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“Damn it! I am the Prince of Saiyans; how could I lose to a nobody like you.” Angrily cursing, Vegeta shouted and an imposing aura erupted out from him.

The ground couldnt bear the vast and mighty pressure, and it collapsed.

Densely covered cracks spread out in all directions.

At this time, the energy of more than 100,000 Battle Power turned into corporal blades, which struck the nearby rocks, drawing deep and narrow cracks.

With a loud shout, the countless dull blue tiny energy spheres covering the entire space indiscriminately shot forward like arrows.


Following a concentrated explosion, a huge golden mushroom cloud rose above the vast land, and a cloud of smoke and dust pervading the whole sky formed a thick Ki wall.

Right after that, an explosion occurred from inside to outside, the impact bursting outward, and the mushroom cloud and thick Ki wall exploded, radiating in all directions.

After a brief pause, the fierce winds blew away the sand and dust in the air, as the green level ground became a barren land.

The black smoke rose along with the scorching heat.

“Not good; I am sensing a tremendous amount of energy ahead.

Be careful; the shock wave is coming.”

When nearing the South City, Goku roared as he felt a huge mushroom cloud rising more ten kilometers away on the borders of South City.

After a powerful flash, a violent storm spread out in all directions.

Tien Shinhan and the others immediately raised a Ki barrier and blocked the chaotic shock waves outside.

“Damn it; the storm just now was enough to level the entire South City.” Everyone had ghastly expressions, and they were especially worried because Gohans aura was getting weaker and weaker.

A five-year-old has gotten involved in a battle.

They were already feeling very bad, and if something happened to Gohan, they would not know how to explain it to Bulma.

Fortunately, they were not far from Gohans position, and they rushed over to the battlefield after a few seconds.

At this time, the appearance of South City had completely changed.

The big and prosperous city had disappeared, leaving behind a flat land littered with small pebbles.

To the north of South Citys ruins, a huge crater with a diameter of more than ten kilometers resided.

The 20km area around ​​the crater protruded slightly and was covered in frightening cracks.

“Gohan!” Sensing his aura, Goku found Gohan lying on the ground.

He probed him with his aura and was glad that Gohan was still alive.

He quickly took out a Senzu Bean and fed him.

At this moment, Gohan looked very wretched.

He was drenched in blood, and his clothes were badly burned.

After eating the Senzu Bean, Gohan regained consciousness very quickly.

Looking at his dad, Gohan pursed his lips and began to cry loudly.

“Sob sob… Dad … Uncle Piccolo is dead …”

Patting Gohans shoulder, Goku comforted him.

“Gohan, you have done a good job.

Next, we will get revenge for Piccolo!”

Goku stood up, signaled to Gohan to step back, and looked at Tagoma and others with anger in his eyes.

“Krillin, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and Chichi, I will let you deal with those aliens.

Tien Shinhan, we will join hands to deal with the most troublesome one.”


“I am going to kill all of them.”

Krillin and Yamcha said indignantly.

Now that Piccolo was dead, there were no dragon balls on earth, and they know that even if they used Kaio-ken, they were not this ash-gray skin aliens match.

So, they had to hurry up and kill all the invaders, reducing Earths further losses.

At this time, Goku frowned when he saw Vegeta, whose face had been battered badly, and Nappa, who was too tragic to look at.

“You are also Saiyans”

An expression of surprise appeared on Vegetas stiff face, and he hesitantly asked, “Are you Kakarrot”

“Umm.” Goku nodded.

Kakarrot is his Saiyan name, but on earth, he was used to being called Goku by others.

Is he really Kakarrot Vegeta found it hard to believe.

Didnt Raditz say that his younger brother was the most useless Low-level Warrior From Gokus bearing and self-restraint, he looked even stronger than Nappa.

Is he really a low-level warrior

“Its a pity that Piccolo is dead; otherwise, we could have used the dragon balls created by Kami to resurrect the dead people.

It seems there is nothing more that can be done this time,” Goku muttered to himself regretfully, as he looked at Tagoma with eyes full of coldness.

“Dragon ball Whats that”

Hearing the unfamiliar term, Vegeta asked indifferently.

Goku glanced at him.

This Saiyans body radiated a cold aura, and he also did not look like a kind person, but Goku still answered his question because he had saved Gohan.

“The dragon balls are magical beads created by Kami.

There are seven dragon balls in total.

After collecting seven dragon balls, Shenron can be summoned, and it will fulfill any wish of the user.

Piccolo is the counterpart of Kami, and now that Piccolo is dead, there are no dragon balls on earth.

“Any wish”

Vegetas eyes opened wide, and he suddenly felt a dryness in his throat as insatiable greed filled his heart.

Magical dragon balls that can fulfill any wish… If he could obtain them and get eternal life, then it would be easy to kill Frieza.

Thinking about this, Vegetas entire body trembled in excitement.

He glanced at the Namekian lying down in the distance, and a faintly discernible darkness flashed under his eyes.

“The dragon balls were created by a Namekian I have long heard that Namekians have grasped wonderful magic.

So, the legend is true Heh, the Namekians on earth are dead, but there should be other Namekians on Planet Namek.”

“Dragon balls! I must obtain them.”

Vegetas breathing became quick, and he tried not to let his excitement show.

Goku glanced at him indifferently, thinking that he was a little odd, but his thinking didnt go in that other direction.

After Piccolo died, earths dragon balls had disappeared, so it meant nothing to let Vegeta know about the dragon balls.

On the other side, Tagoma also heard Gokus words, and his expression kept changing.

He was also strongly curious about the dragon balls.

“It turns out that Namekians are connected with the creator of dragon balls.

I wouldnt have killed that Namekian if he had known it earlier.” Tagoma was very annoyed, wondering how King Frieza would deal with him after he learned of this matter.

Thinking of King Friezas cold and indifferent look, Tagoma couldnt help but shiver.

Frieza has always been an undefeatable king in their minds.

“Tien Shinhan, this guy is not easy to deal with; lets attack together.” Goku was staring at Tagoma as suddenly his expression turned tense and he shouted towards Tien Shinhan.


Tien Shinhan readily agreed.

His three eyes opened wide, and soon, he shouted with Goku.

“2x Kaio-ken!”

“2x Kaio-ken!”

Suddenly, Goku and Tien Shinhans aura skyrocketed.

After training on Kais Planet, Tien Shinhans original 100,000 Battle Power suddenly jumped to 240,000, and Goku also reached 220,000 Battle Power.

The majestic and vast aura formed a fierce storm with whistling winds.

Gokus hair rose upward, and stones around him trembled uncontrollably, while the smaller ones had directly floated up.

The change in the condition of the two people was clear to see.

Even if Vegeta hasnt grasped Ki, he can feel the aura emanating from their bodies.

Both of them became strong in an instant.

“What the hell is this technique, why did Kakarrot and that earthlings energy suddenly become so strong”

Vegeta muttered, overwhelmed with shock and at the same time, he also felt a strong unwillingness.

He is the prince of Saiyans.

Although this title exists in name only, Vegeta has his own pride.

Now he has been surpassed by someone who was once a Low-level Warrior, he feels extremely embarrassed.

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