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When Saonel saw Moussa approaching, he slightly nodded to him and said, “Mr.

Xiaya will be living on Planet Lefil for a while.

You can go and do your own thing; you don’t have to pay attention to him.”

Moussa raised his head in surprise and glanced at Xiaya, but since Sir Saonel has said so, he nodded in understanding and said, “Yes, Sir Saonel.”

Then, Moussa withdrew into a small building nearby which was surrounded by vines and sat still as a statue.

Saonel retracted his gaze and invited Xiaya to his residence with a smile.

The two people soared into the sky, and after reaching a height of 1,000 meters, they rapidly flew a direction.

On the way, Saonel said to Xiaya, “Moussa is one of the only seven Namekians on Planet Lefil, and he has always been cautious towards outsiders.”

Only at this moment did Xiaya understand.

He nodded in understanding and inwardly thought, ‘Moussa should be a warrior-type Namekian like Nail, and he has an innate rejection towards outsiders.

No wonder he concealed his aura when I arrived since he didn’t want to come in contact with outsiders.’

Suddenly, Xiaya had a thought and asked, “Mr.

Saonel, you just said that there are only seven Namekians on Planet Lefil, but as far as I know, Namekians can give birth to offspring by spitting out eggs.

Then, why are their numbers so few”

On Planet Namek of Universe 7, because of the climate storm that swept through the entire planet hundreds of years ago, only the Grand Elder of the Namekians survived.

However, after hundreds of years of reproduction, their race gradually recovered to a certain extent.

’The Namekian’s Grand Elder could give birth to offspring… Then, why can’t the Namekians here do it too’

Saonel looked at Xiaya in surprise; he did not expect this Saiyan to know quite a lot.

He sighed and said, “Indeed, there were people amongst the Namekians who had this ability in ancient times, but, unfortunately, when we left Planet Namek, there had been no such type of Namekian born among our race.

Namekians were separated into different types according to distinct talents—the healer-type, support-type, warrior-type and versatile-type.

In Universe 7, Piccolo and Nail belong to the warrior-type, while Dende belongs to the healer-types that can create dragon balls; however, the Grand Elder of Planet Namek was a very rare versatile-type with very mysterious powers.

“Now on Planet Lefil, except for one healer-type, the rest are all Warrior-type Namekians.

Such Namekians can only give birth to one offspring in their whole lifetime.”

Saonel sighed with emotion.

How good it would have been if there was a versatile-type member among Namekians; their race could have at reproduced.

“Why did you leave Planet Namek in the first place Is it because of a climate storm” Xiaya asked.

“Climate storm No, we had to leave our parent star because of powerful enemies.”

Saonel didn’t know why Xiaya mentioned the climate storm.

He shook his head, and a reminiscing look appeared in his eyes, his thoughts drifting to Planet Namek of many years ago.

It was an emerald green planet like Planet Lefil with turquoise-coloured lakes and green grasslands stretching as far as the eyes could see, the breeze blowing raised ripples like waves …

Saonel’s voice sounded faint as he said, “In the very distant past, there were tens of thousands of Namekians living on Planet Namek.

At that time, the ancient temple was enshrined with the mystical dragon balls.

Oh, you may not know what a dragon ball is; after all, there are no related legends currently in the universe.

It is a divine object bestowed to us by the great Dragon God, Zalama.”

’Actually, I know… ‘ Xiaya thought in his heart, but he listened quietly without interrupting Saonel.

Saonel continued to say, “The dragon balls have magical powers, but that also attracted the prying of countless greedy people.

In the end, a world-shaking battle erupted on Planet Namek.

At that time, you Saiyans had also given us help, but unfortunately, the enemy was too strong.

Even the Super Saiyans and Namekians cooperating failed to defeat those greedy people.”

“In that war, Planet Namek fell into enemy hands, and my people suffered heavy casualties.

It also implicated Saiyans of Planet Sadala, and they lost the inheritance of the Super Saiyan transformation in that war.” After speaking till here, an angry expression appeared on Saonel’s calm face.

“In the end, did you win against your opponent”

“Win Maybe, but I don’t know if it can be called a win.

In the end, without any choice, Grand Elder decided to go all in and assimilate with all the members of the race on Planet Namek, and although he repelled the enemy, Planet Namek was on the verge of destruction; thus, even the dragon balls were powerless against the remaining powerful Forces.

The fused Grand Elder decided to give up the dragon balls and fuse Saonel and Shenron.

“… And the existence attained after the fusion is me!” Saonel lifted his head, his eyes full of vicissitudes.

Xiaya was startled as he mused, ‘No wonder this Saonel can survive from ancient times to the present.

It turns out he assimilated with many Namekians, and then he fused with Shenron.’

The existence of mysterious creatures like Shenron was the result of the small amount of divine power bestowed by Dragon God Zalama.

Although it was only a small amount, it had inconceivable power, and Saonel, after fusing with Shenron, had already transcended the level of mortals in a sense; he was equivalent to gods.

“Then, the Namekians on Planet Lefil…”

Xiaya barely opened his mouth to ask when Saonel had already spoken, “I was very angry at that time, so I chased into the universe and wiped out all the aliens who had invaded Planet Namek.

I even destroyed their lair.

Now that I think about it, it was a catastrophe that had swept through the universe.”

Saonel paused and then continued, “After that, I roamed around in the universe and met many strong experts during the journey, but without any exception, they were not my match.

Perhaps, because the disturbance that I created was too big, I met Miss Vados—the guardian angel—back then.

I learned from her that I was not the only Namekian who had survived.

There were several of my race members who had luckily avoided the disaster because they had gone out … ”

“I was wild with joy at that time.

After that, I spent countless years looking for them, and then I brought them to Planet Lefil to live in seclusion.”

Saonel finished speaking and fell into a long silence.

Hearing this, Xiaya could not help but sigh.

Saonel’s experience was even more tragic than the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta.

At least a lot of the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta had survived.

Moreover, after migrating to Planet Hongshan, they had been developing towards a prosperous direction.

Of course, these all came to be as a result of Xiaya’s intervention.

If Xiaya didn’t exist, Saiyans of Planet Vegeta might have been the same as in the original work, with only two or three small fries remaining, eventually merging with other races and disappearing into the long river of time.

“Are there still any other Namekians out there” Xiaya asked.

“Maybe, it has been so many years.

Nobody knows.

Even if there are other Namekians out there, maybe they have already forgotten their identity.”

Xiaya nodded silently.

After all, so many years had passed.

Even Kai, who was in charge of the galaxy, had changed.

In such a long time, big changes could happen.

The power of time erodes all traces.

While chatting, they headed towards the place where Saonel lived in seclusion.

In the clear sky, a few white clouds were floating as they kept extending under the soft wind, transforming into various shapes.

Saonel was not living in seclusion on the crescent-shaped island, but another place thousands of miles away.

Xiaya and Saonel were flying leisurely as they were not in a hurry.

Soon, a ring-shaped island appeared in front of them.

It was an island with a radius of only ten kilometres; It wasn’t too big.

There was a green pool at the centre of the island, which looked like a green eyeball from a distance.

It was emitting a calm, exuberant and mysterious colour.

Xiaya and Saonel drew an arc in the sky, and with a fleeting glimpse, two sparkling lustres fell towards the periphery of the island.


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