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In the ruins of the city, the collapsed buildings were buried in primitive vines.

The scorching environment makes it difficult for living beings to survive.

Other than some tenacious primitive lifeforms, it was almost impossible to see anything else.

Xiaya stood at the same place for a long time.

Suddenly, he sensed the auras of a few humans.

 It was tens of meters away from the ground.

There were still some humans living, at death’s door, in an air-raid shelter underground, but their conditions were extremely tough.

“It looks like this earth has completely lost its vigor.”

Seeing how Earthlings here struggled on the verge of death, Xiaya knew that it would soon become a dead star.

They only had themselves to blame.

It could be said that the reason why this earth has been reduced to its present situation, was because of its own sins.

This was not the same as being invaded by aliens.

If it was invaded by aliens, then in a good heart, Xiaya would have helped them, but here, Xiaya would not help.

Universe 6’s Earth, the disaster started from the deviation of the martial arts path.

Today’s condition was bound to come; Xiaya already foresaw it a few years ago.

Afterward, he went to the north pole’s ice land, where the pentagonal cylindrical divine tower still stood tall magnificently.

The surrounding ice and snow had disappeared, and the old man who was guarding it was no longer on top of the tower, standing desolately against the wind.

As he continued upward, the floating island fragmented, breaking into several pieces.

After staying on Earth for a while, Xiaya got bored and quickly left earth.

Xiaya’s reason for staying in Universe 6 was to challenge the strong experts here.

There were many strong experts in every universe, but only a few of them were suitable for Xiaya’s current level.

Such experts could not be found in Universe 7, and Universe 6 had a few.

Moreover, experts like these were generally the top-end fighting force of a universe.

These ancient experts were either in seclusion or asleep and did not appear under normal circumstances.

So, under the prerequisites that these powerful experts don’t appear, the level of the entire universe was dragged down to a low.

Right now, Xiaya was going to see an expert who had existed for countless years.

It was said that he had existed long before Kai.

South Area, Planet Lefil.

This is a green planet that is full of greenery all year round.

This planet belonged to the Intermediate level.

Because the planet had only two seasons a year and its temperature difference was not large, its vegetation was not particularly lush.

When Xiaya landed on the Planet Lefil, he sensed the bustling auras on the planet.

“The Ki of Planet Lefil’s aboriginals is not high; the strongest only has 3000 Battle Power.” With a chuckle, Xiaya leisurely wandered around on the planet.

He was looking for the “expert” that Vados told him about.

“Got it; the most powerful Ki is 11,000 kilometers southeast.

Let’s take a look there first.”

Then, he flew into the sky, and after reaching an altitude of 10,000 meters, he suddenly accelerated southeast.

A light beam tore through the sky like an arrow, and soon, it became a small dark shadow, disappearing into the horizon.

The further southeast he flew, the more moisture was in the air.

Soon, a thin fog entered his line of sight.

A soft breeze brushed past his neck, making a gentle rustle.

A few drops of water had already condensed on his hair.

“Yi That Ki disappeared.

Interestingly, they know how to sense Ki.”

Xiaya inwardly thought, and he could not help but smile.

Immediately, he accelerated high into the sky, and with rapid flashes, he penetrated through layer upon layer of mist.

Then, he dived down again, and his white training suit was expanded by the blowing wind.

With a fleeting glimpse, Xiaya’s figure appeared at a location a thousand kilometers away.

It was an island surrounded by the sea.

The dark blue ocean covered a vast area, and the sunlight made its little sprays sparkle.

The island was not very large, and it was crescent-shaped.

“That Ki is on this island….Uh There are many auras here that are not weak.

Compared to those on the outside continents, these are much stronger.

Is this the location of a certain large-scale Force” Xiaya grinned and landed on the island.

It was just a small crescent-shaped island, about ten kilometers long and two kilometers wide.

A few villages were scattered in crescent’s depths.

When Xiaya landed there, he discovered that the people here were primitive and depended on hunting for a living.

“The level of civilization here is not high.

Usually, for such people, it is impossible to develop high-end martial arts.” Xiaya thought, observing the residents in the village.

It was a red-skinned race.

They were not tall; only 1.5m or so.

Seeing Xiaya arrive, these primitive aboriginals looked at him with vigilance.

Xiaya grinned, and his figure disappeared.

Soon, he arrived in the temple at the center of the village.

The pyramid-shaped temple, which was constructed from bluestones, had complex and abstract murals on its wall.

It had to be a totem constructed from their perception of nature.

The primitive civilizations had to carefully go through the slash-and-burn method and hunting pattern pots.

Like sifting gold from sand, in the end, only a rare few become civilizations.

Most primitive races would perish on the road to civilization.

While Xiaya was quietly watching, an old voice called out.

It was filled with helplessness.

“Guest who has come from outside! What are you looking for here”

Xiaya looked at where the voice came from, and he saw a green figure sitting in a small building that was surrounded by vines.

It looked completely different from the aboriginals of the Planet Lefil.

It was green-skinned, with red marks on its arms and abdomen, and it had two snail-like antennas on the forehead.

“Namekian” Xiaya was taken aback.

He did not think he would see a Namekian on this primitive planet, and on closer inspection, Xiaya realized that this old Namekian actually had 35,000 Battle Power.

This was a rare combat-type Namekian.

However, no one could tell how much fighting force he had left because of his age.

“No wonder the martial arts of the aboriginals on this planet was able to progress.

It turns out that a Namekian lives here,” Xiaya muttered in his heart.

The Namekian sighed as he thought of the past.

“Planet Namek, what a familiar name! Yes, I am a Namekian, but unfortunately, I have not lived on Planet Namek before; even my parents did not.

Planet Namek disappeared many years ago.

From the old man’s words, Xiaya made a lot of speculations.

Universe 6’s Planet Namek had disappeared long ago.

This Namekian, who was now living on Planet Lefil, was not an aboriginal of Planet Name; he was born after his ancestors left Planet Namek.

I wonder if they brought the dragon balls with them.

No, the question is whether the Namekians of Universe 6 created the dragon balls or not.

“Mister… You are”

“Call me Moussa!” The Namekian said.

Xiaya looked at the Namekian called Moussa with a serious expression.

“I’m here to look for an expert called Saonel.

May I ask where he is”


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