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Under its cold and indifferent loom, everyone gulped.

They shuddered from head to toe and a chill rushed from their tailbones, passed through the spine, and rushed to their head.

Their heartbeats sped up, and their brains swelled.

Time seemed to stop, and they completely ignored the rumbles in the distance.

“We are dead!” This thought flashed through their hearts.

While the king and the others were trembling in helplessness, a cold ray flashed, and blood splashed out.

The purple lizard man suddenly began to split open from the middle.

The terrifying lizard man, who had just displayed an awesome bearing, was split into two in the blink of an eye.

The purple lizard man’s vitality evaporated as it became a corpse and crashed to the floor, and blood gushed out of it.

The high levels of Central City were suddenly dumbstruck.

“Hey, you guys are not hiding yet”

A gruff voice suddenly rang out from Yajirobe, who was floating in the air, with a katana hanging down.

His voice was so hoarse, it was quite unpleasant to hear.

But, to the king and others, the voice was as beautiful as the sounds of nature.

“Are you stupid Anyways, I should kill these lizardmen first,” Yajirobe muttered, after which he turned around and flew far away.

After a while, everyone recovered their composures.

“Ah, who was that martial artist”

An official reacted and excitedly said, “He is Yajirobe, according to the records… he once appeared in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament…”

“Ah, he is Yajirobe.

He turned out to be so powerful!”

The king silently looked at Yajirobe’s departing figure and said, “Get in touch with the TV station, and broadcast the images captured by the satellite to the whole world!”

“What we have done so far is still not enough.

These unknown martial artists are fighting to protect Earth.

We can’t remain indifferent.”

This time, no one considered the decision an excessive one.

Although the decision could cause a great uproar, which would lead to chaos, the excessive reaction would only be temporary.

Letting everyone understand the power of martial artists and the situation that Earth faced would vigorously accelerate the development of earth’s martial arts.

In the long run, the benefits would outweigh the disadvantages.

Moreover, the things happening in the East City would eventually be discovered by people.

Aliens invading Earth… It would be really shocking.

It would be better of being published by Central City, seizing the initiative to lead the earth into a new era.

Everyone was clear that if those martial artists failed, there would be no peace on Earth.


In the far reaches of Mount Paozu, Bulma was sitting in the living room, holding Gohan in her arms as he absentmindedly watched TV.

However, her heart had already soared to Goku, who was fighting the aliens.

Suddenly, the scenes on the TV changed.

After the daily program ended, what followed were shockingly disturbing and confusing scenes.

It was a human purgatory, broken streets, collapsed houses, dense billowing smoke, and a deep and frightening chasm in the ground.

No place was still intact.

“Hm Are these…the scenes of Goku and others’ battle” Bulma became excited.

“Waa, Dad is inside, and Uncle Piccolo too!”

Gohan shouted with joy, his light purple hair, which was similar to Bulma’s, fluttering.

However, Bulma did not have the time to pay him attention; she was staring at the TV screen,  without blinking.

“Earth’s government was really courageous this time!”

Looking at the heroic and fearless performance of her husband on the TV screen, Bulma couldn’t help but laugh.


Meanwhile, all over the world, whether it was in West City, South City, Southeast Island, Muscle Tower area, large cities, remote villages, streets, or alleys, the regular news, advertisements, and programs — which had just been airing, as usual — were cut off, changed to scenes of battle in the East City.

Those that did not yet know that the East City had been attacked by aliens, acquired a rough understanding of the situation from the scenes being shown on their TVs.

The images taken by the satellites were not clear, but the tremendous damage caused by the battle — which included many raging fires — let everyone surprised.

“Has earth encountered another evil enemy All the TV stations are airing this.

Isn’t the situation too big” Wondered a bored driver — who was waiting on the elevated highway, fiddling with the TV in his car when scenes of battle suddenly came on.

The cigarette in his mouth fell.

“Which movie trailer is this I remember a movie, which was aired last time, had similar scenes…”

“Hm That energy wave looks to be the move detailed in Miss Tights’ book.

Is this really a trailer”

Many people were just as surprised as this driver.

However, some people recognized the moves they saw on their tv, but to them, the energy wave was not so strong.

It would be considered acceptable if it could instantly destroy a tank, as rocket launchers do, but the energy wave on their TV screens could blow a building at once.

Isn’t the standard too much different

“It’s a movie trailer, right How can humans be so powerful!”

Soon, however, someone disagreed, saying, “Idiot, those are Energy waves — the unique skills of those martial artists at the martial arts tournament.”

“You haven’t seen the scenes of Mr.

Goku defeating King Piccolo.

It was like a nuclear bomb.”

“Right, right!”

“Ah, look, aren’t those people Mr.

Goku and his fellow apprentices”

“It’s just as you say…it shouldn’t be real, right” A lot of figures appeared in one scene, making some people realize that something was wrong.

Only then did they begin to feel anxious and fearful.

How was this an impromptu program for entertainment It is simply a life-and-death battle!

Then, the words of His Majesty confirmed this speculation.

There really are aliens invading Earth.

“The aliens have invaded; we are done for.”


The ruins of East City.

The hustle and bustle of the city was already a thing of the past.

Now, a dense black smoke, which was accompanied by a pungent smell, was blown in every direction by the wind.

This chilling wind swept through the land, but there was rustling to be heard.

The sweating Earth Warriors crazily fought the fierce aliens.

Various energy waves were blown in all directions, creating an impact that kicked up a mushroom cloud of sand and stone.

A dense, black fog enveloped the land.

The ground was riddled with craters, and a corpse, which had almost been torn apart, fell down from the sky.


Yamcha, why is there no end to these lizardmen” Krillin, whose breaths had turned heavy, asked as he flew over to Yamcha’s side.

Yamcha shook his head, causing beads of sweat to drip down his nose.

His face was a little pale.

“They have too many people; moreover, not one of them is weak.

My hands are already aching.”

“Me too!”

Krillin smiled bitterly.

The big lizard had been held back by Goku and Piccolo.

They are only responsible for opponents with Battle Power less than one thousand, but their number was too large.

A large number of ants could bite an elephant to death, after all, not to mention powerful aliens.

“Yajirobe is actually much more suitable for this task!” Yamcha said enviously.

“It’s not the same.

He is a swordsman, carrying a big sword to chop people.

He doesn’t have to use his fists and feet, consuming physical strength, like us,” Krillin said, throwing out a bunch of energy waves.

They crushed the lizardman that were flying over from the distance.

“Spirit Ball!”

“Destructo Disc!”

Under Yamcha and Krillin’s manipulation, two bright and dazzling energy balls streaked through the sky really fast, and in the blink of an eye, a number of aliens died.

On another battlefield, Chichi punched and kicked ferociously.

The white divine robe she had on before had long since been changed to a tight-fitting cheongsam.

In no time, a lizard man was blown into pieces.

Because Chichi had Kami’s skills, her energy consumption was less than that of Krillin and Yamcha.

The land below had many craters on it, as it had been intensely baptized by several rounds of shells.

In the distance, Goku was floating more than a hundred meters away from the ground.

He closed his eyes and adopted an attacking posture.

Then, he suddenly punched out, and a gust of fierce fist wind, accompanied by a dense chill, appeared.

Rumble! As the sound of the air been torn rang out, a high-level lizardman, whose Battle Power was more than one thousand, was sent flying.

It collided with another lizardman and exploded violently.

Even then, with a calm look on his face, Goku’s figure flashed a few times, beheading the invading enemies.

Unlike Goku, who was relaxed, Piccolo was fighting a bitter battle.

Ayer, the leader of the Star Pirates, really could be compared to his subordinates.

Ayer’s Battle Power was above Piccolo’s, and this made Piccolo suffer immensely during the fight.

But facing Ayer, even though there were many scars on his body, Piccolo still laughed wildly.

“I’m really glad.

I haven’t had such an enjoyable fight in a long time.”


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