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Seven days later, far away on the other side of the North Area, Vegeta also received the news of Cui’s death.

The arrogant prince revealed a faint sneer on his face.

‘That stupid guy died outside after all.

Humph! He died early, or this prince would have killed him sooner or later.’ Thinking to himself, Vegeta fiercely bit the piece of meat in his hand, octopus-like aliens were lying around him.

Nappa glared and said while eating, “Vegeta, I heard that Frieza has Tagoma lead an army to some planet… Earth.”

“Earth” After a brief silence, Vegeta forcefully threw away the food in his hand.

“Nappa, we are also going to Earth.”

Nappa was taken aback by Vegeta’s sudden decision, and he hurriedly said, “Vegeta, are you planning to help Frieza attack Earth Umm, we haven’t carried out a mission for quite a few years, so we’ll easily be suspected by Frieza.

We should use this opportunity to earn some credit.”

“Idiot, if you still want to throw away your life for Frieza, then this prince will kill you now.” Vegeta turned around to look at Nappa and ruthlessly said, a frightening energy ball forming in his hands.

With cold sweat dripping down his face, Nappa nervously gulped and waved his hands in panic, saying, “No, I didn’t mean that, it’s just…”

“Idiot, Frieza is the enemy of us Saiyans.

You had better discard those thoughts as soon as possible.”

Vegeta flung the energy ball in his hand into the distance, and a terrifying ball of light immediately rose into the sky like a rising sun.

A giant mushroom cloud broke through the atmosphere.

Looking from outer space, the entire planet lit up with a huge flare, followed closely by wild and fierce storms.

The surface of the planet rose above the ground, and all the forests were destroyed.

Nappa braced his hands in front of his forehead to withstand the chaotic and devastating whirlwind as an icy feeling made his soul tremble.

‘ …Will die… I’ll really die.’

Nappa didn’t dare to challenge Vegeta’s bottom line; otherwise, Vegeta would ruthlessly kill him regardless of his identity as a fellow Saiyan.

There was no doubt that Vegeta would do it, more so because Vegeta was now aware that he wasn’t the only Saiyan in the universe.

Thus, Nappa’s life was already of little value.

With a pale face, Nappa trembled and asked, “Vegeta, I didn’t mean that, but then, what are we going to do on Earth”

“Humph! Don’t you think the name Earth is familiar” Vegeta suddenly asked.

“Thinking about it carefully, it seems so.

Have you heard about it somewhere”

“Idiot! Didn’t Raditz mention previously that he has a brother who was sent to a planet by his father”

“Yeah!” Nappa struck his palm, “But Raditz’s brother, Kakarrot, may not be on Earth.

After all, even Raditz was taken away by his family.

Kakarrot may not be on Earth anymore.”

“Why not go, even if Kakarrot is not on earth, wouldn’t it be nice to destroy Frieza’s plan” Vegeta laughed evilly, his entire face covered in frost.

Nappa was startled as he mused, ‘Vegeta was about to break off relations publicly with Frieza!’

“Vegeta, how confident are you Frieza has sent more than 10,000 aliens, and there is no lack of experts among them.

Also, we don’t know how strong Tagoma is!” Nappa tried to persuade him as he didn’t want to go to Earth because with his fragile body, he couldn’t resist so many aliens; there was no difference between going and courting death.

However, Vegeta was determined, so Nappa had no room to resist.

Vegeta said coldly, “You don’t have to worry about this.

This prince already attained a Battle Power of 50,000 a few years ago, and I haven’t been idle these few years.”

“So, what is your current Battle Power” Nappa asked cautiously.

“120,000!” Vegeta said proudly, causing Nappa to be stunned.

‘120,000 Battle Power! This is probably unprecedented among Saiyans.

He is indeed the most outstanding genius ever in Planet Vegeta’s history.’ Nappa was shocked, and at the same time, he couldn’t help but consider himself lucky. ‘If Vegeta is so powerful, then going to Earth will not be so dangerous.’

‘Isn’t it just some aliens With Vegeta’s strength, wouldn’t it be easy to deal with them’

Nappa became exhilarated; he scratched his head and laughed out loud.

Vegeta frowned and asked, “You have also been training these few years and your Battle Power doesn’t seem to have increased much.

How much is it now”

Nappa lowered his head and whispered, “Not much, probably 9000 Battle Power…”

“Trash, I don’t care if you die on Earth.” With a livid face, Vegeta couldn’t help but berate again.

“Nappa, this trash! You had reached 7000 when Raditz left.

After so many years, it only increased by 2000 points!”

“Don’t … don’t!”

“Disgraceful, humph! It will take a year to reach Earth.

I’ll go and see if I can procure a large spaceship.

This year, don’t even think about sleeping comfortably; train properly!”

While the Frieza Corps and Vegeta were rushing towards Earth… On Universe 6, Xiaya completed his training and returned to Universe 7.

As soon as he returned to Planet Hongshan, Xiaya went to look for Xiling and Myers.

The couple who had not seen each other for more than three years enjoyed a rare warmth.

These few years, Xiaya had been challenging strong experts in Universe 6 and gradually absorbing experiences from high-intensity combat.

It was a rare experience.

However, Xiling and Myers weren’t idle either.

They trained under Whis, and now, their Super Saiyan 2 state had developed to an extremely deep level.

If they fused into Meiling, and if Xiaya was not careful, then even he may suffer defeat at their hands.

On the bed, Xiaya slowly recounted his experiences in Universe 6.

Xiling and Myers tilted their heads while laying in Xiaya’s arms, quietly listening.

Although the three of them were a married couple, they had been separated for many years due to their respective training.

Especially after their children were born, Xiaya left for three years, so he felt guilty.

“Xiling, you have worked really hard these past three years.”

Xiaya passed one hand under Xiling’s neck and put it on her soft skin; his fingers curled around Xiling’s beautiful black hair, and the other hand hugged Myers in the same way.

Xiling opened her bright and charming eyes.

“Mom has been looking after Xiang and Xili.

I didn’t have to do much.”

“What about Meifei, has anything happened in recent years”

Myers’ eyes looking around brightened up and she revealed a sweet smile.

“The little fellow is all right.

She just has to eat and sleep, and her Battle Power can rise steadily.

Her brother and sister are very envious of her.”

Xiaya couldn’t help but laugh.

A Legendary Super Saiyan’s physique was indeed not ordinary, but to Xiaya, it was fine as long as his child could grow up healthy.

“Hehe, speaking of which, I haven’t rewarded you for several years.

I’ll properly reward you tonight.” Xiaya chuckled, turned over and pressed the two women underneath him.

“Who’s afraid” Xiling pursued her lips in disdain, and her pretty face turned red; however, she was looking forward to what was going to happen next.

Myers also wouldn’t admit defeat; thus, she opened her hands to grab Xiaya.

All three of them had taken the Fountain of Youth, and they had experienced the path of God Training.

Their physical condition was just like 17 or 18-year-old young people.

Naturally, with Xiling and Myers’ character, they were extremely obsessed with things between men and women.

Thus, that night, Xiaya let them experience the life between husband and wife until late into the night, and then the two women slowly fell asleep in exhaustion.


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