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Gabriel was fortunate not to have died in the alien invasion, but just when he was feeling ashamed, the scenes of the live broadcast on TV changed as a green figure appeared.

The slender coiled shape looked like a graceful and sacred divine dragon.

“….God helps those who help themselves! Thus, martial artists of Earth, in order to overcome the next challenge, continue to work hard!”

After saying that, Shenron disappeared.

At that moment, after hearing that, Gabriel’s spirit fiercely shook as if he had received some kind of baptism.

As he recalled his past, Gabriel remembered his childhood dream, and his befuddled life after giving up the dream; then, as if a pebble had fallen into water, ripples appeared in the water.

“God helps those who help themselves.”

“If I don’t even know how to help myself, how can I expect god to help me” Gabriel muttered to himself like he was possessed, his complexion a little flushed.

He suddenly burst into tears, as if venting the depression of these few years or the feeling of dissatisfaction at his decadence.

After a long time, Gabriel raised his head, and his black eyes shone with radiance, his mentality changing.

“I’m going to challenge Korin Tower again.

If I don’t even have the guts to try, how would I be able to change” Gabriel said to himself; he seemed to have regained his dreams from those years.

Then, Gabriel fell silent once again and rummaged through trunks and boxes as if he had gone crazy.

He took out a pen and paper, sat down in front of a desk and seriously wrote up a plan.

He was already an adult and had the matured reasoning of an adult.

Gabriel knew that his body had become frail, and that it would take a while to recover.

After that day, Gabriel adhered to exercise.

He practiced shadow boxing, did th horse stance, and ran around the town every day.

With his persistence, he slowly regained his original foundation of martial skills.

“In a few months, I will go to Korin Tower and have a try!”

Gabriel thought while wiping off sweat.

Although he knew the odds of success were extremely low, he wouldn’t be able to gauge his foundation without trying.

In the face of difficulties, the most difficult thing was to take the first step.

After the first step, as long as they steadily take one step at a time, they would be able to move a long distance without obstruction.

“Ah, Gabriel, you’re training again!” A middle-aged villager of the town was returning with the crops when he saw Gabriel training around the town and yelled.

“Umm, I’m still going to try.”

“Good, continue to work hard.” The villager’s suntanned face revealed a smile, then he waved his hand and left.

Gabriel smiled and returned home.

He unscrewed the water bottle, took a drink, and turned on the TV.

There was a black progress bar on the screen.

After changing a few channels, he discovered that all the programs had disappeared, and that every screen had a similar progress bar.

“Is it a global broadcast again” Gabriel’s heart shook.

This simultaneous live broadcast on the TV screen had happened two times altogether; one occured when King Piccolo appeared, and the other when the aliens invaded Earth.

All of them were major events related to the life and death of earthlings, so everyone trembled in fear when they saw the live broadcast on TV.

“Hope it is not something bad!”

Soon, the progress bar on the screen finished loading, and then what appeared on the screen was nature’s scenery of verdant hills and clear waters, a gurgling stream flowing down the mountain, and green plants.

It was like a fairyland on Earth.

Seeing such a scene, Gabriel and other people in the world were all relieved, *‘At least it is not some disaster.’ 

Soon the King of Central City appeared and gave a programmed explanation to the viewers.

At this moment, people learnt that the location shown on their screens was the place where Earth’s hero, Goku, lived in seclusion, and several other heroes were also training here.

“Mount Paozu, it’s really a sacred land for martial arts!” Gabriel sighed with emotion.

Regarding the important events of his idol, Goku’s past, Gabriel could recite it from heart, and together with Goku’s wife, Bulma, the combination of the two could be said to be a legendary tale.

’Miss Bulma, the daughter of the richest family in the world, has loved adventuring since she was a child.

She accidentally met Mr.

Goku who had entered society for the first time.

Then, after a thrilling adventure, the young Goku became the, God of Martial Arts’, Master Roshi’s disciple, and together with several other fellow disciples, he grew up training.

At a young age, he successively became the runner-up of the World Martial Arts Tournament and persisted until he won the championship.

He later married the young and beautiful Miss Bulma, and now, he has a son.’

Such an experience was adapted into a wonderful TV series!

’Ah, by the way, Miss Bulma’s older sister is the famous novelist, Miss Tights, author of the two best-selling novels “Martial Immortal’s Biography” and “Chronicles of the Galaxy”.

Presently, it seems that what Miss Tights described in her novel is clearly the situation of Earth’s martial arts world and the universe!’

‘Has Miss Tights ever left Earth’

‘Otherwise, why is the description so real and thrilling’

While Gabriel’s thoughts were wandering, Goku, Tien Shinhan, Krillin and others appeared on the TV screen.

Gabriel suddenly realized that something big might happen today.

Sure enough, his thoughts became real.

He heard the TV presenter say, “Everyone knows that Miss Tights has written several very famous novels, like these two in my hands.” The TV presenter took out two thick novels and advertised them.

“After the huge disaster which previously occurred in the East City, we specifically asked Miss Tights, and from her, we got the unsettling news that most of the things described in Miss Tights’ novels are all true.

They are adapted based on facts, which means that there indeed exists powerful and frightening aliens in the universe like that in the book!”

Although he was mentally prepared, Gabriel couldn’t help suck in a cold breath when he heard this information, a chill rushing from the soles of his feet to his head.

‘It turns out that the scenes described in the novels are all true.

That is to say, Frieza truly exists, Saiyans also exist, and the various races in the universe also exist.’

‘Even if the characters and races are fabricated, Low-level Warrior, Mid-level Warrior and Battle Power—these basic classifications of strength and Forces are all still real.’

Gabriel was a little absent-minded, and he wasn’t alone; in fact, the people who heard this news were frightened.

This was even more terrifying than when they learnt that aliens had invaded Earth!

Because at that time they at least hadn’t understood Earth’s low status in the universe, and they still didn’t have the immense contrast in their mind.

It’s like a person who believes his life is not bad, and suddenly, someone tells him one day that he lives in a slum and everyone outside is living better than him.

The huge contrast almost left people feeling dumbfounded.

The cruel point was, according to the description in the novel, an average Earthling’s Battle Power was only a trifling 5 points or less.

5 Battle Power, what an insignificant and pathetic amount!

The stark contrast caused people to be at their wits’ end.


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