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Among them, only Yajirobe used a weapon.

He was a martial artist, and at the same time, he was also a swordsman.

Sword arts were his most powerful skills.

“Humph, these guys overestimate their capabilities.

They dare rush to attack before this demon king!”

Piccolo coldly snorted with dissatisfaction.

With an unpleasant expression, he glanced at old Kami and also flew down towards the mortal world.

“These bunch of aliens are dreaming if they plan to occupy this world with just themselves.

This whole world is this demon king’s!”

They left almost as quickly as they had arrived.

Soon, only Chi-Chi and old Kami were left on the Lookout.

“Chi-Chi, please!” Old Kami said.

Chi-Chi had a calm look on her beautiful face as she nodded seriously, her white divine robe fluttering in the air.

Immediately, she jumped and left the Lookout.


East City, the location of the Earth’s Central City.

It was one of the capitals of Central City.

The city was bustling and crowded.

It was a big city that could be compared with West City.

On this day, a large, oddly shaped spaceship came from afar to visit Earth.

It passed through the atmosphere and gradually stopped in the sky above the East City.

The friction between the shield of the spaceship and the air caused an exploding sound; the sharp and unpleasant sound was capable of pricking the eardrums.

A black shadow entered the line of sight of the masses.

Then, it cruelly smashed down.

A long-tail dragged behind the spaceship, like the tail of a fire dragon, revealing its sinister and venomous fangs.

In the middle of the city, a new and busy day was starting.

The passers-by and the commuting vehicles noticed a huge shadow dropping down from the sky.

Recognising the danger, they hurriedly dodged.


With an astonishing impact, the earth shook violently, and in the centre of the bustling city, a huge crater of hundreds of meters appeared.

The shiny, black metal spaceship was embedded into the surface.

A cloud of dust rose in the surroundings, spreading in all directions.

“Ah, what just fell”

“Did a meteorite hit the ground”

“Look, what is that black thing”

The commotion caused by the spaceship hitting the ground was very huge.

Except for some people who were dead and wounded and some who had not recovered yet from their fright, the others were very fast.

Curiosity urged many people to surround the vicinity of the spaceship’s impact point.

Soon, the centre of the city was full of thousands of people.

The spaceship of the Star Pirates was hundreds of meters long and wide, but in the vast East City, it occupied only a negligible area.

Some people enthusiastically started taking photos with their mobile phones and conversed non-stop while watching the black spaceship in the middle of the huge crater.

Completely ignorant of the slowly approaching danger.

At this time, the spaceship slightly floated upwards.

Its hatch opened and purple lizardmen flew out from inside, their numbers in the thousands.

These lizardmen had golden vertical pupils and purple tongues, and they possessed advanced energy cannons and strong armour fastened on the purple scales of their arms.

The thousand-plus lizard-men all flew up and stared at the earthlings below with contempt.

“People came out of it.

Looking at their appearances, are they aliens” Someone shouted.

“Ah, how can they fly… Is it a superpower”

“No, the powerful martial artists can also fly.

They must be very powerful!” People discussed in panic.

The situation didn’t look good.

Just like when they came, these people hid in their cars, started the engine, and fled in disorder.

Towards the unknown, there was often awe and fear.

“How are these earthlings”

“Boss Ayer, the Battle Power of these Earthlings is—surprisingly—very low, only two or three points!” The subordinate adjusted the energy detector and reported to Boss Ayer with a relaxed face.

“Hehe, trash!”

Ayer smiled cruelly and took a deep breath of the clear air while looking at the blue sky.

“Earth is unexpectedly beautiful.

It is simply a waste to allow these inferior earthlings to possess it, but that’s fine too; it is suitable as our temporary base.”

Exiled in the universe for so long, Earth was the most beautiful planet he had ever seen.

“Children, conquer this planet for me and kill all the earthlings!” Ayer issued an order full of killing intent.


The purple lizardman licked their lips.

After hearing their Boss’ order, they excitedly roared, moving their arms downward with their bones creaking.

Then, the thousand-plus lizardmen scattered.

Suddenly, the silhouettes of lizardman were everywhere in the sky.

They raised their hands, and the energy cannons on their arms begin to gather energy.

Soon, the tubular cannon’s mouth lit up with dark-orange rays of light, and a cluster of fiery energies was ejected from the cannon’s barrel.


An explosion soared into the sky, and a huge mushroom cloud suddenly appeared high in the sky.

Immediately, East City turned into purgatory.

The towering buildings were destroyed with a loud explosion.

The thick smoke dispersed as soon it emerged, and visibility was restored as crumbling walls and zigzag cracks appeared everywhere.

One-tenth of the city was annihilated in an instant.

Suddenly, the detector beeped, and a series of numbers appeared in front of them.

“Um What’s going on”

“Heavens, there are suddenly a lot of powerful energies on Earth; 1830, 1950, 1600…” One of the lizardmen tapped on the detector and cried out in surprise.

“They are getting closer!”

“What” Ayer was taken aback.

But soon after, his expression turned indifferent once again, and he said, “There is no need to panic.

They are just a bunch of small fries.

I will pinch them to death with just one hand.”

Ayer possessed the capital to be proud.

The Ayer Star Pirates ruled over more than 10 Intermediate level planets in their heyday by relying on his powerful strength.

Although the Ayer Star Pirates suffered heavy losses under Cui’s pursuit, the people that suddenly appeared had less than two thousand Battle Power, so he didn’t have to take them seriously.

As the boss, Ayer had an astonishing 9600 Battle Power, and he was a powerful expert who could be regarded as one of the best in the universe.

In the original work, Raditz—who had around 1000 Battle Power—was already very arrogant, and he did not put the planet’s aboriginals in his eyes.

Moreover, Raditz could move unhindered through the universe, which showed that the overall strength of Universe 7 was not very high.

Naturally, Ayer didn’t put these energy sources in his eyes, and his subordinates wouldn’t either.

These lizardmen, who were wearing energy cannons, couldn’t be said to have high Battle Power.

Except for the two hundred whose Battle Powers exceeded one thousand, the remaining lizardmen had less than one thousand Battle Power.

They were the capital that Ayer intended to use to stage a comeback in the future.

He couldn’t lose them on Earth.

“Children, cheer up… Find those energy sources and kill them!”

“Kill them, kill them!”


The group of lizardmen cheered, and their eyes sparkled with fervent light.

Amidst the crazed shouts of the lizardmen, a fierce wind suddenly erupted and fluctuations appeared in the air as a few beams of light flashed across the horizon before arriving in the blink of an eye.

Goku and others had arrived in the sky above the East City.

When they saw the city below that had already turned into ruins, everyone except Piccolo had ugly expressions.

“These evil guys just arrived on Earth but they have already destroyed a large part of the city.

The losses are disastrous!” Chi-Chi was so angry that her complexion turned pale.

“We definitely can’t spare them!” Krillin shouted indignantly.

“Heh heh, there are only six people Well, after all, it is a low-level planet.

It is already a miracle for these fighters to appear.” Ayer smiled and shook his head, seemingly very relaxed.

“Bawa, report these people’s Battle Power.”

“Yes, boss.”

After saying that, the lizardman called Bawa flashed his golden pupils as he inspected Yamcha, Krillin, Yajirobe, Chi-Chi and others.

“Their Battle Power is 1830, 1950, 1600, 1920, and…”

When he arrived at Goku and Piccolo, Bawa suddenly paused, speechless.

“What’s wrong” Ayer shouted in displeasure.

Bawa said with a stutter, “Boss, these two people’s Battle Power is … 9160 and 9030…” Bawa was very flustered because this Battle Power was not much worse compared to his Boss, Ayer.


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