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In outer space, Xiaya and Saonel attacked each other.

Their movements were rapid, and in the blink of an eye, they flashed between several planets.

In the depths of the universe, two sparkling beams of light accelerated towards each other, before quickly colliding and immediately separating.

Then, they collided again and separated once more, each impact erupting out with tremendous power similar to that produced when stars collapse.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The impacts were silent, but the waves, at space-level, kept radiating out.

One by one, the explosions were like huge thunderbolts coming from ancient times, shuttling in the vast universe and spreading out.

Xiaya’s body rapidly flashed as he quickly dodged Saonel’s attacks, and then his eyes turned rapidly, closely following Saonel’s figure.

Then, Xiaya saw Saonel place two fingers between his eyebrows with fingertips that shone like a speck of starlight, while his other hand suddenly stretched out.

Then, incredulously, Saonel’s hand tore through the void, the long arm encircling Xiaya.

“Hehe, this is quite similar to Piccolo’s move!”

Seeing Saonel use a familiar move, Xiaya’s eyes widened and he gloomily sighed, “The Namekian race’ talents are truly powerful…” Then, amidst the endless pressure, Xiaya shouted angrily, and his green eyes flashed with a cold light; the vigorous golden light enveloping his entire body immediately erupted.

Wave after wave of formidable aura roared, like wolves and tigers.


The void shuddered.

Saonel’s arm exploded while Xiaya took the chance to retreat, withdrawing several hundred meters.

Then, Xiaya adjusted his posture and swopped down, rushing towards Saonel; his fingers slightly moved, and an energy wave was prepared.

Saonel’s eyes flickered as he watched Xiaya’s movement closely, and suddenly, he revealed a hearty smile.

“Not good!”

After seeing Saonel’s smile, Xiaya immediately realized that he had been fooled and quickly adjusted his movements; however, Saonel seized the opportunity, as a new arm suddenly grow in the location of the broken arm and wrapped around Xiaya.

Unaffected and without any hesitation, Saonel attacked.

On his other hand’s fingertips, a shining flash erupted.

Suddenly, a gorgeous and dazzling light rose in the tranquil and dark starry sky, containing enough power to destroy heaven and earth; this was followed by a spiral attack splitting the space barrier.

At the critical moment, Xiaya could no longer hold back anymore; thus, he couldn’t help but shout, “Spacetime Freeze!”

The entire starry sky immediately fell into ice-blue stagnation.

Xiaya’s body flashed, and he broke through Saonel’s move, after which he immediately lifted the Spacetime Freeze.

Xiaya wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, but he was still shaken to the core.

If it weren’t for the space-time ability, the attack just now would have seriously hurt him.

“He is indeed a Namekian who has lived for innumerable years… His experience is remarkable.” Xiaya thought with full confidence that he had succeeded, but in fact, he had unknowingly fallen into a trap carefully set up by Saonel.

If he had not been a little careful, Xiaya would have been doomed forever.

Saonel seemed to have sensed the change in space-time, as he frowned and asked, “How did you dodge my attack”

“I can’t tell you that.”

Xiaya stared at him and shook his head.

“Humph!” Saonel nodded slightly.

Since it was Xiaya’s secret, he deemed it beneath his dignity to investigate further.

Then, Saonel attacked again, appearing behind Xiaya from an inconceivable angle as he threw a punch.

However, Xiaya had long noticed Saonel’s movements; thus, when Saonel was about to attack at his back, he smiled indifferently and launched the space-time ability, avoiding Saonel’s attack entirely.

The deep starry sky was dazzling as two light beams flashed suddenly, bringing forth a series of world-shaking might.

As he approached an asteroid, Xiaya hid behind it while slightly panting.

After the long battle, their auras had begun to become disordered.

Wiping off the sweat from his forehead, Xiaya calmed down and mused, ‘Not only are Saonel’s attacking methods varied, but he is also extremely experienced.

Also, coupled with the magical abilities of Namekians, he is really a remarkable opponent.’

Saonel’s strength left Xiaya feeling apprehensive, but what benefited him, even more, was Saonel’s subtle grasp of his power, as if every portion of his power could be used meticulously in his hands!

Xiaya was surprised by the various tactics used by Saonel while fighting.

It let him experience the deep knowledge of an ancient expert!

Just as he was gasping for breath, a chilly electric ray streaked across the void in a crescent moon-shape, carefully sweeping through small asteroids.

At the other end, Xiaya’s countenance suddenly changed.

His body turned sideways as a chilly electric light brushed past his cheek.

The cold, prickling, electric ray carried with it a terrifying aura which startled Xiaya, and his entire body broke into a cold sweat.

As he turned back to face his previous position, Xiaya discovered that the stone shell had ruptured, and then, along a flat path, it split open.

The entire asteroid was forcibly cut into two pieces.

“Found you.”

Saonel’s figure appeared in front of Xiaya, following which they broke out into a fight.

The two of them continuously attacked each other, their attacking speed getting increasingly faster.

In a split second, they had already fought more than a hundred times.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The void was slightly trembling.

No sound could be heard, but from the trembling of the planets in the distance, the fierceness of their attacks could be felt.

Dodging, appearing, attacking, retreating and defending—this series of movements, like floating clouds and flowing water, didn’t need any extra thinking and seemed to have become the body’s instinct.


Saonel’s eyes widened as he punched heavily, but Xiaya lightly pushed it away with his hand.

Then, he swiftly shot out like an arrow and pulled open a distance of several kilometres.

At their level, this distance in space could be traversed instantaneously.

Xiaya’s body leapt back.

After pulling some distance away from Saonel, he condensed an energy wave in his hands.

The sky-blue energy wave flashed with a dazzling radiance and shot out towards Saonel.

Looking up and seeing Xiaya using an energy wave, Saonel’s face formed a smile.

He calmly spread out his hands and casually drew an arc in midair; then, the energy wave bent with a minute angle.


The energy wave streaked past Saonel’s palm and disappeared into the vast dark sky.

“Well, we’ll stop the fight here.

If you still want to fight, it would be better to continue another day,” Saonel stood calmly in the void and said.

His voice was transmitted through energy ripples.

Xiaya nodded with a smile.

This fight benefited him a lot.

Although both sides fought to their best, because it was not a life-and-death battle, they held back.

At least Xiaya didn’t use some of his big moves.

If he was like this, then Xiaya knew that Saonel was also the same.

As an old monster who had lived for unknown years, it was impossible for him not to have developed some secret moves.

However, this battle had made Xiaya realize that he needed to find a place to properly study and analyze his advantages and disadvantages.

Xiaya said, “All right, we’ll fight again some other day.”

Saonel nodded with a smile and invited Xiaya.

“For now, why don’t you come to the place where I live in seclusion Let’s properly discuss the mysteries of martial arts.

I can tell that the path you walk is an area that I am familiar with.

Pooling the wisdom of various people is also a good way to train.”

“Um.” Xiaya nodded and flew back to Planet Lefil together with Saonel.

There, Namekian Moussa was anxiously pacing back and forth.

Seeing Saonel and Xiaya return, the anxiety on his face faded away, and then he headed towards them.


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