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Sacred Land of Korin, the ends of the big green forest could not be seen at all.

The wind blows, undulating like the sea.

In the centre, the imposing Korin Tower rose from the big forest, penetrating straight through the sky.

One would require immense courage to challenge it.

Moreover, the martial arts masters from all over the world were courageously standing in front of the Korin Tower after passing the preliminary selection of Martial Arts City.

It had been two years since Martial Art City was established, and countless martial artists had passed the selection; however, not many people had successfully climbed the Korin Tower.

One day, Gabriel—a young human—finally passed through the trial and arrived in front of the Korin Tower.

Looking at the huge tower that reached—as far as the eyes could see—into the sky, Gabriel encouraged himself, “Korin Tower, Im finally standing in front of it.

I will definitely climb up.”

Stepping forward, Gabriel held a protruding section of the Korin Tower with both hands.

The ivory tower had a protruding section at every five or six meters which could allow for a short rest.

“Begin,” Muttering inwardly, Gabriel jumped, moving upward rapidly; after a while, he reached as high as the clouds.

The challengers, who were watching from below, said in surprise,” This young man is already so fierce at the beginning that he will have no energy later.” The Korin Towers height exceeded everyones imagination.

If Gabriel didnt save his energy sensibly, he wouldnt be able to climb to the top.

“Lacking experience during the first challenge… Didnt we also do the same before” Another person turned his body sideways, stretching.

After he finished his preparations, he said, “All right, Ill go challenge the tower again.”

At this time, a scream was heard before a black spot fell from a high altitude, and just before reaching the ground, the black spot grabbed the tower and stabilized his falling body.

Then he climbed up again, and soon disappeared before everyones sight.

“Thats Mr.


He is really tenacious and unyielding.

He has already failed several times, but he is persisting.” Everyone watched with admiration.

They felt admiration towards Satans unyielding spirit in the face of continual setbacks.

“Yeah.” The people around nodded.

Such scenes occurred almost every day.

New challengers arriving with great ambitions, and the old challengers making persistent efforts.

Everything was developing in a good direction.

For security reasons, the coalition government specially placed a spring bed under the Korin Tower.

The spring bed was made of high-tech materials, with numerous hooked thorns spread out on the surface which would adhere to the falling martial artists.

It served to not only cushion their fall but also prevent them from bouncing up twice, greatly protecting the martial artists body.

However, the disadvantage was that the force from the fall was enough to cause the martial artist to faint.

This was a decision made by martial artists after a discussion.

After all, if the challenge was too easy, it would lose its meaning.

After three hours passed, Gabriel regretfully fell from the tower, but at this time, Satan was getting closer to the top of the tower.

“Ah, almost… Ill soon reach it.”

Satan glared with bloodshot eyes, blue veins bulging on his forehead.

His eyes seemed to almost protrude out as he pouted, his nose full of snot.

He kept exerting his full strength

His stiff arm kept climbing upward little by little, and finally, Satan stretched out his hand and reached the top of the tower.

He had climbed the Korin Tower with his strength.

Then, Satan lay on the floor and panted heavily.


Korin looked at him speechlessly and mused,This guy is back again.

“Boo hoo, Immortal Korin, Ive finally climbed up.” Satan crawled over and grabbed Korins leg, crying snot and tears.

Korin shook him off in disgust and said, “Now that you have climbed up, go train with them, but Im telling you Satan, if youre still the same as before, Ill throw you down.”

Pointing at the martial artists who were training on the second floor, Korin said with no trace of politeness.

Previously, he was greatly tormented by the idiot‚ Satan.

Satan was all smiles as he nodded vigorously and said, “I wont, I wont.”

Korin no longer paid any attention to him and went up to the second floor to continue guiding the martial artists that succeeded.

Satan also followed him up.

On the second floor, Satan saw five martial artists in martial art costumes.

There were both old and young people, diligently training.

When they saw Satan coming in, they just slightly raised their eyes before immersing themselves back in their training.

On the Lookout, Old Kami was standing in the spacious square, his aged face permeated with a smile.

Suddenly, his complexion drastically changed, and he looked towards outer space with a shocked expression.

In that direction of the universe, he felt boundless darkness approaching Earth.

“What a frightening dark aura… Could it be that the matter I was worried about is finally happening” Old Kami thought with unease while pacing back and forth with the support of a cane.

“From the strength of that Ki, Piccolo is not their match.

No, no one on earth is their match.

Even if Goku and others return from Kais Planet, Im afraid there is not much possibility of winning!” Old Kami sweated profusely, and his breathing became quicker.

On the side, Mr Popo asked anxiously, “Kami, what should we do Earths disaster is nigh.”

“I dont have any solution this time.” Old Kami shook his head with a wry smile.

“Mr Popo, quickly go to Mount Paozu to get the dragon ball radar.

Presently, it seems that we can only use the dragon balls to contact Xiaya.

I hope he will be able to stop all this.

Old Kami didnt know much about Xiayas strength, but judging from the strength Xiaya showed when he was young, he was stronger than Goku and the others.

At present, Earth was at a stage where it was developing rapidly.

Old Kami was not willing to let Earth be destroyed by evil forces, so he could only ask Xiaya on the far away Planet Hongshan for help.

Mr Popo was startled.

He stared blankly at Old Kami before saying, “Okay, Ill go now.”

“The enemy this time is too strong.

I feel that Piccolo may die.

It doesnt feel good that Kami can know the time of his death,” Old Kami said in a low voice.

Hearing that, Mr Popo paused and glanced uneasily at Old Kami; then, he mounted the Magic Carpet and headed towards Mount Paozu.

After Mr Popo left, Old Kami gave a long sigh.

What he was most worried about had finally come.

Even if he died, it would be nothing, but Earth had been exposed to the evil aliens, which was too dangerous.

“I should first think of a way to contact Goku and others and have them return quickly.”

Softly muttering, old Kami walked towards the depths of the Lookout with his cane.

Passing through the long winding corridor, the winding passageway slowly disappeared behind him.

Looking back, the endless winding corridor was like a maze.

After walking for a while, Old Kami stopped in front of a golden door.

It was the core area of the Lookout; Its depth was even under the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

The statues of all the previous Kamis were enshrined in it, and it was also a place used to contact the higher-level gods.

Ordinarily, if there was nothing important, even Kami wouldnt be able to approach it.

Old Kami pushed the door open and arrived in front of the core of a huge shrine.

He gripped the crystal ball in the centre, and as he inputted his divine power, the crystal ball suddenly lit up with brightly-coloured lights.

“Hello, great Kai-sama,” said Old Kami respectfully.

Far away on North Kais Planet, Kai suddenly trembled, and the two antennas on his forehead gave off flashes like electric arcs, causing North Kai to fall from his chair.

“Hey, who are you” North Kai got up and shouted in an unpleasant mood.

“Sorry to disturb you, great Kai-sama.

I am the former Kami of Earth.” Old Kamis voice sounded in his ear.


North Kais mood improved slightly.

He glanced at Goku and others who were practising Kaio-ken in the distance and lowered his voice.

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