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Mount Paozu.

The vast sky was completely clear as if it had been washed away.

Wearing safety goggles, Bulma was bent over in front of a “hill” of piled up equipment with light-blue electric arcs “crackling”.

Bulma was working on her new invention.

Suddenly, the back of the mountain quivered and countless birds flew away in alarm.

Taking off the safety goggles, Bulma looked towards the back of the mountain in annoyance and said angrily, “I really shouldn’t have allowed Gohan to follow Piccolo for training.

Now, I can’t even do my research properly.”

Throwing away the tools in her hands, Bulma simply sat down in an armchair and started drinking tea.

Although Bulma seemed annoyed, the current martial arts atmosphere got increasingly denser every day; thus, if Gohan could become stronger, she—as his mother—would be very happy.

After all, a powerful strength was highly respected.

Of the many people on Mount Paozu, if one had to pick out an expert, then they would find out that all of the people on Mount Paozu were experts except for Bulma.

Thus, when Bulma had to pick one who was the most suitable to be Gohan’s teacher, she was surprised that there was only Piccolo.

King Piccolo was fierce enough to not be lenient on Gohan because of him being young.

Although Bulma felt heartaches every time she saw her son’s bloody nose and swollen face, she knew that shedding blood and sweat now was always better than losing his life in the future.

The more Bulma found out about the various Forces outside Earth, the greater the unease she felt in her heart.

She had an intuition that something big would happen on Earth in the future.

This might be the difference between Bulma and Chi-Chi in the original work.

Moreover, the current purple-haired Gohan was also different from the original work’s black-haired Gohan, who only wanted to become a scholar.

Moreover, not only was there a difference in the bloodline, but there were also differences in their independent personality.

Due to family influence, the personality of purple-haired Gohan was not the same as the one in the original work who was a yes-man type of person; instead, he was very aggressive.

The purple-haired Gohan completely inherited the character of Saiyans and that of his mother—Bulma, acting fairly straightforward.

His pursuit of martial arts was no less than that of Goku’s.

Also, with such excellent potential, as long as he was willing to work hard, it was only a matter of time for him soar into the sky.

Right now, Gohan was around four years old, but his Battle Power had already reached 1200.

He was much more powerful than the vast majority of his peers on Planet Hongshan, implying that a mixed-blood was much better.

Behind the mountain, the foot of the mountain was full of cracks.

The large forest that seemingly extended into the distance indefinitely, stopped here.

There was no forest here, and the streams had changed their course, revealing a barren area of 10 km radius.

There were jagged rocks of grotesque shapes here, and bare stones were piled together.

The yellowish-brown earth was full of potholes after artillery shells hit it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A dark-red figure flashed around, leaving behind blurry afterimages in various places.


After a fierce strike, the figure was sent flying, spinning a dozen or so times in the sky before falling.

It was surprisingly a young child of about four or five years old.

“Gohan, who told you to look around.

Your attack only tickled me… Continue,” Piccolo scolded.

His eyes flashed with a cold light.

Turning around, Piccolo’s body became illusory, and then he appeared directly in front of Gohan, raised his knees and fiercely kicked Gohan’s belly.

“Ptui!” Gohan spat out saliva and flew out in pain.

Piccolo walked over expressionlessly and yelled, “Stand up!”

“Yes!” Gasping hard, Gohan’s face was blue and purple as he stood up with difficulty.

Piccolo nodded without batting an eyelid, and then another fierce battle ensued; it was a one-sided trampling to be exact.

Gohan sighed, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead.

“Rest for a while before we continue once again!” Upon seeing his state, Piccolo coldly snorted and turned around to leave.

“Yes, Uncle Piccolo!”

“Don’t call me uncle, you smelly brat,” Turning around awkwardly, Piccolo stiffly said, and then he sat down on the ground by himself.

“Hey, Uncle Piccolo, tell me what happened between you and Dad previously.” Gohan crawled over and lay on Piccolo’s knees with his chin resting on his hands.

“I have nothing to say.”

“Hee hee …”

“Huh” At that moment, Piccolo felt a powerful aura approach.

His countenance immediately changed, and a pair of profound eyes glanced at the vast sky.

Gohan also reacted, and raised his head.

His purple eyes flashed with confusion as he asked, “Uncle Piccolo, is someone coming”

“Humph, it’s another over-confident guy.

It just so happens that Goku and others are not present.

It’s this demon king’s turn to take action! Brat, in a while, look carefully… It will be beneficial to you,” Piccolo said while indifferently looking at the sky.

“Um.” Gohan nodded energetically.

Then, he stared at the sky together with Piccolo, calculating the other party’s speed in his heart.

‘Come!’ Gohan thought.

Soon, he saw an indigo-skinned figure appear in his line of sight.

It was an alien wearing a strange Battle Armor.

“Umm Are these the two guys Eh, one is even a Namekian”

“7100 and 1200 Battle Power.

Who would have thought that there would be people with more than 1000 Battle Power on this low-level planet! Did the detector malfunction” Cui calmly patted the detector next to his ear.

The displayed numbers were still 7100 and 1200.

“It doesn’t seem that the detector is malfunctioning.

Interesting, I am going to have a good time.”

Cui licked his lips, looking relaxed with an icy smile on his face.

A mere 7100 Battle Power was not even a fraction of his Battle Power.

A powerful existence like Sir Cui was very rare in the universe! At least Cui himself thought so.

At this time, Piccolo was looking at the alien who had suddenly appeared in the sky with confusion.

From the alien, he felt a vigorous and dark aura which was as eye-catching as a searchlight in the darkness of the night.

“Good, no matter where this guy has sprung out from, his strength doesn’t seem ordinary!” Piccolo’s eyes flashed with a cold light and he grinned, revealing two demonic teeth.

“Gohan, go hide to the side.” Shooting Gohan a cold glance, Piccolo took a step forward, the cloak behind him rustled in the wind.

Gohan readily took the hint and nodded before running to the side to hide.

Seeing this, Cui laughed disdainfully.

“Ha ha ha, it’s too funny, you are thinking of fighting me”

He shook his head in amusement and said, “Hahaha, stupid guy! Perhaps you don’t know how powerful I am; otherwise, you won’t have such a thought.

I am a powerful warrior under the great King Frieza.

Your weak race shouldn’t even be thinking of comparing to me.

Forget it, I’ll let you experience the horror of death right now! ”

Cui laughed arrogantly and released a little of his strength.

’Isn’t it fun to release a little bit of your strength in front of ignorant weaklings and let them slowly feel the despair in front of your frightening strength’

Cui thought in intoxication, his energy quickly stirring up a storm.

At this time, Mount Paozu’s sky turned dark, and it wasn’t until the detector near his ear nearly couldn’t withstand the high-intensity energy, thereby beeping in alarm, that Cui completely released his power

“How is it Are you scared I’ll let you know that my current Battle Power is 18000.

Tremble in fear!” Cui burst into a fit of laughter, getting carried away.

“Idiot!” Piccolo spat in disdain.

‘Is this indigo-skinned alien crazy From the beginning, he kept talking without stopping.

Does he think his meager strength is so incredible’

‘Another arrogant and conceited guy!’ Piccolo shook his head inwardly.

‘If all the people in the universe are all like him, then there is nothing to be scared of.’

The name—Frieza—mentioned by Cui, attracted Piccolo’s attention.

This name was quite familiar as if he had heard it somewhere. ‘Oh, that’s right… it’s the name that appeared in the novel written by the woman named Tights.

He seems to be a very powerful character.’

Piccolo naturally did not read novels, but he had heard others in Mount Paozu mention a rough summary of the novel more than once.

“Huh” Cui was puzzled.

His cold eyes were staring at the two people in front of him as he thought, ’Why aren’t they afraid Shouldn’t they have been scared silly by my frightening strength’


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