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Kaio-ken, like Tri-Beam, consumed a lot of strength; moreover, the burden it placed on the body was hard on the internal organs.

Without a sturdy physique, ones organs would be unable to bear the sudden emergence of immense strength.

The two tried their best to release their auras.

At the point where both energies met, a long and narrow zone of wind began to emit sparkling luster.

The crazy actions of Goku and Tien Shinhan shocked everyone.

Vegetas lips trembled; he knew not what to say.

Tagomas expression was cold and gloomy, and his triangle-shaped eyes flashed with killing intent, like a demon.

At that moment, he had an epiphany.

‘I cant let these two get any stronger.

Kais Planet.

North Kai was observing the situation on earth with a grave expression.

The enemies were far more powerful than he expected.

“Damn it; who would have thought that Frieza had such a skilled expert among his subordinates.

I already warned them that they cant use more than 2x Kaio-ken… but then again, if they didnt use 3x Kaio-ken, they would have no chance of winning.

Even though it is only a little hopeful.”

North Kai didnt know how to express his mood.

As an exalted Kai in charge of the entire North Area, 90% percent of the area under his jurisdiction has already been occupied, but he was completely helpless.

Anger Worry

Neither could fit his current mood.

“The danger is too high.

If Goku and the others had had a little more time to train, there might have been hope for victory.

Right now, however, they dont stand a chance…” North Kai was not powerful, but he had keen eyes.

He had long since realized that 3x Kaio-ken was the limit of Goku and the others.

Even that much power was still a long way off the Battle Power possessed by their opponent.

Earth, hazy sand and dust were obscuring sight.

Tagoma arched his body, emitting an immense amount of energy.

He stamped his foot and the solid ground under his feet rapidly sunk in as if it was loose dust.

Moving quickly, grey afterimages moved in a straight line.

Countless illusory afterimages were scattered all over the air between the sky and ground.

Goku and Tien Shinhans eyes kept flickering.

Suddenly, a black dot suddenly appeared beside them without warning.

Tagoma sneered, his sharp fingers drawing a spiral in the void.

A sparkling and bright arc-shaped energy wave was formed, and Tagoma hurled it towards Goku.

The frightening might with which the arc-shaped energy was hurled made the projectile speed up.

A muffled sound traveled through the air before arriving in front of Goku, in the blink of an eye.


Goku couldnt dodge it; there was no time to dodge.

His eyes widened as he thrust his arms forward, intent on tanking the powerful energy with his sturdy body.


The ground collapsed with a deafening explosion, and a mushroom cloud of sand, dust, and stones surged into the air.

A semi-arc shaped crater appeared beneath Goku, who was on the receiving end of the force, blowing away the soil beneath his feet.

“Who would have thought that Friezas subordinates were so powerful!”

Whilst maintaining his posture to withstand the shockwaves, Vegeta raised his head and gritted his teeth.

The strength displayed by both sides made him, the Prince of Saiyan, feel ashamed of his own inferiority, causing anger and bitterness to fill his mind.

If the unpopular high-ranked officers under Frieza were this powerful, then what about the extremely arrogant Frieza Vegeta now realized how lacking he was; this heightened his desire for the legendary dragon balls.

“Cough, cough! What a powerful attack!”

Goku bitterly smiled and wiped the blood at the corner of his lips with difficulty.

The side effects of 3x Kaio-ken were starting to show.

His body was already riddled with scars, so his physical strength had dropped a lot.

Moreover, just now, he had forcibly received Tagomas attack, which affected him greatly.

This was Tagomas first full-strength attack, so he exhausted his full strength.

While Gokus strength weakened, Tien Shinhan suddenly appeared in front of him with a flicker.

His hands were clasped, aiming at Tagoma.

“Tri! Beam!!”

An energy wave sparkling with gorgeous brilliance suddenly shot out.

When approaching the target, it transformed into a columnar cube.

Suddenly, a violent wind whistled, and the sound of thunder was chaotic.

A sparkling and bright flash prick the eyes of the people present.

The gorgeous light caused people to close their eyes.

Tri-Beam is extremely strength consuming.

Using Tri-Beam under 3x Kaio-ken is just like gambling with life.

But its destructive power, an ordinary Tri-Beam is not able to compare with.

Boom! Rumble!!

The frightening energy wave hit the target, followed by a big violent explosion.

A frightening mushroom cloud rose to a height of several thousands of meters, and all the clouds in the surrounding thousands of kilometers immediately dispersed.

The blue sky again became visible, and violent ripples reverberated in the air, quickly circling the earth.

“Did it work”

Maintaining the Tri-Beams release gesture, Tien Shinhan gasped violently, his eyelids somewhat heavy and his entire body drenched in sparkling sweat.

He had already exited from Kaio-ken state.

Goku stared fixedly.

Suddenly, his complexion sank.

“No, Tagomas Ki is still present.”

“Cough, cough!” A black figure walked out of the smoke.

Although Tagoma cut a sorry figure — his body covered with scary wounds and his Battle Armor shattered — his wounds were not life-threatening.

“Damn it; even such an attack cant defeat him”

Vegetas eyes widened, and veins bulged on his face.

In his heart, he roared in disbelief.

At that moment, it could be said that he and earthlings would either flourish together or die together.

If the earth was defeated and destroyed, Tagoma wouldnt let him go.

He already regretted coming to Earth.

Glancing at Nappa on the side, he pondered whether he should look for an opportunity to leave this place.

Tagoma stroked his arm with a gloomy expression, and blood trickled down the wounds on his body! At that moment, he really did feel the aura of death.

“Damn earthling; I actually got injured.

Good, good.

I am going to make you wish for death!” Shouting gloomily, Tagoma directed a murderous gaze at Tien Shinhan.

“Not good; Tien Shinhan, quickly dodge!” Gokus countenance changed drastically.

He realized that Tagoma was going to attack.

However, Goku was too slow to help Tien Shinhan.

Tagoma had already made a feint and appeared above Tien Shinhan.

Click! Five sharp claws bared their fangs.

If the attack was successful, they would definitely die.

“That three-eyed person is finished.” Vegeta closed his eyes and sighed, feeling sad for the person, who was in a situation similar to his.

Some time passed, but Vegeta did not hear a scream.

He opened his eyes and saw a strong and muscular young man standing in front of Tien Shinhan.

This man was holding with Tagomas wrist with one hand.

That casual move had stopped Tagoma from advancing.

The young man, who had suddenly intervened, was Xiaya, who had rushed over from Planet Hongshan.

In Xiayas hands, Tagoma was as weak as a child — unable to put up any resistance.


“Xiaya, you are finally here.”

Tien Shinhan was surprised while Goku shouted in joy.

Just then, they had sensed that countless fierce auras suddenly appear on Earth.

“Planet Hongshans Saiyans have finally arrived.” Tien Shinhan sighed in relief, feeling the pressure on his body disappear.

“Its him!” When Vegeta got a clear look at the person, his heart trembled, and an expression of disbelief appeared on his face.

“That Xiaya actually came to earth.

He is also in touch with Earth Yes.

Kakarrot became so strong; that must be related to Xiaya.”

Then, he saw many figures floating in the sky.

Erect black hair, dark red Battle Armor with black border, and the brown tail at the back; these familiar characteristics battered Vegetas mind.

“Saiyans! So many Saiyans have appeared on earth all at once!” Excitement appeared on Vegetas face.

At this time, Nappa, who was looking very tragic, moved closer to Vegeta and asked in astonishment, “Vegeta, these people are all Saiyans.

Could these Saiyans be from the place Raditz went to ”

“That must be it.” Vegeta nodded vigorously.

Then, he resolutely looked at Xiaya: “Golden hair and green eyes.

Sooner or later, I will also become a Super Saiyan one day.”

“Who the hell are you” Tagoma retreated abruptly as a large amount of cold sweat dripped down from his forehead.

When facing Xiaya, he didnt know why, but he felt the nervousness in his heart.

Ignoring Tagoma, Xiaya turned his head towards the Saiyans in the sky and shouted, “According to the previous arrangement, kill all the aliens without mercy!”


The booming voices converged together.

A mighty energy like a rainbow rose, and then two thousand Saiyans rushed in all directions to kill aliens.

“Woohoo, we also cant fall behind!” The three little kids who were looking around everywhere just now shouted and ran away as if afraid that they would fall behind.

With a faint smile, Xiaya threw a few Senzu Beans to Tien Shinhan and the others, and then walked towards Tagoma step by step — each step caused Tagomas heart to tremble.

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