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Universe 10’s Angel was called Kusu.

She was the youngest of the Angels of the 12 universes, and because she was young*, she was not calm and collected like Vados or Whis.

[*In this book, Kusu is referred to as the youngest and weakest angel, but she is actually the oldest and most powerful angel.

So, I will translate according to what the author of this book has written.]

A good example of this is when she said that Xiaya didn’t have muscles.

To be honest, even though Xiaya’s build was thin, it was not that he was without muscles.

It was just that he didn’t have knotty muscles like a bodybuilder.

Vados said with helplessness, “Kusu, how many times have I told you, there is no relationship between being a strong expert and a muscle man.”

The little Angel nodded then suddenly said, “But, nowadays, muscular men are quite popular.

If you have muscles, then you have strength.

Rumsshi-sama said so.”

Vados was dumbfounded for a while, feeling that her words were ineffective.

She used her fingers to stroke her forehead and said in a cold voice, “Don’t listen to Rumsshi-sama.

You are an Angel, so you must have the ability to judge things by yourself.”

‘Why are these guys from Universe 10 all brawn and no brains Was it really appropriate to send Kusu there’ Vados suddenly had some doubts.

‘Universe 10’s God of Destruction, Rumsshi, is really… He refuses to use his brain; instead, he uses his body to consider all his actions.’

‘Maybe, I should let Kusu go to Universe 11 and let Angel Marcarita properly educate her…’

Vados hesitated.

Later, Vados introduced her to Xiaya.

“This child is Angel Kusu of Universe 10.

She arrived here just now.”

Xiaya nodded in understanding and stared at the little Angel who looked quite young.

Her pale, blue-coloured cheeks looked soft and tender.

Suddenly, Xiaya had the impulse to reach out his hand and pinch her face, but he quickly restrained himself.

Although Kusu looked young, her identity was still that of an Angel.

She may not be as powerful as Vados, but she could easily teach Xiaya a lesson.

“Hello, my name is Xiaya, and I’ve come from Universe 7.”

Xiaya reached out his hand and introduced himself.


Kusu’s eyes opened wide, and then she gave a bizarre smile and suddenly attacked Xiaya without warning.

Shocked, Xiaya’s body unconsciously moved away, instantly retreating by several hundred meters.

However, Kusu tiptoed and moved in a straight line, light as a feather, and extended the sceptre in her hand to the front, hitting Xiaya with the crystal ball.


A tremendous force of thousands of catties penetrated through the plane, causing Xiaya to involuntarily fly backwards for several kilometres along a straight line.

In midair, Xiaya opened both of his hands and the space-time ability instantly launched, stopping his body midair.

However, when he raised his head, Kusu’s little face was very close to his, her blue-grey pupils revealing joy as if she had gotten a toy.


Xiaya was shocked, and he broke out into cold sweat.

He knew that the Angel was very strong and with his minuscule strength, he was basically not her match, but only when Kusu attacked him did he discover that the gap between them was so big.

“I’ll let you see my full strength.”

Not admitting defeat, Xiaya growled, and a blazing flame suddenly burst out.

Xiaya’s golden hair rose into the sky as he instantly transformed into the Full Power Super Saiyan 2 state.

There was no lightning, and no extra power was leaking.

The powerful aura caused great waves.

Except for the golden lustre and the sparkling area of light surrounding him, Xiaya’s transformation could be said to be very ordinary.

However, normally, it contained an extremely frightening strength.

This symbolised the return to one’s natural state that could only be achieved after reaching a certain level.

It was also the result of Xiaya’s continuous experiences in recent years.

“Oh, his appearance changed.” As she stared at the person in front of her whose appearance had abruptly changed, a hint of astonishment flashed on the little Angel’s face.

“This is the Super Saiyan form.

In this state, Xiaya’s strength will multiply,” Vados, standing below, said with a faint smile.

She didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping the fight.

Saiyans also existed in Universe 6, but they didn’t seem to have learned the method of transforming into a Super Saiyan.

Kusu nodded with curiosity, and her melodious voice echoed beside Xiaya’s ear, “So it’s a transformation ability.

Such an explosive power is not a power belonging to you under Normal State.

Using such power, your body is under tremendous pressure, right”

Kusu shook her head and continued, “This is not good.

It will likely cause your body to collapse.”

“For example, like this!”

Spinning the sceptre in her hand across the sky a few times, Kusu suddenly moved forward a little bit and pointed the crystal ball above the sceptre towards Xiaya.

She lightly tapped his chest with it while he still hadn’t recovered.


A ripple undulated out.

All of a sudden, Xiaya felt weak as if his entire body’s strength had been drawn out it.


He reverted to his Normal State from the Super Saiyan form and fiercely panted as he fell to the ground.

“How can this be!” Xiaya gasped.

His strength in the Full Power Super Saiyan 2 state rivalled an ordinary Super Saiyan 3; even so, he lost so easily

Moreover, his defeat was dubious!

“The power gained from transformation looks powerful, but it is, after all, not a power you can fully control.

You exchange for formidable strength by putting a burden on your body.

In that case, can your body really keep up with your strength”

“No! Looking at your appearance, it seems that your body can already keep up with your strength.

You really did well by not letting even a little bit of your aura leak out, but even if your body can hold on, will your discerning ability keep up” Kusu tilted her head and said.

Each question knocked on Xiaya’s heart, leaving him speechless.

Kusu’s words were like a bolt from the blue striking his heart, making him a little dizzy.

However, he knew deep in his heart that Kusu’s words were correct.

Kusu was an angel, so even though she was young, She grasped real knowledge.

Like a knock on the door, it opened his heart and he suddenly felt the road ahead become clear.

Yes, the Super Saiyan transformation gave him formidable strength, but at the same time, it let him forget that this was not his real strength under Normal State; rather, it was something that let him exhibit an above-average strength, similar to Kaio-ken, by putting strain on his body to draw out a formidable strength ahead of time.

His Normal State’s Battle Power, however, did not become stronger.

In a situation where his Normal State’s Battle Power remains unchanged, could his body adapt to the sudden increase in power Moreover, even if it could adapt at Full Power State, could he exhibit 100 per cent of this power

That was not possible.

Xiaya had been slightly aware that his Normal State’s Battle Power had not grown significantly since he transformed into a Super Saiyan, and his strength during a battle was mainly reflected in his Super Saiyan transformation.

Old Supreme Kai once warned Goku that the Super Saiyan and further transformations were a kind of evil method.

His words were not fully correct, but it showed a little bit of the situation.

Xiaya’s Battle Power after transforming into Full Power Super Saiyan 2 was around twenty billion.

This was the result brought by the transformation’s amplification.

Moreover, his main Battle Power at that time was not more than 60 million.

When he reached Full Power Super Saiyan, his Battle Power was about 5 billion, and his main Battle Power was about 50 million.

Over the years, his body’s Battle Power had only increased by more than 10 million!

Xiaya realized that this could pose a problem.

“If I continue this way, my Battle Power will only look superficial, just like duckweed without roots, filled with an illusory feeling of emptiness.”

‘Just like a nouveau riche who has won a big amount of money, although he has gained a lot of wealth, his frame of mind, his outlook, and his bearings have not been able to keep up with his wealth!’

‘I must merge the Super Saiyan state’s power into my body, so that the Super Saiyan state’s power can become my Normal State’s power, just like the Ultimate State of Gohan,’ Xiaya furrowed his brows and thought.

After Gohan reached the Ultimate State, the power of the Super Saiyan transformation and his power combined into one, truly achieving an enhancement at the root.

The best way to reach the Ultimate State was to challenge the Creating God Star and use the mystical Creating God Star to enhance his dimension.

Of course, Xiaya could also have the old Supreme Kai unlock his potential, but this seemed to be a method of over-drafting; thus, Xiaya was not willing to try it.

At this time, seeing Xiaya fall into thought, Vados covered her mouth and chuckled.

“It seems that you have found your future path.”

Xiaya opened his eyes and a glint flashed in his eyes.

He nodded and said, “Yes, I have found it.

I had realized it a long time ago, but I didn’t pay enough importance to it.

Today, I met Miss Kusu and finally realized it.”

Each layer of the Creating God Star can enhance a person’s dimension.

This was not necessarily an improvement in strength, but it was a good training method for “one’s inner cultivation.”

Moreover, if Xiaya intended to truly fuse the power of the Super Saiyan state into his body, it was best to wait for his breakthrough to Super Saiyan 3.

At that time, his body’s endurance capability would reach the limit, and it would be impossible to make further breakthroughs.

Then, by relying on the magical property of the Creating God Star, Xiaya could fuse with the power of Super Saiyan 3 to achieve the perfect state.


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