Because the Namekian died, there are no longer dragon balls on earth.

In other words, maybe dragon balls are created by Namekians.

I once heard that Namekians have mystical magic, which was not taken seriously before, and now I think it might be the ability to create dragon balls.

“Ho ho, good information Mr.


Guards, ready a spaceship to Planet Namek immediately.

This king will go in person this time.”

Frieza laughed and narrowed his eyes.

For matters regarding the dragon balls, very magical items, he wouldnt be relieved if he had someone else handle it, so he decided to make the trip to Planet Namek.

As the ruler of the North Area, would Friezas ambitions stop at the tiny North Area His goal was the entire universe.

If the information about Planet Namek was true, then he might obtain eternal life, allowing him to rule the entire universe for a long time.

Whilst nursing these thoughts, Friezas body erupted into strong silvery astral winds.

“Yes, King Frieza; Ill immediately have people ready it.”

Balfe smiled and looked for someone to get the spaceship ready.

As a military adviser of Frieza, what was more important than providing information and consultation to King Frieza Only when his suggestions were valued by his majesty would his status be solid.

“Umm.” Frieza nodded and turned to Balfe.

“Contact Shisami, and tell him to come with me to Planet Namek.

He may be needed.”

“Your Majesty, Shisami is currently quelling the rebellion in the eastern region…” Dodoria said.

Frieza glanced at him and said, “Mr.

Dodoria, there is nothing more important than dragon balls right now.

In order to get the dragon balls without anything going wrong, doing things this way is worth it.

As long as this king gets the dragon balls, the entire universe will be forever under his rule.

Dodoria recovered and agreed with an expression of excitement.

“Yes, obtaining the dragon balls comes first; other things are not important.”

Dodoria also understands that his authority came from King Frieza.

As long as King Frieza could remain a ruler, his authority would never decline.

After a while, Dodoria said, “Your Majesty, the Abo and Kado brothers in the northern and western region; do you want them to go, too”

“The two of them… Heh heh.

This king will not be at ease.”

“Understood; they will not be notified.”

Dodoria still had some discerning ability.

Since King Frieza did not like the Abo and Kado brothers very much, then he wouldnt ask for trouble.

Besides, when Abo and Kado took charge of Frieza Force as substitute, they never thought of him and Balfe.

Now that the fortunes have turned around, Abo and Kado would gradually get their dues.

“Your majesty, are you going to handle earths matters after you return from Planet Namek” Balfe asked.

“We will talk about that later; they are just some grasshoppers on the rope and wont jump around for long.” Frieza waved his hand, unconcerned.

Why would he take people with only several hundred thousand Battle Power seriously However, the guy that killed Tagoma had attracted some of his interest, but only a little bit.

“There is also that idiot Vegeta, who is vainly trying to betray this king.

Heh heh.

It is time for him to see the ruthless side of this king.

I hope he will not feel too much despair by then, else it will be boring.”

Frieza thought with an evil smile, but he suddenly realized that Vegeta must also know the Namekians information.

Friezas countenance drastically changed, and he shouted, “Not good; we cant let that bastard Vegeta get the lead.”

The starry sky of the northern part of the North Area.

Abo also got the news of Tagomas death.

“Humph, fortunately, the wiretapping device was placed in everyones communicator, else I wouldnt have learned of such important information.

Dragon balls cannot be allowed to land in Friezas hands.

“Mhm, Planet Namek is located at the periphery of the North Area, not far from the center of the universe.

This is disadvantageous for me due to my current location, but… I have obtained the debris of a spaceship from the Galactic Patrols place.

Although their spaceships technology hasnt been completely deciphered, it would be easy to rush to Planet Namek before Frieza.”

“Dragon balls will be ours, Abo and Kado.”

Abo had long since harbored rebellious thoughts in his heart.

However, after Frieza returned, his strength was beyond their expectations, and they had no choice but to give in.

But, the news of dragon balls was like a fuse, igniting the ambitions of Abo and Kado.

“Brother, we must get the dragon balls.”

On the other side of the communicator, Kado, who was far away in the western part of the North Area, said.

“Yes; although Frieza is strong, he doesnt know how strong we get when we merge.

If we plan carefully, maybe we can fully seize Friezas Forces.”

Abo grinned wickedly.

Powerful strength breeds strong ambitions.

After tasting the supreme authority of ruling the world, which was as addictive as the taste of drugs, Abo and Kado forgot the horror of Frieza.

No; it was not that they had forgotten, but they did not know Friezas true power.

Friezas strength in Normal State was already very terrifying, but the Abo and Kado brothers had also concealed their ultimate technique.

Frieza might also only know a little about this move, but no one has ever seen them use it fully, as all who have seen it had been killed by them.

Abo and Kados skin colors were blue and red respectively.

They were both obese and had meaty antennae atop their heads.

They did not look powerful in the slightest.

However, it was unwise to underestimate them because of their appearance.

Alone, their strengths did not surpass Tagomas, but when they fused, even Frieza would have to avoid them.

After all, in the original work, they were powerful enough in the future to be comparable to Frieza

Of course, the Frieza in question here was the one that hadnt trained, having only 120 million Battle Power at his peak.

Besides, the strength of the two brothers ha not yet reached the peak, which was far from the Frieza in the original work.


“Brother, lets set off separately.

Win or loss will be decided in one go.

We must not let Frieza steal a march on us.” Kado sounded anxious.

They were betting that once they got the dragon balls, they could immediately overtake Frieza and become the true ruler.

However, if they lost the bet, their ends could be foretold.

Fortunately, they had an even more advanced spaceship technology, causing them to feel that their chance of winning was still high.

“Yes, set off immediately.”

Abo responded.

Now, victory or defeat could be decided in an instant.

It was very important to grasp the initiative.

This time, the lure of dragon balls was huge, making them willing to take huge risks.

Its a pity that Abo and Kado were too clever for their own good.

They did not know that Frieza could perform three transformations.

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