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The Legendary Assassin Hit is a reticent killer, giving people a mysterious feeling.

During every assassination mission, he will never leave behind any traces.

All targets will be killed in silence.

Dark planet, the weather was gloomy, and rainwater permeated the atmosphere.

Lightning flashed and thunder rolled, in a city with a thriving nightlife, rich and powerful people from the universe were immersed in the life of luxury and extravagance.

A several hundred-meter tall building had black-clad bodyguards inside and outside.

The bodyguards from the Universe Mercenary Group were strictly doing their duty, watching every corner of the surroundings.

As the most outstanding bodyguards, these people whose occupation was to protect the safety of the employers have received rigorous training and have impressive Battle Power.

They have come from various starfields of the universe and have at least 10,000 or more Battle Power.

With their protection, the rich and powerful people can relax to their heart’s content and have fun.

Not worrying about enemies and the rival’s plots.

Suddenly, the raindrops falling from the sky seemed to have paused.

The whole world sunk into a dark background.

At that moment, time seems to stop.

An illusory bright shadow flashed past.

Then the raindrops continued to fall and land on the ground, splashing water droplets out.

The bodyguards patrolled back and forth, checking any corner that might have been missed.

But they didn’t know that someone had gone in right before their eyes.

After a while, the time paused again, and a man with his hands in his pockets slowly disappeared into the dark alley amidst the rain.


On a tall building thousands of miles away, Hit took out a photo from his pocket and tore it into pieces before scattering it into the wind.

“Another stupid arrogant guy!” Hit indifferently said, his handsome face had a serious expression, blood-red eyes like a gem flickering with a cold light.

Suddenly, Hit’s countenance slightly changed, and his heart palpitated with nervousness.

He raised his head, his eyes gazing at the dark sky.

“Is someone coming”

This thought suddenly crossed a mind.

Sure enough, when Hit’s eyes swept towards the sky, a glittering colorful light penetrated through the clouds and descended.

Following a dazzling light erupting on the rooftop, two more powerful figures appeared on the rooftop.

It was a man and one woman.

The woman was tall, wearing a green divine robe, beautiful silver-gray hair protruding high and a ponytail hanging behind her back fluttering in the wind, there was also a blue ring of light floating around her neck; the man was handsome, tall and slim, and his black eyes, in particular, flashed with a sparkling light.

“Miss Vados!”

Hit was slightly startled, he hurriedly stepped forward and said.

Experts like Hit who have reached the pinnacle of the universe were already qualified to meet Universe 6’s God of Destruction and Angel, so he immediately recognized Vados’ identity.

In fact, if there is someone whose strength surpasses Hit in Universe 6, it can only be God of Destruction Champa.

Vados faintly smiled and nodded before she indifferently pointed at Xiaya and said, “Hit, what do you think of this person”

Hearing her words, Hit focused his gaze towards Xiaya standing next to Vados.

If he can come together with Angel Vados, I’m afraid that he is not an ordinary person.

He couldn’t see through him.

Hit discovered that the power of time in his body was faintly trembling, getting a little out of his control.

His complexion changed, and asked, “Miss Vados, who is this person”

“His name is Xiaya.

A young man with great potential from Universe 7.”

“Oh.” Hit nodded and looked at Xiaya solemnly.

While Hit was observing him, Xiaya was also observing Hit.

Hit’s entire body was purple, he had blood-red eyes, and he was wearing a long overcoat like soft armor covering his upper body, and the lower half of the long overcoat was hanging from his waist like a cape.

“He is really an extraordinary expert.”

That was Hit’s first impression.

Based on his understanding, Hit should be able to withstand attacks of Super Saiyan God in Full Power state.

Although Hit was defeated by Goku in the Tournament of Power between Universe 6 and Universe 7 in the future, that was because Hit did not use his killer moves.

In a serious confrontation, Hit’s strength should be no less than that of future Goku.

“Hit, I hope you can fight him and use your strength to give him the biggest setback!” At this time, Vados said in an icy voice.

After staring blankly for a moment, Hit couldn’t figure out Vados’ intention, but he still nodded in response.


“Please advise me.” Xiaya smiled brightly.

“Umm, I won’t show mercy.”

Even though he is an assassin, Hit is very straightforward and upright in a battle, and also had pride as a martial artist.

In the end, the result of the fight between the two sides was naturally obvious.

Not only was Xiaya defeated, but he was defeated thoroughly.


When Xiaya was swapping pointers with Hit, Universe 7, Earth.

Goku and others gathered on Lookout because Chichi had completed Annin’s trial.

After returning from Mount Five Element, her god rank greatly improved compared to before.

So, Old Kami summoned the Earth’s Warriors except Piccolo and Yajirobe.

“The reason today I’ve called you over is mainly because Chichi had returned after completing the God Trial, so I plan to have you all go train at Kai-sama’s place!” Old Kami’s hoarse voice echoed in the Lookout.

“Kai Who is that”

Hearing this unfamiliar name for the first time, Krillin asked in confusion.

The old Kami glanced at him and said, with an expression of reverence on his face, “Kai-sama is a mighty deity in charge of the entire North Area.

He has immortal power.

In short, Kai-sama is the highest deity in the entire North Area.”

“Is that Kai very powerful” Goku asked impatiently.

Old Kami coughed, “Kai-sama had a noble status, and I haven’t had the chance to see him, but I have heard from Underworld’s King of Hell that Kai-sama is a very outstanding martial art master.

There is no one who had obtained Kai-sama’s pointers and hadn’t become a powerful expert whose strength can shake the world.

“So powerful, let’s go quick!” Goku urged.

“Senior Brother Goku, if we want to meet Kai sama, we must first obtain consent from Underworld’s King of Hell, because the only way to Planet Kai where Kai-sama lives is in the underworld,” Chichi said with a smile.

“Hey, how are we going to Underworld” Krillin asked in alarm.

Don’t tell me to go to Underworld we have to die first

Apparently seeing everyone’s apprehensions, Chichi laughed: “There are many ways to go to Underworld.

Annin’s Mount Five Element is the passage between the mortal world and the underworld.

In addition, earth’s Fortuneteller Baba’s ability can also bring people into the Underworld, and the remaining is divine power.

I can bring everyone into the Underworld.

“So it’s like that.”

Everyone nodded, then Goku, Krillin, Yamacha, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu formed a circle and under Chichi’s divine power, they disappeared from Lookout and reappeared, but they were already in Underworld.

Underworld’s sky and land were completely different from the mortal world’s.

Here everywhere was full of golden color.

The sky was still blue, but it was covered by golden clouds.

Looking up, they could only see a large expanse of magical golden clouds.

“So this is Underworld! It’s completely different from what we imagined, it’s just like arriving in heaven.”

Underworld’s scenery was completely unexpected, with floating clouds drifting along the roadside, and rows of magical clouds in the sky.

The whole Underworld was light yellow-colored, giving a warm feeling, without the gloominess and darkness in their imagination.

Not far away, there were rows of white Ki mass arranged in an orderly manner.

Those were the souls of mortals after death and they are waiting in line for the judgment from the King of Hell.

“Let’s go, let’s go and meet King of Hell, and after receiving his consent, we can set foot on the Snake Way.”

It was also Chi-Chi’s first time to Underworld, her delicate face similarly showing surprise.

She then urged everyone to go to Underworld’s trial place.


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