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Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, one year had passed.

It has been almost five years since Goku married.

After the initial uproar subsided, Earth’s martial arts flourished.

Over the past year, many young geniuses had emerged, and hidden schools emerged one after another.

It was now the era of contention between different schools of thought.

At Korin Tower, Korin’s workload had greatly increased.

Every day, he had to deal with the challengers coming from the mortal world; hence, he had no time to rest.

But, so far, no qualified person had appeared on Lookout.

After all, it would take some time for that level of martial artists to accumulate.

On Lookout, old Kami looked below in satisfaction.

However, there was an ominous premonition in his heart; it was if something bad was going to happen.

“I don’t know why, but lately, I have been feeling somewhat anxious.

Maybe, something is going to happen.” Old Kami frowned, his worry making his face appear wrinkled.

“Kami-sama, Chichi is still training at Mount Five Element.

Do you want Goku and others to go to Kai’s place for training for a while” On the side, Mr Popo stared at Kami with his coin-like eyes.

Old Kami shook his head sideways and said, “It’s still too early to go now, let’s talk once Chichi comes back.

At that time, she can use Kami’s ability to send Goku and others.”


Mr Popo stood on the side calmly.

As Kami’s attendant, he always followed Kami’s lead.

The current Kami Chichi was undergoing training at Mount Five Element, so the person in charge was the old Kami, who had stepped down.

“By the way, is Goku’s son following Piccolo” After a moment of silence, the old Kami suddenly asked.

“Yes, that child’s potential is very high.

He already had 1,000 Battle Power at such a young age.” Speaking of Gohan, even Mr Popo was surprised.

The old Kami laughed out loud.

“Maybe he will be more powerful than Goku in the future.

Instead, I am surprised that Piccolo is willing to train the kid.

I previously thought that it was an illusion.

Now it seems that guy’s heart had already unconsciously changed.

He had observed what Piccolo had been doing the past few years.

He was surprised and relieved at the same time.

If King Piccolo could change, the guilt in Old Kami’s heart would lessen a little.


Outside Earth.

Cui was still proceeding with his task.

He had already conquered ten of the eleven low-level planets.

In fact, conquering these planets was not that difficult; his time was mainly spent traveling in space.

“This outdated technology, if it had one-tenth the speed of a Galactic Patrol spaceship, I would have long since completed my objective.” Then he glanced at the display screen and noticed a bright spot flickering at its center.

Cui grinned, his two antennas shaking.

“Only the last planet is left.


It seems to be called Earth and is a low-level planet.”

While speaking, Cui set his target, and the spaceship entered auto-pilot.

Then, he sat behind the spaceship and went into hibernation.

His current location was not very far from Earth.

He could arrive there in a month’s time.

At this time, Universe 6.

After leaving Planet Lefil, Xiaya challenged strong experts one after another.

He very much enjoyed the process of fighting experts of the same level.

That feeling of punching flesh did not lessen because the opponent was too strong or too weak.

Every fight made him go all-out, and he got addicted to the blood boiling sensation.

Unconsciously, it had been three years since he arrived to Universe 6.

It was almost at this time that Raditz invaded Earth.

In this life, however, Raditz had already been brought to Planet Hongshan by Elise.

It looked like there would not be any future development.

Raditz would not come to Earth, so Vegeta would also not come.

There will be no subsequent matters of Planet Namek.

But, this is inconsistent with the scenes predicted by Bardock.

In Bardock’s prediction, although the course of events had changed mid-way, Goku would still transform into Super Saiyan on Planet Namek.

Could there still be some unforeseen events

Xiaya would sometimes think of this and mile.

Having reached this point, he no longer regarded the story line as something that could not be changed.

What about changing the story line If he really wanted to, he could easily arrange Goku’s opponents, and let him transform into Super Saiyan.

Xiaya’s status had already risen, and he had to no longer stick to the original story line.

He could already stand at a higher level and look down at all living beings.

However, what Xiaya had not anticipated that although Raditz was taken back to Planet Hongshan, something that was destined to happen would surely happen.

Because Vegeta was so outstanding and powerful, his old rival Cui forced towards his way to Earth to make an impression in Frieza’s eyes.

One day, after Xiaya finished training, a colorful beam of light flashed, and Vados’s lithe and graceful figure appeared in front of him.

“Miss Vados.” Xiaya stepped forward.

Vados smiled and coldly said, “Xiaya, you have been in Universe 6 for three years.

You’ve already challenged experts everywhere, all of whom are at the same level as you.

It looks like you’ve had a great harvest.”

Xiaya couldn’t help but laugh.

What he was most satisfied with in these few years was that he could challenge different experts; like the expert from ancient times, Saonel, and the powerful warriors of Hell, both of whom were not weaker than Majin Buu.

Every challenge against them honed and tempered his strength.

He knew that he was getting stronger and stronger, and the Super Saiyan 3 barrier was becoming extremely thin.

It was as though it would break with just a push, but real breakthrough depended on luck.

Looking at Xiaya’s expression, Vados nodded slightly.

“To be honest, you have grown to this extent.

It is no longer necessary to continue to stay in Universe 6, so I will arrange for you to meet someone.

After you have met them, you will return to Universe 7.

“Miss Vados, may I ask who did you arrange for me to meet”

Vados’s light-colored lips moved slightly.

“That person is called Hit.

He is an Assassin, and he is an expert in Time ability.

Of course, his strength is far from what you can test, but it is also necessary to properly face a strong expert and brush away your arrogance.”

“It’s him!” Xiaya was surprised.

He had not expected Vados to arrange for him to meet with Hit.

Even if he had made great progress in the last few years, he certainly had no chance of winning Hit.

“Hit is someone powerful enough to contend with Super Saiyan God.

Even if I break through to Super Saiyan 3, I won’t have much of chance at winning.” Xiaya thought.

Hit’s signature skill was called “Time Skip”, an almost unavoidable ability.

Compared to the “Time Freeze” of Ginyu Force member Guldo, Hit’s “Time Skip” is much more difficult to guard against.

However, facing him, some that controlled space-time ability, the effect of Time Skip would definitely be greatly reduced, but even if this ability is excluded, the powerful Hit is still very troublesome.

Of course, Xiaya also knew the reason why Vados intended to arrange this opponent for him.

It is only to somewhat crack down on his smooth sailing journey.

Too many victories could easily give rise to arrogance.

Take Frieza for example: since he was born powerful, he looked down on all beings and on training.

Xiaya knew about this, so he did not dare to take training lightly.

“Miss Vados, when can we go meet Hit.”

Xiaya asked in excitement.

“Whenever you like!” With a faint smile, Vados lifted up the scepter, which suddenly sparkled as translucent flashes converged into a space channel.

Xiaya stepped forward and put his hand on Vados’ shoulder, and then a colorful beam of light flickered a few times, bringing along Xiaya to the other side of the universe.


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