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Sometimes, the actual situation was often not so “perfect and beautiful”.

It somewhat went against Cui’s expectations.

After sensing the energy emanating from him, Piccolo only frowned slightly, as if not at all frightened.

‘Humph, continue pretending.

They are probably too scared at this moment!’ Cui mused.

He was brimming with confidence as he stared at Piccolo and Gohan, like a predator staring at its prey.

“What a foolish and self-opinionated alien!” Piccolo suddenly took off his cloak and shouted.

A more violent and devastating strength than Cui’s suddenly emanated from him.


The ground trembled, and a few pebbles were pulled up by the powerful energy, leaving the ground to float in midair.

At the same time, the energy detector at Cui’s ear issued shrill alarm sounds, and the series of numbers rapidly rose.






A round crater suddenly appeared on the ground, and the sturdy earth became like tofu.

Cui stared dumbfounded, disbelief written on his face.

His face turned stiff, and his complacent smile froze.

He nervously gulped and muttered lifelessly, “This is impossible… How could your Battle Power be so high… ”

His energy detector was of the latest model, and the detection range is much larger than that of its predecessors; thus, Cui could see the Battle Power revealed by Piccolo—a number that left him reeling in despair.

“Humph.” Piccolo sneered, his merciless eyes staring at Cui.

“What do you think of my Battle Power Is it enough to scare you”

If Cui came to Earth more than a year earlier, then Piccolo might not have been a match for him; however, Cui was one year late.

During this one year, Piccolo had trained hard using Mount Paozu’s facilities, which had more than doubled his Battle Power.

Cui was speechless.

As cold sweat dripped down his face, a chill rushed up from the soles of his feet.

His heart palpitated in disappointment.

The disparity of 6000 was almost an insurmountable chasm.


Suddenly, Cui’s figure turned blurry as he lunged forward at a high speed and punched out, the fist containing frightening might as it tore through the air.

The corners of Cui’s eyes were gleaming with a bloodthirsty light.

His attack was directed at Gohan, not to injure him, but to seek an opportunity to escape.

However, he still underestimated the disparity between him and Piccolo.

Just as his attack was about to reach Gohan, Piccolo leaned to the side and stretched out his calloused palm, holding Cui’s fist firmly.

The attack—which contained a formidable might—abruptly stopped, causing the air to seemingly give off the sound of being torn.

Then, Piccolo’s indifferent and ruthless eyes fell on Cui.


Then, with a fierce attack, Cui’s limbs were severed, and his body slumped to the ground like a slime, his eyes full of disbelief and despair.

‘Damn it! How is this a low-level planet! It’s clearly a High-level planet!’ As he cursed resentfully, Cui bitterly despised the aliens who had determined Earth’s level. ‘ …Because of their mistakes, I, Cui, will fall here today.’

At this moment, Cui ceased all unnecessary thoughts; he just wanted to immediately return to the landing site of his spaceship and leave Earth.

However, It was a pity that Piccolo would not give him such an opportunity.

If Cui had faced Goku, maybe he would still have a slim chance to survive.

Of course, this world’s Goku had a much more mature mind, and Cui—most likely—would not have had such good luck.

“Gohan, now, I am going to teach you a little lesson.

When facing an enemy, you must not be soft-hearted, and even if your enemy has completely lost their ability to move, you cannot take them lightly.”

“Such as this guy; even though I have cut off all his limbs, his mouth, eyes, and even his skull could still be used as a weapon to attack.”

Piccolo sneered cruelly, teaching his viewpoints little by little to the young Gohan.

“OK.” Gohan nodded.

Upon seeing this, Piccolo chuckled and mused, ‘Under my teachings, Goku’s son will gradually stand in my camp, and then I will have the opportunity to rule the world.’

“Bastard! Stupid Namekian! Even if you kill me, the great King Frieza will not let you off.

You may not be aware, but besides serving as an energy detector, the device on my ear can also be used as a communication device.

King Frieza will now be aware of what’s happening here.”

“Just wait… the great King Frieza will definitely not let you off!” Knowing that he had no chance to survive, Cui angrily shouted until his voice turned hoarse as he tried to scare off Piccolo with Frieza’s name.

Cui’s righteous appearance was imposing and awe-inspiring, and those who were unaware would have mistaken him for a brave and fierce warrior.

“Frieza Humph! He’s likely nothing great.”

Piccolo disdainfully looked at the alien on the ground before he raised his foot and stepped on him.

His power instantly erupted, burying Cui’s head under the ground.

An immense force penetrated the earth’s stratum, forming a huge crater as crisscrossed cracks appeared in the surrounding area a kilometer away.

Cui struggled for a while before his twitching body lost all signs of life.

“Brat, you need to treat your enemies ruthlessly.

Only dead enemies are good enemies.” Piccolo was bound to raise Gohan to be increasingly crooked.

As if he had received a deep insight, Gohan nodded vigorously, his purple eyes flickering with a bizarre radiance.

At this time, another shadow flashed.

Yajirobe flew over while carrying a katana, and after spotting the traces of battle on the ground and the dead body, he muttered with a frown, “This guy was killed by you”

“Trash, you actually had the guts to come here,” Piccolo briefly glanced at Yajirobe and said coldly.

“Hehe, my katana was forged just recently using a superalloy, unfortunately… ” Yajirobe wasn’t affected by Piccolo’s words and sighed inwardly.


On the Lookout, the old Kami frowned as he looked towards the mortal world; as he looked on, the uneasiness in his heart grew increasingly stronger.

When Cui landed on Earth, Old Kami had already discovered him, but he chose to calmly watch; on one hand, the enemy was too strong, completely exceeding his ability, and on the other hand, there was still a strong expert like Piccolo on Earth.

“Is it really time to connect with the universe” Due to the emerging trend of experts from the universe arriving on Earth, Old Kami had the impression that the times were changing.

In his heart, Old Kami understood that after this enemy, they would face more frightening enemies, or they might directly face the frightening Frieza.

At this time, Goku and others were training at Kai-sama’s place, and only Piccolo was left to protect Earth.

“It’s really ironic that the one who protected Earth, this time, was King Piccolo—who desired to conquer the world.” Old Kami’s aged face revealed a bitter smile as he shook his head and sighed.

“Chi-Chi, Goku, I hope you can finish training earlier and come back.”

“Although Piccolo’s methods are full of viciousness, it may be a good choice when facing evil aliens… Forget it, let them suffer,” Old Kami muttered helplessly as he watched Piccolo and Gohan in the mortal world.


On the other side, at the faraway Frieza headquarters…

One by one, spherical spacecraft kept traveling back and forth through the course outside the atmosphere.

The vast sky, shrouded by spaceships of all sizes, looked especially bustling.

A few years ago, after the powerful King Frieza returned, all the Frieza Forces worked as hard as possible and began to nibble away at the whole North Area.

Five years later, the territory under Frieza’s rule expanded by several times.

90% of the territory of the North Area was incorporated under Frieza’s rule.

In the central communication area, there were bright spots that represented the whereabouts of the powerful warriors in the Frieza Corps.

Suddenly, in the southern part of the North Area, the bright spot representing Cui’s source disappeared from the screen, and a piercing alarm quickly resounded.

Seeing this, the alien in charge of maintaining contact with Cui exclaimed.

It hurriedly stood up and recorded the last communication message before the signal disappeared, and then it rushed out to make a report.


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