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Sensing the chaotic aura transmitted from outer space which also revealed sinister intentions, Krillin and Yamcha’s countenance instantly sank, and they felt slightly uneasy.

Earlier, when Bardock and some other Saiyans appeared in front of them, they learned that there was extraterrestrial life outside Earth.

Compared with the aliens, Earth’s strength was very weak, so they continued to train hard.

In addition to pursuing their martial arts, they also had to protect Earth, and now, the scenario they were worried about the most had happened.

Krillin looked up.

There were still traces of shock on his face as he said in surprise, “There are nearly one thousand auras, and every one of them is very powerful.”

Yamcha was silent for a while before he muttered.

“This time, Earth is really in trouble.

Amongst these auras, few are far beyond our imagination.”

“Let’s go… let’s go to the Lookout first!”

Krillin and Yamcha glanced at each other, and then their figures became blurred.

They suddenly turned into two rays of lights, flying towards the Lookout.

After a few flashes, they turned into black dots and disappeared.

Mount Paozu.

Goku was training in an open area when he sensed the auras coming from outer space.

Goku raised his head and his eyes suddenly turned sharp.

“Goku, what’s wrong” Bulma, who had already returned from space, was sitting on the side while carrying a teacup.

She had been looking at Goku training with great interest, but she noticed that something was amiss with her husband’s face, prompting her to ask.

Goku frowned and said, “There are a lot of powerful auras approaching Earth, and their aura is very sinister.”

“Are they invaders”

“Most likely, yes.

Bulma, you bring Gohan and hide first; I will go and take a look.” Goku removed the training weights off his wrist while saying to Bulma.

“Ah, Gohan is not here…” Bulma said in a panic.

“Here is the little demon.” Following an icy voice, Piccolo walked over while carrying a 2 to 3-year-old child.

The little guy was curled up, his tail swaying behind him.

Bulma’s expression changed, and she quickly stepped forward and shouted, “Piccolo, let go of Gohan!”

“Tch!” Piccolo coldly snorted in disdain, and casually threw over the child in his hand.

“Later, manage this little devil, and don’t let him run over to me all day.

If you want to let a stinking brat hinder the pace of this demon king to conquer the world, then you are too naive.”

Hurriedly stepping forward and catching Gohan, Bulma hugged him and glared at Piccolo.

‘This King Piccolo has been living on Mount Paozu for two to three years.

It’s already nice of me not to collect rent from him, so how dare he treat my child like this!’

At this time, Goku smiled and stepped forward.

“Piccolo, I am going to the Lookout; do you want to go together”

Piccolo’s face was cold as he sneered.

“Why won’t I go The earth belongs to this demon king, so nobody should even think about snatching it.

Also, while we’re at it, I’ll have a look at that disgusting old guy…”

“Then let’s go together!” Goku didn’t summon Flying Nimbus; rather, he floated in midair together with Piccolo.

“Bulma, I am going to the Lookout with Piccolo.

Be careful.”

“Umm, Goku, you be careful too.”

Carrying Gohan in her arms, Bulma raised her head and waved at Goku.

In response, Goku nodded and quickly hurried towards the Lookout with Piccolo.

“Mom… Dad and Uncle Piccolo, where are they going”

“Dad and Piccolo are going to fight the bad guys.”

“Fight the bad guys I also want to go.” Hearing that, Gohan cheerfully gesticulated around.

His strength was so great that Bulma had some difficulty holding him back.

“No, no, no, if you want to fight, wait until you are all grown up!”


The Lookout.

In the blue sky, a few floating white clouds kept changing shape.

Chi-Chi was wearing white female Kami clothes, her long black hair fluttering down as she muttered, “This time, we are really in trouble.”

“The number of opponents is around one thousand, and each one is formidable.

There aren’t many experts on Earth who can be a match for them.” Old Kami’s voice contained helplessness.

His green skin, which was covered with wrinkles, was somewhat black.

Although Old Kami had long known that Earth couldn’t be detached from the great order of the universe forever and had been preparing for this day, the current warriors on Earth were still not fully matured.

However, the existence of earth had already been discovered by powerful extraterrestrial forces.

Now, they could only confront them, but they will have to pay a heavy price.

Mr Popo, who was on the side, said, “Goku, Piccolo and others are rushing over here.”

“Piccolo is also coming”

Old Kami was a little shocked.

After a while, Old Kami’s face revealed a smile; he seemed to approve of Piccolo’s actions.

After the martial arts tournament of three years ago, Old Kami had been observing Piccolo.

It wasn’t until he settled down on Mount Paozu and obediently trained that he felt relieved.

“If Piccolo is willing to contribute for the earth, then he will be different from the previous Great Demon King.”

While the old Kami and others were lost in thought, several figures flew onto the Lookout as a long light ray trailed behind them.

Goku and Piccolo arrived first because they were close, followed by Krillin and Yamcha.

After a while, a plump figure appeared.

Yajirobe arrived while carrying a katana.

“Oh, you are all already here!” Yajirobe greeted them.

Goku looked at him, puzzled.

He couldn’t remember Yajirobe, so he asked.

“Who are you You look familiar.”

Krillin said in a low voice, “He is Yajirobe.

He has participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament before.”

“Oh, it’s him.

It was a shame about the last time’s match.

What he is best at should be a sword.” Goku suddenly realized.

Urgh! Urgh!

Old Kami coughed and said, “The situation is already known to everyone.

Earth is facing a huge crisis.

Currently, only you can protect the earth.”

As he said that, old Kami was a bit ashamed.

When the earth was facing a crisis, he couldn’t even play a little role.

“Old codger, don’t be mistaken.

I am not doing it to protect earth; rather, I don’t want my territory to fall into the hands of others.” Piccolo revealed his sharp teeth, his whole body emitting an evil Ki.

Old Kami looked straight at him before he turned his sight to Goku and others.

“Leave it to us… We will do our best to protect Earth.”

“This time the enemy is very strong, so you all have to be very careful.

I’ll let Mr Popo go to the mortal world to gather the dragon balls, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Fight with all of your strength!”

Facing a major matter of principles, old Kami knew what to choose.

“All right!”

“Hehe, I haven’t had a hearty fight in a long time.” Goku clenched his fist, his fighting spirit rising.

“Among the few of us, I might be the weakest, but I am many times stronger than three years ago!” Yamcha exercised his limbs, his face glowing with confidence.

Immediately, a powerful aura erupted out.

The strength of the aura was not much worse than the Goku of that year.

“1800 Battle Power! As expected, Yamcha has been working hard in training!”

Goku measured with the specific standard of the universe, and then grinned with happiness.

His current Ki was much stronger than what he displayed in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

This was also the result of everyone’s concentrated training in the past few years.

“Idiot… With just this trivial strength, you dare to make a spectacle of yourself.

During the fight, you can only be cannon fodder.”

After saying this, Piccolo closed his eyes in disdain.

Yamcha angrily smiled.

Ignoring Piccolo, he turned towards Goku and asked, “Goku, you must have become stronger.

Do you have the confidence to defeat the enemy”

Yajirobe knew that Goku and Piccolo had been training on Mount Paozu.

The equipment that they used there was simply tailor-made for training. ‘With Goku’s potential, he must’ve become very powerful.’

Goku scratched his head and laughed out loud before his countenance turned serious.

“Those sinister auras are very strong.

The strongest among them has strength above mine.

If Piccolo is added, it should not be a problem to beat back that person, but their numbers are simply too high.”

On Earth’s side, their fighting force was at most six even if Chi-Chi was added together, which was simply incomparable to the opponent’s thousand plus people.

Also, the so-called God of Martial Arts, Master Roshi, was already someone past his prime, and he could no longer exhibit his martial arts in this situation.

If they let him go fight, it will reflect that they don’t respect the old

Goku’s words brought some confidence to the nervous group of people.

It was good that Goku and Piccolo were confident that they could confront the opponents strongest.

If they were a little bit careful, there might be some hope of defeating the opponent.

“Has the location where they will land been calculated”

“It has been calculated.

The landing point is in the East of the northern hemisphere, near East City.” Chi-Chi nodded and told them the information.

“Near East City, isn’t that very close to Central City’s government” Krillin said in surprise.

“East City is an important city, so let’s go first and meet them!”

Yamcha twisted his neck, creating “crunching” sounds.

He was the first to act.

With a murderous look on his face, the aura around his body surged and he flashed away, heading towards East City.

“Hehe, that Yamcha, he didn’t even wait for us.

He dares to abandon us and leave by himself.

Goku, let’s catch up with him.” Krillin grinned and expressed his dissatisfaction; after that, he turned into a beam of light and jumped down from the Lookout.


“Hey, I also want my katana to taste the blood of the aliens.” Raising his katana high, the blade glistening with a cold light, Yajirobe coolly jumped down from the Lookout.


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