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While South City descended into chaos, people all around the world went about their daily activities, completely oblivious to the impending doom.

On the TV stations side, the king had learned about the chaos in South City through satellite signals.

Everything that happened was the same as what Miss Bulma warned about—Aliens were here again.

“Start the live broadcast,” He said softly, and the TV stations all over the world switched their channels; entertainment, news, and all the television programs changed.

“People in all parts of the world, joyous times are always short.

Two years ago, a group of evil aliens visited Earth and caused great damage to the East City of Earth.

Although the enemies were finally defeated under the tenacious resistance of our great heroes, victory couldnt resolve the pain hidden deep in peoples hearts.”

“That day, Shenron appeared, and people who suffered injuries in the battle of East City were given a chance to be reborn.

A year ago, when everyone was unaware, another danger arrived, and it was still those courageous warriors who stepped forward to defeat the enemies who came from the space… ”

The king talked in detail about what happened in the past two years on the television program.

Some perceptive people could discern something different from the kings words.

They anxiously thought,This… Could it be that enemies have arrived on Earth again

Sure enough, the Kings following words confirmed their guess.

“From the latest news obtained, another group of evil aliens has invaded earth.

South City has become the forefront of the battlefield.

I hope everyone can stay calm and find a safe place to hide.

I have faith that we can survive through it again… ”

The kings speech stopped abruptly, and the whole world fell into a strange silence before everyone cried out in alarm.

Cowards were beginning to get restless, and the reckless people started to ignore the laws; however, the more ordinary people used their brains to find a safe place to hide.

Above South City…

The circling spaceships steadied for a moment before directly descending.

The tall buildings were the first to be impacted.

Debris fell like raindrops, and the bustling city was suddenly filled with an atmosphere of terror and restlessness.

On the highways and the flyovers, vehicles were congested, making it impossible to move one step forward or backward.

“People upfront, get out of the way! There is no path behind!”

“Hurry up, run!”

“Ah, God, please save us!”

The anxiety of the world coming to an end struck everyones nerves, and no one could remain calm in the face of death.

Sadness, helplessness, and all types of intense emotions affected their brains, breaking their usual rationality.

In the sky, the hatch of the disc-shaped spaceships opened, and numerous black dots—like wasps—rushed out.

Soon, the whole sky was covered with black dots.

Each dot was an alien armed to the teeth.

These aliens all looked different, and each wore the standard Battle Armor of the Frieza Force.

Wearing monocles, they disdainfully glanced at the earthlings below who were fleeing erratically.

Their numbers were uncountable.

“Hehe, they are a useless race.

Children, slaughter to your hearts content and offer this planet to the great King Frieza!”

There was a commotion amongst the aliens and they cheered.

Then, in groups of three or four, they set off in every direction, releasing energy beams to their hearts content.

Soon, the entire South City and nearby towns turned into a sea of flames, and even the remote mountains were not spared.

Wherever the aliens passed through, there were catastrophic scenes.

In the mountains, different kinds of animals were running and roaring.


The animals were swept away by an energy ball that suddenly fell from the sky and instantly turned to ash.

As the commander of the whole army, Tagoma arrogantly flew far away, set up a stand on green level ground, took out a teacup, poured himself some tea and drank leisurely.

“Sir Tagoma, it seems that this mission will be surprisingly easy.” The one who spoke was an alien working under Tagoma.

He had one eye, but his Battle Power had reached an astonishing 14,000.

He was a rarely found expert.

Tagoma glanced at him—the triangle-shaped eye-bags full of evil aura—and chuckled, “Dont look down on this planet… there are many experts hidden on it.

Cui was killed by the experts here.”

After saying that, Tagoma pointed at the detector on his ear with a cold expression.

“Sir Tagoma is right,” The one-eyed alien responded, smiling in embarrassment.

Suddenly, the glass monocle-type energy detector issued an alert, and then several strong energy auras appeared.

Tagoma threw the teacup in his hand away and quickly stood up, his viper-like eyes staring at the sky.

“Look, arent they here”

A fierce whirlwind rushed from the sky as Piccolo and Gohan stopped in midair, looking at Tagoma and the others below.

“Brat, you must be careful, especially of that grey-skinned baldy below.

He is the most terrifying among all the aliens.

You must keep clear of him.” Piccolo gazed at Tagoma with a grave expression, his heart palpitating for no reason.

Piccolo didnt know how powerful the Tagoma was, but he could discern that Tagoma was undoubtedly the most difficult one to deal with.

“Yes!” Gohan answered in a loud voice, his small face showing a determined expression.

Piccolo glanced at him before removing the headgear from his head and the cape on his body.

Then, he moved his neck and wrists as loud and clear sounds of bones creaking was heard.

“Brat, the battle has begun.

Remember what I taught you.

Never show your enemies mercy.

If you can finish them off with your fists, try not to use your mouth.”

After saying that, Piccolo gave a loud shout, and a powerful aura suddenly erupted out from his body.

The vigorous energy wrapped around him, and like a huge magnet, it attracted the surrounding energy, as the whole atmosphere became chaotic.

As Piccolos momentum increased, black clouds began to gather in the sky, and lightning rumbled.

At this moment, the earth trembled.

The energy detectors in Tagoma and the aliens hands could not withstand the huge energy impact and burned down under overload.

“The detector was surprisingly destroyed.

This is the latest model of the detector.

Its upper limit is 50,000 Battle Power.” The one-eyed aliens eyes bulged, and his throat moved as he said in disbelief.

“It means that his Battle Power far exceeds 50,000.

Interesting… Is that guy a rare Namekian Its surprising that he would be living on Earth.” Tagoma sneered.

As he recognized Piccolos race, the corners of his mouth couldnt help but reveal a tinge of cruelty.

While Tagoma was talking, Piccolo had already attacked.

Ordinary aliens were not Piccolos match.

His arms would stretch out two or three times, and a few aliens would die by his hands.

On the Lookout, the old Kami looked below with a grave expression, his wrinkled forehead covered in beads of sweat.

“Piccolo has already greatly surpassed me.

According to the standard of the universe, he has attained a Battle Power of 60,000, but it is still not enough.

The enemy, this time, is too strong, especially the one called Tagoma.

Piccolo cannot possibly be his match.

At this time, the old Kami was increasingly feeling that his life was about to come to an end.

He breathed heavily, and inwardly muttered for Goku and others to come quickly.

“Hey, whats going on down there, is Gohan in danger” Bulma shouted, her beautiful face filled with anxiety.

No matter how strong her child Gohan was, he was only a kid of little over five years old.

The burden of saving Earth was too heavy for him to bear at such a young age.

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