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When Piccolo heard this name from Goku’s mouth, recollection suddenly struck him.

Isn’t he the husband of those two scary women They provided Mount Paozu’s training equipment.

With both wives being so powerful, how could Xiaya, who is their husband, not be powerful, as well Piccolo expected Xiaya to be powerful, but he didn’t expect his two disciples to be that powerful.

“Tien Shinhan, how much Battle Power do you have” Goku used the universe standard to measure it.

“Tien Shin’s Battle Power is 96,000, and mine is 81,000!” Chiaotzu, who was standing by the side, said.

“So powerful!” Goku was taken aback.


Tien Shinhan shook his head.

Wait until you have seen the genuine experts, then you will know what power really is.

Thinking of the time when he first went to Planet Hongshan, Tien Shinhan found it difficult to express the shock in his heart.

Almost eight years ago, when he was sent to Planet Metamor by Xiaya, Tien Shinhan clearly understood how formidable the universe’ civilization is.

Compared with them, he was like a child who has just learned to walk.

So, with fervent emotions, Tien Shinhan began to train on Planet Metamor.

He stayed there for three years.

Five years ago, Tien Shinhan’s Battle Power broke through to two thousand, and then, he was brought to Planet Hongshan by Xiaya.

At that time, he was really shocked by Planet Hongshan’s strength.

Because of Planet Hongshan’s training, his strength broke through the 10,000 mark very early.

It must be known that there are only a few thousand warriors with Battle Powers above 10,000 on Planet Hongshan.

Tien Shinhan could achieve such an accomplishment so early; from this, Tien Shinhan’s hard work could be seen.

Of course, it would have been impossible without the Senzu Beans given by Xiaya.

However, the reason why Tien Shinhan’s Battle Power could advance by leaps and bounds, to this level, is related to a fortuitous encounter.

Two years ago, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu’s Battle Power broke through the 10,000 mark, so they left Planet Hongshan, in a spaceship, to temper themselves in the universe.

However, half a year after their training began, they were caught in a stellar storm and lost their way.

They drifted about for a long time, and later, they landed, by accident, on an emerald green planet called Planet Namek.

There, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu obtained Great Elder’s help and successfully unlocked their potential, increasing their Battle Power many times over.

After some time had passed, during which they adapted and grasped their drastically-increased strength, Tien Shinhan headed towards earth.

At this time, Tien Shinhan looked at Goku and Piccolo and sighed emotionally.

He did not expect Goku and another Namekian to grow to this level on Earth, a small canal-like earth.

He really is the son of Planet Hongshan’s God of War, Bardock.

He didn’t know that the reason why Goku could become this strong was thanks to the training equipment left by Xiaya.

Although Goku had training equipment with a wide range of features, which kept increasing his strength, he lacked the stimulation of a strong expert because of Earth’s environment.

Like a flower in a greenhouse, without the baptism of a storm, his potential hadn’t been unlocked yet.

“Here, two Senzu Beans for you.”

Tien Shinhan gave out two Senzu Beans.

After Goku and Piccolo ate the Senzu Beans, and the injuries on their bodies disappeared, he asked, “There are Senzu Beans on Korin Tower.

Why don’t you have a few”

Goku scratched his head.

“I had them, but I consumed them during training…”

Tien Shinhan shook his head helplessly, then looked at Ayer, whose body was emitting a purple glow, and frowned, his majestic aura crashing down.

“Are you the guy that has been causing chaos on earth” Tien Shinhan disappeared and reappeared in front of Ayer.

Ayer’s heart lurched.

At first, when he saw that the person that had arrived was not Frieza’s subordinates, he was glad; however, who would have thought that before he could be happy for a while longer, he would hear these people say that their Battle Power was close to 100,000!

Oh my god! What kind of numbers are these!

The best warriors under Frieza are at this level!

Ayer looked pale, and his heart was full of remorse.

In front of him, Tien Shinhan’s body was emitting a shocking aura.

He felt like a towering mountain standing proudly.

Before his overwhelming strength, the surrounding air distorted greatly.

From the satellite’s perspective, a cloud of Ki was spinning at the center, and a huge void appeared in the center like a typhoon’s eye.

Affected by this, the scenes happening in East City were once again displayed clearly to everyone around the world.

It was a city that had completely turned into ruins.

Because of the raging energy, many places were emitting surging heat waves, making them look like a desert.

“This game ends now; you will pay for what you did with your life!!”

Tien Shinhan stepped forward, staring coldly with his three eyes.

Suddenly, an icy aura erupted, and the white energy radiance caused everyone’s countenance to change.

Piccolo and Goku opened their mouths wide, and their eyes constricted.

Their mouths opened and closed, but they were unable to say anything.

“What a powerful person!” Ayer moved a few steps back as his face turned pale.

Looking at Tien Shinhan—who was shining as brightly—like a God.

His throat moved, but his mouth was dry.

This strength was two levels above his.

Ayer knew that if he moved, even a little, his fate would be death.

His expression kept changing.

Thump! Suddenly, he knelt down, and pleaded, “Your Excellency, please spare my life; I am willing to pay any price.”

Tien Shinhan frowned.

He really despised people who act like this.

They did not have even a little bit of the dignity of martial artists should have.

Of course, Ayer is just a pirate, not a martial artist.

So, he didn’t have the dauntless spirit of a martial artist.

“Thinking about living It’s already too late.

Go, die!”

Formidable energy gathered around his legs, and bright sparks shot out.

He sent a kick, which was emitting loud rumbles, at Ayer.

“It’s over!” Ayer shouted despair.

The scales on the surface of his body suddenly stood erect as he broke out in cold sweat.

Looking at the incoming leg, which was brimming with explosive power, Ayer still tried to struggle, putting his hands on his head.

Clang! The power contained in the foot bore down with the weight of Mount Tai, as powerful as a thunderbolt; unstoppable! “Snap!” A crisp sound came from the bones in his hand.

With a blood-curdling screech, Lizardman Ayer coughed out a mouthful of blood.

His arms were broken.

After that, the powerful force struck his head, and it ruptured.

His entire body sunk into the ground, leaving him dead.

“He is dead” Goku and others were stunned by Tien Shinhan’s sudden attack.

They had only seen blurry afterimages, yet the enemy was already dead.

“It turns out that the gap between me and Tien Shinhan has increased by so much!” Goku grinned, suddenly filled with fighting spirit.

At this time, Tien Shinhan narrowed his eyes and looked around.

There were still many aliens in the distance.

“Chiaotzu, let’s kill all these aliens.”


Chiaotzu replied, and then, they instantly turned into numerous afterimages.

Following loud bangs, corpses fell from the sky.

Goku shook his head: “They are really fast!”

“This guy named Tien Shinhan is so strong!”

Piccolo was lost in thought, and his eyes flashed with a fierce light.

His fist was clenched tight, trembling slightly.

“Just an insignificant human has made this demon king feel afraid.

No, I’m not strong enough.

I will definitely defeat them all one day!”

Not far away, Krillin stared blankly at Tien Shinhan, who had an awe-inspiring presence, before pinching his arm.

Ouch! I’m not dreaming.

He moved closer to Yamacha and whispered, “Tien Shinhan has been away for so many years.

How come he has become so powerful after returning ”

Yamcha shook his head.

“I don’t know, but he must have undergone arduous training outside.”


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