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“How is it possible! How can one with such Battle Power appear on a low-level planet!” Ayer’s golden pupils suddenly constricted, but he quickly regained his confidence and muttered inwardly, “Is the detector malfunctioning”

Ayer was certain that it was impossible for a Battle Power of nine thousand to appear on a low-level planet.

The reason why a high-level planet was referred to as such was not only because it had a stronger gravity and a suitable natural environment, but also that it could produce powerful lifeforms easily, unlike a low-level planet.

On the contrary, no matter how the lifeforms on a low-level planet evolved, the chances of a powerful warrior appearing were very low because such a feat was related to the growing environment of the universe’ lifeforms.

Planets like Earth belonged to lower-middle category amongst low-level planets, and it was already a miracle that such a planet could have existences with a Battle Power above one thousand.

Thus, how likely was it for warriors with more than 9000 Battle Power to appear As above 9000 Battle Power was the standard of a High-level planet.

Thinking of this, Ayer couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth.

He had already determined that there was a problem with the detector’s measurement.

Six figures appeared in the sky, but they were still insufficient and weak.

Ignoring these weaklings, Ayer waved his hands, and the other lizardmen continued to wantonly destroy.

When they saw the ruins of East City, Goku and the others were already furious.

Now, seeing the lizardmen continue to massacre, they couldn’t bear it anymore.

“These hateful lizards are too much! Goku, let’s go and kill them.” Krillin shouted and adopted the stance of rushing forward.

Goku was also very upset.

He said to Krillin and others, “OK, I and Piccolo will deal with those few powerful auras and leave the rest for you to deal with.”

As he stared at the lizardmen, Goku noticed that there were more than two hundred auras among them that were especially powerful.

The rest of the lizardmen looked small and thin, but their strength couldn’t be taken lightly.

Moreover, the lizardmen with energy cannons on their arms also weren’t easy to deal with.

However, there were only six people on their side, and the main force could only be taken care of by Goku and Piccolo.

“No problem!” Everyone agreed in a loud voice.

At this time, Yamcha suddenly said, “Be extra careful… the energy cannons in their hands are very dangerous.

You must avoid it when fighting.”

“Don’t worry, I know!” Looking at the weapon that constantly spat out energy beams, Krillin smiled, but instead of cowering, he was brimming with strong fighting spirit.

Next, according to the distribution, Krillin, Yamcha, Chi-Chi dispersed to chase and kill the scattered lizardmen, and Yajirobe—while carrying a katana—flew in the direction of the Earth’s government.

Soon, only Goku and Piccolo were left in the sky!

“Piccolo, how about I deal with their leader”

“Dream on, he is this demon king’s.” With a disdainful snort, Piccolo took off his cape, and a vigorous and overbearing aura instantly erupted, causing the sky to tremble; a frigid whirlwind rose up and immediately shot towards Ayer.

Piccolo’s action was so sudden such that even lizardman Ayer was shocked by the sudden eruption.

At this time, how would he still not know that his previous speculation was wrong His opponent turned out to be a genuine powerful expert!

This caused Ayer to be in a little dilemma.

Right now, he could neither advance nor retreat.

However, after a little hesitation, Ayer cursed with a sullen look, swayed the purple tail behind him and stepped forward, slamming into Piccolo.

Suddenly, the atmospheric pressure in the sky abruptly changed, and instantly, a terrifying storm was born as the battle became vigorous.

“Hehe…Interesting, what level is your strength regarded as in the universe” After a short bout with Ayer, Piccolo twisted his wrist, neck, and all his bones, making “creaking” noise.

Ayer’s golden pupils flashed with killing intent.

His expression was cold, and he didn’t answer; however, his body did not stop as he swept his leg and slammed towards Piccolo.


Piccolo smiled indifferently, his two demon’s teeth glistening with a cold light under the sunlight.

His body suddenly became illusory, moving at high speed.

“So, Piccolo has already become so powerful.

But it seems it will take a long time for him to deal with this lizardman.

Hehe, in that case, I’ll deal with these two hundred people.”

Not far away, Goku—who was fighting with Ayer’s subordinates—turned around to look at Piccolo and the alien leader’s fight, and couldn’t endure.

He grinned and punched the lizardman in front of him to the ground, and then his expression turned serious.

He moved quickly, and the sound of battle echoed for a while with the sky full of Goku’s silhouettes.

The countless lizardmen, like scattered raindrops, fell from time to time!


Compared to the centre of the city, although there were no lively battles in other places, it was still full of danger.

Everywhere in the East City, as scorching energy beams scattered out, it immediately raised a huge mushroom cloud.

After a while, the entire East City, including the suburbs, turned into a human purgatory.

Krillin and others were moving very fast, but there were too many enemies to deal with.

Even after their obstruction, there were still many lizardmen carrying out destruction everywhere.

These lizardmen were not foolish.

Knowing that they were no match for them while scattered, they hurriedly united.

For a moment, lightning and fire intertwined, and the momentum soared to the sky.

The pressure on Krillin and others suddenly increased, and they had no choice but to respond carefully.


Under the impact of the boiling hot air flows, the towering buildings toppled over, and the creations of technological civilization such as cars, yachts, and simple advertising airships were especially vulnerable.

“Waah, what the hell is going on, is this the end of the world”

“Someone save us!”

With a shout of helplessness, the nervous people panicking.

On a flyover, cars were queued in a long line.

They could neither move forward nor retreat and were blocking each other.

Sounds of cars honking and sirens entwined together was grating on the ears.

“Run quickly, people in the front, get out of the way.”

“Oh my God, something is falling.”

An energy beam fell, and everyone turned into ashes.


Central City’s Palace.

The developments in East City had affected this place.

After learning about it, the defence army rushed over and surrounded the king’s palace in combat readiness, and tanks densely lined up in rows.

In the palace, the king learned about the outside situation through satellite video.

In the video, the once prosperous East City had turned into ruins.

This time, the alien invasion was very fierce.

In just a few minutes, they had destroyed half of East City, and among the ruins, several humans in orange clothes were braving dangers and battling the aliens.

Moreover, because the satellite was shooting and the speed of the fight between both sides far exceeded the ability of the images to be captured, the king could only vaguely see a few figures fiercely fighting.

They kept moving around rapidly as a great number of blue energy waves rushed about.

Every time they exchanged blows, the fierce collision of both sides produced shock waves visible to the naked eye.

However, the flying dust caused by the shock waves was the only evidence that both sides collided, which was extremely shocking to the king’s eyes.

The king looked at the fight in amazement with shock evident on his face.

“This destructive force… I am afraid that even King Piccolo wasn’t able to achieve such a feat…”

On the side, an officer nodded solemnly, “Yes, these images have been seen by the martial artists hired by Central City.

They unanimously agreed that even the weakest of the aliens is more formidable than King Piccolo.”

“Is that…true” The king suddenly stood up.


The king covered his chest, feeling a sharp pain.

So many aliens had invaded Earth, and each one was even more terrifying than King Piccolo; it sounded like a nightmare to him. ‘Would earthlings really get exterminated’

“Your Majesty, are those people Mr.

Goku and others” An official serving the king suddenly pointed at a warrior in the image who was fighting the alien and asked with a surprised look.

Pressing the pause button, they could see a few blurry figures.

The king immediately rushed over from beside the chair.

Although his physique has somewhat changed, the king recognized him at a glance.

“Yes, this is Mr.

Goku, and there are also several other warriors…”

“They should be Krillin, Yamcha, Chi-Chi from the same school as Goku.”

“Fortunately, there are still martial artists on Earth who are righteous and brave enough to resist the evil forces.

Otherwise, Earth would have been in danger!” The king sighed and looked at the fully armed soldiers on the side with a gloomy expression, but soon he revealed a hopeful expression.

“This is the second time that Mr.

Goku has stepped forward bravely.”

In recent years, the earth’s government has been committed to promoting martial arts throughout the whole world.

The emergence of King Piccolo enabled them to experience how powerful martial artists were.

Even if Central City unified the earth and developed more troops, the king knew very well that an ordinary army was by no means a match for these aliens.

Looking at the people in the image destroying mountains and wiping forests with a wave of their hands, their destructive force was even more powerful than the strategic weapons.

At this moment, the king distinctly realized that to protect the earth, they required more martial artists.

Just then, the earth violently shook, and a fiery red light penetrated through the glass window of the palace; then, the atmospheric pressure rapidly increased, and the glass shattered.

A violent storm entered through the window, stirring the entire office into a complete mess.

“What happened”

Everyone was knocked to the ground, and a buzzing sound echoed in their ears.

When they looked outside the window, a frightening scene was reflected in their eyes.

Several kilometres away, an enormous fireball kept rising into the sky, and then it instantly turned into a mushroom cloud high in the sky.

Watching these mushroom clouds from up close, the strong visual impact was shocking to their hearts.

Then, their line of sight was distorted as shockwaves appeared caused by the Energy Waves.


Rapid sounds of an explosion suddenly echoed outside the palace, and a purple-scaled lizard man appeared outside the walls of the government building.

The lizardman licked its purple lips, saliva dripping down the corner of its mouth.

It looked towards the king and others with cold eyes, as if staring at an insignificant ant.


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