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Just as Goku and the others were rushing towards the entrance of Snake Way, Friezas army was drawing closer to Earth.

Under Tagomas leadership, disk-shaped spaceships were clustered together as they streaked past the periphery of the sun.

On Mount Paozu, Piccolo was performing his routine training with Gohan.

Suddenly, they raised their heads at the same time, and their expressions turned grave.

“Uncle Piccolo, a group of evil forces is approaching Earth,” Gohans small face showed some masculinity as he said.

Piccolo nodded solemnly and muttered, “Is it that Frieza the alien talked about before” Piccolo was a little regretful.

‘If I had known earlier, I would have destroyed the communicator on the alien first, but it is useless to feel regretful right now.

The enemy has arrived at the door.

‘There is no other way out but to face them.

Piccolo glanced at Gohan and said, “When we fight In a while, I will have no time to take care of you, so take care of yourself.”

Gohan nodded and flew high into the sky with Piccolo.

In the courtyard of Mount Paozu, Bulma was lying leisurely on a soft chair with fruits and snacks placed by her side.

She saw Gohan and Piccolo land.

Bulma took off her sunglasses and asked in surprise, “You are home early today.

Previously, you train till sunset…” When she saw the Piccolo-style cape on Gohan, Bulma said in displeasure, “Gohan, why are you wearing these clothes You should wear the same martial arts costume as your father!”

Gohan didnt have time to explain anything; thus, he pulled Bulmas hand and prepared to leave.

“Stop, stop, gently, gently… Gohan, what are you doing What happened” Bulmas wrist was pulled until it hurt.

She immediately realized that Gohan was acting unusually.

Gohan said anxiously, “Mom, lots of aliens are going to invade Earth.

Its no longer safe here.

You should follow us quickly.”

“What, Earth has been invaded again How many years has it been” Bulma blanked out for a moment.

‘This kind of situation has never occurred before, but ever since the lizardmen invaded Earth two years ago, Earth has been invaded time and again.

Last year, it was a guy named Cui, but—fortunately—he did not cause a big commotion.

This time, after figuring what her son meant, Bulma understood that the number of aliens coming was not small.

“Gohan, how many of them are there” Bulma asked.

Gohan didnt know how to answer for a moment.

At this time, Mr.

Popo came over on his Magic Carpet and said expressionlessly, “This time there are too many people on the enemys side, at least 10,000.

It is much more dangerous than the previous times.”

‘More than 10,000 aliens! It is a dozen times more than the previous attacks.

Earth doesnt even have the matching number of experts!

Bulma was dumbfounded, anxiously pacing around “What should we do Goku and the others also happen to be not on Earth.

Were screwed!”

“Youre not staying on the Lookout.

What have you run down for” Piccolo asked Mr.

Popo, sarcastically.

He didnt have a good attitude towards the people by Old Kamis side.


Popo ignored Piccolo; instead, his copper-like eyes stared at Bulma as he said, “Miss Bulma, Kami asked me to take the dragon ball radar.

This time, the opponent cannot be taken lightly.

We need to get help from an outside Force.

Kami intends to contact Planet Hongshan for help.”

“Yes, if the Saiyans from Planet Hongshan come, it will definitely be somewhat helpful.

Wait here… Ill get you the dragon ball radar right away!” Bulma responded.

She then ran into the house and rummaged through some trunks and cabinets.

Finally, she found the dragon ball radar in a corner.

“Here, quickly go and look for the dragon balls!”

Bulma stuffed the dragon ball radar into Mr.

Popos hands and urged him to leave.

Now that Goku and the others were not present, if they intend to save Earth, they could only seek help from the seniors far away on Planet Hongshan.

“Um.” Mr.

Popo nodded and flew away on his Magic Carpet.

“Mom, Ill bring you to the Lookout now where its the safest,” Gohan said and pulled Bulmas belt, preparing to take her away.

Bulma stroked his head and said, “Wait a minute, mom will go make some calls first.”

“So annoying… hurry up! We dont have much time.” Piccolo yelled impatiently while flicking his fingers.

‘Why is this woman so troublesome Then, Piccolo had Gohan carry Bulma as they flew away.

“Gohan, slow down, slow down.

Its too windy.”

Bulma was stunned for a moment before struggling a few times, and only after Gohan used Ki to form a barrier did Bulma calm down.

Taking out a miniature communicator from her pocket, Bulma called her family in West City to inform them of the situation and had them go into hiding.

Then, she called the Kings office in Central City.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The telephone in the Kings office rang, and the King was completely listless after receiving the call.

After a while, he hurriedly shouted to the officials nearby, “Hurry up and contact the TV station.

I want a live broadcast on TV.

Earth is in big trouble again.”

On the Lookout, Bulma hugged her arms and shivered.

The air here was quite thin, and the temperature was much lower.”

“Gohan, cant you pick up your Aunt, Tights” Bulma asked.

Gohan stood there, not knowing what to do.

At this time, the old Kami said, “Its already too late.

The evil forces have entered Earth.

They are in South City.”

“Brat, well rush over to the South City at once,” Piccolo coldly said and jumped down from the Lookout.

The Lookout had an aura that Piccolo disliked, so he didnt want to stay there a moment longer.

“Gohan, take care of yourself.”

Bulma sighed, tears streaming down her eyes as she told Gohan to pay attention to his safety.

Right now, Earth was at a crucial period of survival and extinction.

Thus, even her young child had to stand up to face their enemies.

“Um.” Gohan vigorously nodded, a naive smile on his face.

He waved his hand towards Bulma and jumped down, following Piccolos footsteps.

“Kami, when will Goku and the others be back” Bulma asked, feeling powerless.

Old Kami stared at the ground, trying to sense the aura of Goku and the others through the Underworlds passageway.

“Soon, I cant capture the auras of Goku and the others yet.”

“If they arrive, I will immediately go to Underworld to pick them up.”

South City, the people were busy all day in their intense work.

At this time, shadows shrouding the sun were cast down from the sky.

The shadows flashed across the citys high-rise buildings, darkening the sky.

The pedestrians below stopped and looked up at the disc-shaped objects.

The discs were very large, several hundred meters in diameter; moreover, there were dozens of discs like this.

The eyewitnesses widened their eyes as unease spread in their hearts.

‘Are these spaceships Have aliens invaded Earth again

The citizens of South City came to their senses, and everyone fled in various directions; soon, the whole bustling city descended into chaos, sirens and the collision of cars occurring constantly.

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