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“Bang! !”

The huge fiery ball slowly rose.

Xiaya completely released the strength inside his body.

The unrestrained and carefree release of all his strength was very delightful, Xiaya couldnt help but reveal a faint smile.

“14000…..Battle Power!”

Adri said in a trembling voice.

Looking at the data displayed on the detector, his entire body turned sluggish.

“Heavens, Little Yas Battle Power is so high.

This is probably the highest Battle Power currently known among Saiyans.

What Prince Vegeta, King Vegeta, they all are unable to compare ah!”

Alice covered her mouth, her two beautiful eyes began to shine brightly.

While training on earth, Xiayas Battle Power had already reached 12862 when he came out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and after one and half year has passed, his Battle Power has reached 14,000.

Which is very close to the limit of what this old energy detectors can detect.

Since the Battle Power of various civilizations in the universe is generally below 10,000, the old detectors capable of detecting 20,000 Battle Power were sufficient for use.


After seeing this number, Palladi appeared even more excited than Alice.

Getting emotional, he roared as if venting out all the accumulated humiliation and anger from his heart.

“Its actually 14,000 Battle Power.

So to say, Xiaya is the Number 1 genius in the Saiyan race!” Brook muttered, just as if a boat lost in the ocean suddenly found the lighthouse, his heart extremely shocked.

At this moment, he didnt dare to ignore this younger Saiyan again, several tens of year younger than him.

Perhaps … He is the king of Saiyans! Brook looked at him, revealing fanaticism, emotional and excitement together in his eyes.

Seeing that his strength was completely revealed, Xiayas heart moved and retrieved the imposing aura back.

His body descended gently touching the ground, and then he went in front of everyone: “How was it My strength is good enough….right”

“Good Good Good!”

Adri said with an excited expression, he then remembered the Super Saiyan mentioned before by Xiaya.

Before, he didnt believe in Super Saiyan mentioned in the old legends as it was just a myth spreading around from ancient times.

But now, seeing Xiayas heroic bearing similar to a God, then thinking of how Xiaya has just turned 9 years old this year, he inevitably guessed.

Could it be Xiaya is the legendary Super Saiyan

If Xiaya knew what Adri was thinking at the moment, he would surely yell and shake his head!

He is not some Super Saiyan ah, he still cant transform into the real legendary Super Saiyan! He is only one step ahead of the other the Saiyans thats all, and is still far away from the Super Saiyan!

Of course, he has confidence that sooner or later he will become a real Super Saiyan.

“Since Xiaya has such high Battle Power, then what about you Xiling” Lise had already noticed that young girl next to her was itching to have a go.

“Its naturally also high!”

Xilings face appeared quite lovely as the seniors expectantly looked at her.

Her delicate little face blushing, she then slowly soared upwards in front of everyones expectant eyes.


Another strong whirlwind appeared, and the entire atmosphere was suddenly disturbed, changing into a cauldron of witch brewed soup flipped over.

“Beep!” “Beep!” “Beep!”

Detector again fiercely vibrated, showing the value rising nonstop—–

Finally stopping at “11200”.


“Xiling also has more than 10,000 Battle Power!”

Adri was shocked and then felt exultant.

Only as Xiling was not as high in the sky like Xiaya, and also seems to be deliberately showing off, her imposing aura was almost directed at Adri Squad members.

So heavy pressure, Adri while sweating, roared, and a blazing Ki wrapped around his body, using it to resist Xilings might.

Thus the detector once again showed a new energy source, but weaker than Xiaya and Xilings energy, 8560 Battle Power.

Swish Swish Swish

In order to resist the enormous pressure, one by one other also released all their energy and eight powerful auras sufficient enough to destroy the planet simultaneously erupted out, the might displayed was absolutely unmatched.

Brook, 8369 Battle Power!

Palladi, 8095 Battle Power!

Rebecca, 7966 Battle Power!

Lise, 7750 Battle Power!

Alice, 7457 Battle Power!

Everyones latent talent was of High-level Warrior, so their strength was not much lower than Adri!

All of a sudden, several small suns appeared on top of the towering hill.

The fierce winds blowing and waves of energy collided and smashed all the obstacles along the way with the irresistible might.


Fierce collapse.

The towering hill finally couldnt withstand the enormous energys destruction, and begin to collapse.

“All right everyone, restrain your aura.” Xiaya glanced around at the situation and quickly shouted at everyone.

As he finished speaking, everyone had restrained their imposing aura, but the storm caused by the remnant aura continued to wreak havoc on the desolate planet.

At this moment, Xiling happily arrived in front of Adri, “Father, how was my and Xiayas strength You are a High-level Warrior, but your Battle Power is inferior to us, really too weak!” She said showing a contemptuous look.

Adri couldnt help but laugh, so she wanted to voice the latter half of the sentence

This girl, she really doesnt have a cute side, speaking so bluntly!

But thinking about it, Adri and Rebecca were High-level Warrior among Saiyans, however, they gave birth to a Mid-level Warrior daughter, it can be imagined how much “inferiority” Xiling felt in her heart.

Now that her latent talent at Mid-level Warrior has suddenly surpassed her Dad at High-level Warrior, she will certainly feel proud in her heart.

This could also be considered as a counterattack, how can she not brag about it once

Adri was also clear about this truth.

Looking at her daughters shining eyes, he lightly coughed and praised her with few words.

He then came before Xiaya and seriously said: “Little Ya, Saiyans hopes will be on you.

If you have any opinion in future, then you can directly tell us!”

“Thats right, whatever your decision, we will surely support you!”

Brook lightly nodded, making clear his stance.

One by one, other members of the Adri Squad also expressed their stance.

Especially, Alice, as she is the youngest in the Squad, and at the same time was also very fond of the two little guys, Xiaya and Xiling.

Xiaya can become powerful, she was very happy.

Soon after, Xiaya again utilized Instant Transmission and teleported with the few people, returning to the house on Planet Vegeta.

They next discussed how to retain Saiyans strength under Friezas eyes.

“The first thing to do is to evacuate planet far away from Friezas controlled area and it would be best if it is further away from Frost Demons influence,” Adri sitting on the sofa, pondered for a moment and said.

After the evacuation, Saiyan can not just hide on a planet and not go out to train, so they inevitably have to choose a planet beyond the reach of Frost Demon races influence.

There are countless planets in the vast universe, they were like tiny grains of sand in the starry sky spread out on a black picture scroll, forming a beautiful and bright moving picture.

There are also many planets suitable for living beings to reside within the borders of the North Area.

The only pity is that except some territories in the North Area, most of them were already invaded by the Freiza Clan, and if they want to find a suitable planet, then they may need to leave the range of North Area.

“Hm, let us handle the matter regarding planet.

Xiaya and Xilings primary mission is to raise their Battle Power.”

Brook said in a cold as ice voice.

Adri and others nodded, universe follows the law of the jungle.

Currently, Saiyans are urgently in need of a strong powerhouse, a super-powerhouse who can protect the race and suppress the many villains.

If Saiyans currently had sufficient formidable strength, they wouldnt have been oppressed by Frieza far away from their homeland.

And Xiaya and Xiling happen to be at that enviable new starting point, so their primary mission now is to upgrade their Battle Power.

“Ah, regarding the evacuation personnel, you have to carefully screen them as we cannot take away too many people.

And it is best to not attract King Vegeta and Friezas attention while selecting people, otherwise, all our efforts will be wasted.” Xiaya warned.

Since they are going to quietly and unobtrusively transfer away a portion of the Saiyans, it certainly cannot become a common knowledge, or else the pressure of running away from King Vegeta and Frieza will keep them exhausted, and not to mention they will have to face the pursuit and attacks from Frieza and others after being discovered.

“We will carefully screen the personnel.” Everyone seriously nodded with a stern face.


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