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In the vast universe, strong experts were highly sought after because all planets need the protection of a strong expert.

When a weak race walks out of its planet, it will discover that the law of the jungle in the outside world had developed to the extreme, with planets being destroyed frequently.

The unique environment determines the result, and if they intend to live freely and unrestrainedly in the universe, then having a strong expert on the planet was necessary.

Unfortunately, Earth was a weak low-level planet.

Since Earth lacked the protection of a strong expert, it needed a strong expert to be born, but no one understood the difficulty of achieving this feat.

Old Kami bitterly smiled and said, “The situation is not looking good.

There are too many enemies; moreover, they have much more powerful people compared to us…”

What that implies, Bulma—of course—understood as her eyes turned red, and her voice choked with sobs.

“When will Goku and the others arrive”

“Soon… in a few minutes.”

Old Kami then became silent.

The battle below was unfolding intensely, but two fists had difficulty fighting four hands, not to mention that the strength of the opponent was far above his and others.

Soon, Gohan and Piccolo fell into a passive state.

This was still while Tagoma had yet to take action; otherwise, the situation would be too disadvantageous for them.

On the other side, Mr.

Popo flew around the world on his Magic Carpet.

Based on the directions from the dragon ball radar, he collected the dragon balls.

“There is a dragon ball ahead.”

Silently looking at the radars display screen, Mr.

Popo controlled the Magic Carpet to speed up, and soon a bare hill appeared in front of him.


Popos eyes lit up, and he jumped off the Magic Carpet and began to look for the dragon ball.

When he got the fourth dragon ball in a stone crack, Mr.

Popo silently flew towards the next location.

‘Next time, I should have Kami place the dragon balls on the Lookout in advance, thought Mr.


Meanwhile, not far from Earths solar system, a beam of light streaked across the pitch-black starry sky, gradually approaching the solar system.

It was a planar spaceship of about 30 meters tall.

“Vegeta, well soon reach Earth,” Nappa grinned as he said while limbering up.

“How high has your Battle Power reached” Vegeta was sitting on a chair with his eyes closed, his feet propped up on the control panel in front as he asked Nappa in a cold voice.

Nappa touched his bald head and laughed, looking proud.

“It has reached 13,000.

My Battle Power has surprisingly increased by 4000 in a year.”

Vegeta looked at him indifferently and shook his head in disdain.

“Is this small amount of Battle Power worthy of being prideful”

Nappa angrily said, “But there werent many Saiyans with more than 10,000 Battle Power on the former Planet Vegeta… Of course, I definitely cant be compared with you, but I really worked very hard.” Vegetas ruthlessness made him tremble as he unconsciously lowered his voice.

“Hmph! If I hadnt seen that you worked hard this year, I would have long taught you a lesson.” Vegeta raised his legs and stood up with a bang, and then he controlled the spaceship as it slowly approached Earth.

Nappa could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

To be honest, the pressure by Vegetas side was too great, and there could easily be a danger to his life.

However, so far, Vegeta was pretty good to him, and did not ever teach him a lesson; otherwise, Nappa would have died quite a few times.

Earth, West City.

Following the arrival of a large number of aliens in South City, an ordinary spaceship landed in West City.


The ground trembled as the more than thirty-meter-long spaceship landed in the downtown area.

Since the disaster in the South City had begun, TV stations were broadcasting non-stop, so the entire downtown area had very few people; garbage and discarded newspapers were scattered on the ground.

“Hehe, so this is Earth It doesnt look that much.

Did a person here really kill Cui” Nappa coughed as he walked down the spaceship.

After pressing a button on the detector, he looked even more disdainful.

‘This pathetic race has Battle Power in only single digits.

They dont look like they could have killed Cui.

Several shadows occasionally flashed past in front of them and looked at them with strange expressions, which made Nappa feel upset in his heart.

He licked his lips and moved his arm, the bones making a creaking noise.

Then, he took a half step forward and extended two of his fingers with a calm expression.

“I feel irritated looking at these annoying flies! Let me raze this place to the ground.”

After speaking, Nappa raised two fingers above, and an immense amount of energy suddenly poured out from under the ground.


An explosion soared into the sky, and a huge mushroom cloud suddenly appeared in the sky.

In an instant, the wide streets cracked with a loud bang, and all the living beings in the urban area disappeared together with the city.

Nappa and Vegeta coughed and walked out of the smoke.

“Haha, its much more comfortable now.

Uncle Nappa has become so powerful.

The feeling of my muscles brimming with strength is really amazing!” Nappa laughed heartily with his eyes wide open.

Vegetas expression was cold as he glanced at Nappa in annoyance, but the corners of his eyes were slightly knitted.

“Earthlings look exactly like Saiyans, and… they are very similar to that person.”

Vegeta was in a daze for a while, recalling the events of 18 years ago.

At that time, on a planet far away from Earth, because Vegeta was defeated while carrying out a mission, he was seriously injured and was on a return trip when he ran into a human womans spaceship.

After that, the human woman “took care” of him for three months and sent him to the colonized planet called Planet Leydon.

He remembered that he was only eleven years old at that time, and the human woman seemed to be 21 years old, but she looked very young.

“Could this be that womans planet” Vegeta murmured before his expression turned indifferent again, and he said coldly, “Lets go to the Landing site of the Frieza Corp.

Its time for Friezas subordinates to experience a Saiyans strength.”

After saying that, Vegeta shot into the sky, heading towards South City.

“Hey, wait for me!”

Nappa shook his head and pursed his lips before shooting into the sky.

Nappa was a little afraid as he was going to face the people of the Frieza Corp, but in front of Vegeta, he couldnt show any traces of fear; otherwise, he would suffer.

The far away Lookout.

Old Kami looked stiffly in the direction of West City.

When Vegeta and Nappa landed in West City, Old Kami immediately sensed it.

“A new trouble has appeared before the previous one has been solved.

These two newly arrived people… they are also Saiyans However, their dark and cold aura is completely different from that of Xiaya and Gokus father.

Sigh, Piccolo couldnt even deal with those aliens, now there are two more Saiyans…”

The old Kami paced around anxiously, feeling more and more worried.

When old Kami was at his wits end, the auras of Goku and the others suddenly emanated from the entrance of the Underworld.

Old Kami became excited and shouted, “Goku and the others have arrived!”

Immediately, he turned into a beam of light, disappearing from the Lookout and instantly appearing outside the King of Hells office.

Old Kami only waited for a few seconds before Goku, Tien Shinhan, Chi-Chi, Chiaotzu, Krillin and Yamchas figures flew over from the direction of the Snake Way.

“Old Kami, how long have you been waiting here”

“Lets go quickly, there isnt much time to speak! Earth is being attacked by aliens, and now it needs your strength,” Grabbing a few people without giving any explanation, Old kami urged.


With a flash of light, everybody appeared on the spacious Earths Lookout square.

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