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Chapter 43 Releasing Energy

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Suddenly, Adri’s face turned red, striking his palm with his fist as if he recalled something important.

“Little Ya, how many people can you take along with this Instant Transmission at a time If we can find a planet suitable for living, then can you transfer a lot of Saiyan’s”

Adri’s words reminded everyone.

Yeah, if they could find a planet which couldn’t be easily found, wouldn’t he be able to secretly transfer away a lot of Saiyan’s But it all depends if Xiaya has the ability to transfer a large number of people away.

At once, Adri and others heart turned fervent, and then one by one looked towards Xiaya.

Xiaya really didn’t let them down.

Lightly coughing, he raised his head with a bright smile and said with certainty: “Currently, I can transfer ten people simultaneously using Instant Transmission, while had to take rest in between transferring planets! Although I cannot transfer many people simultaneously, the distance between each teleport is still very far.

So, the spacecrafts would certainly not be able to catch up.”

“And as my strength will increase, my superpower will also get stronger!”

At this point, everyone laughed.

Xiaya can teleport across distances which would need a spacecraft to fly for more than ten days.

Although he can only take few people every time.

But this is nothing, slowly taking them is better than not taking anyone.

And as Xiaya’s strength increases, Instant Transmission ability will also get strengthened.

After thinking this, the worries in Adri’s heart subsided.

At the same time, unknowingly, a strange thought suddenly appeared in everyone’s heart from the Adri Squad.

Does Saiyan believe in God Maybe they do, or maybe they don’t.

But they still believe even more in their personal strength!

If God is stronger than them, then there’s no harm in believing, but if God is weaker than them, then what use is there in believing

But at this moment, with the emergence of a mature Xiaya, they suddenly felt reverence towards the unpredictability of fate.

Yes, when Saiyan’s were on the verge of a crisis of race extermination, Xiaya suddenly appeared with an extraordinary superpower.

Could it be the will of the Gods If so, it is indeed a divine blessing!

“It looks like we can not treat him like an ordinary child anymore in the future.” Adri secretly thought in his heart.

Of course, Xiaya doesn’t know what does Adri and others were thinking.

At this moment he remembered the Instant Transmission ability of Planet Yardrat.

It seems like there is no limit to the number of people which could be teleported using the Instant Transmission of Planet Yardrat.

As long as hands are grasped while utilizing the ability, then can teleport together.

And there are also no obvious distance limitations.

It can be regarded as a perfect Secret Skill.

Alas, superpowers and secret skills are fundamentally different, Xiaya heaved a sigh.

When I have time in future, I must make a trip to Planet Yardrat to learn its Instant Transmission ability.

But before that, he must first find out the space coordinates of Planet Yardrat.

The barren Planet.

Cold winds rustling, icy currents were blowing rapidly causing the fierce wind to hit the face, while black hairs freely fluttering from the wind.

But the Saiyan’s present were battle-hardened and had strong bodies, so this little bit of harsh environment did not cause them any discomfort whatsoever.

“Oh, Little Ya, What do you need the energy detector for which you asked me to bring along” Thinking of the detector, Rebecca held the glass monocle type detector in her hand which Xiaya had mentioned earlier.

“Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Adri, there is one thing I didn’t tell you.”

A shallow arc appeared on Xiaya’s handsome and bright face.

“Actually, I and Xiling had completed Planet Selma’s mission many years ago.

I did not immediately return to Planet Vegeta because, on one hand, I hadn’t wanted to reveal too much outstanding performance and attract others attention; On the other hand, after I discovered Instant Transmission superpower, I went along with Xiling to other planets to train!”

“Wait a minute, you said that you had completed the mission a couple of years ago, does that mean your Battle Power had exceeded 1000 long ago” After finished listening, Palladi asked with eyes wide open.

“That’s right, my Battle Power had broken through 1,000 at age around 5!”

As things have reached this stage, Xiaya readily admitted.

His words immediately astonished his elders.

Even Brook, who was always cold looked at him with shock.

At the age of five reached 1000 Battle Power, is this still a Mid-level Warrior Unbelievable, his growing speed is simply too extraordinary! He wouldn’t be outdone even if he is compared with King Vegeta’s son.

“Because at the time I was worried that returning to Planet Vegeta so early would have drawn attention from King Vegeta, I went away with Xiling to other planets to train.”

Adri could not help but inwardly nod with approval after listening to Xiaya’s approach.

As Saiyan’s have bragging personality, getting just a little bit of achievements, they couldn’t wait to hype it out until everyone knows, and there are very few like Xiaya who would conceal their strength.

However looking at the current situation of Planet Vegeta, this act of concealing Battle Power is no doubt a clever move from Xiaya.

Neither did it aroused the attention of King Vegeta nor did caused Frieza to pry into it!

Adri asked with curiosity: “So your real Battle Power is not what it appears on the surface, then what is your current Battle Power”

“I will explain, I will explain!”

Seeing father’s surprised look, Xiling extended her hand with a proud face while proudly sticking out her chest.

“Actually, after leaving Planet Selma, I and Xiaya went to a very beautiful low-level planet, and although the Battle Power of individual humans on that planet was not worth mentioning, they have mastered a magical training method.

Mine and Xiaya’s Battle Power slowly increased by learning their Martial Arts! ”

“How did you avoid detection from energy detectors,” Lise asked in a hoarse voice.

Everyone was also puzzled by it.

The energy detectors were developed for the purpose of detecting individuals energy.

Could there still be a method to inspect it

“Clearly speaking, energy detectors are used to detect the energy leaked outside from the body of living beings.

On that planet, we both learned about a type of energy called ‘Ki’.

Usually, the Ki is converged inside the body, and as long as it is not leaked out, the detector cannot detect the energy of the body! ”

Xiaya explained seriously, and then he also explained the concept of Ki.

But maybe because of age disparity, no matter how many times Xiaya explained, Adri and others weren’t able to understand about “Ki”.

As they are old, habits have led them to form a fixed pattern to operate energy.

So, for now, it would be difficult to change.

Perhaps among Saiyan’s, only exceptionally talented people like Vegeta can develop a trend of learning the application of Ki in future.

Although they couldn’t comprehend what is “Ki,” it didn’t stop them to understand about Ki.

In short, it is a whole new set of more advanced theories.

Xiaya pressed one of his foot lightly on the ground, and his body immediately soared to the sky.

The whistling wind stirred and caused his hair to flutter everywhere.

He took a deep breath and shouted below towards Adri and others: “Everybody, be careful, I will now release the entirety of my energy!”

They saw him clench his fists and crossed his arms in front of his chest, mouth softly shouting.


All of a sudden, an earth-shattering imposing aura erupted out with Xiaya as the center.

At this moment, Xiaya’s body was like a huge magnet, attracting the surrounding pieces of rocks to leave the ground one after another, and float and circle around him in a chaotic manner.

The violent atmosphere on the barren planet became even more chaotic.

The chaotic air currents mixed together with the incomparably frightening imposing aura in the surroundings, causing the electric ions floating in mid-air to slowly converge into a gleaming serpentine Flood Dragon lightning.


Suddenly, sounds of explosion appeared in the sky.

A dark violet-red colored thunder and lightning penetrated through dense and heavy clouds, and thunderbolts fell down creating a wriggling bright beautiful trajectory in the sky.

“Beep!”    “Beep!”    “Beep!”

Detecting this force, a series rapid electric sounds immediately sounded from the energy detector, the data on the monocle continued to rise.




The data was still going up.

Adri and others faces which were shocked in the beginning turned serious and finally becoming somewhat grave.

This data had made them shocked.

However, the data displayed on the energy detector didn’t have slightest of intention to stop, still rising.

This is still not Xiaya’s real strength How high will his Battle Power reach at the end, it will not exceed 10,000…right

Adri looks at Xiaya wrapped in the dense air mass, and couldn’t help but become expectant.

Soon –



Xiaya’s Battle Power quickly surpassed 10,000, and it still didn’t stop, increasing, causing Adri and Brook to become extremely serious, the blood in their body beginning to boil …

“Little Ya is unexpectedly … … so strong!” Alice’s voice trembled, her beautiful eyes twinkling.

Far away, in mid-air, Xiaya was shining like a newly- rising sun, dazzling others eyes.

The suffocating and frightening imposing aura swept out across the entire land.

The earth slightly trembled and the free-flowing energy absorbed the ions in the air producing ‘Zi Zi’ sonic booms.


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