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While the Ayer Star Pirates were flying towards Earth, quite far away from them, Cui was inspecting his vicinity in a spaceship as he continuously attacked primitive planets.

Under the pressure of his powerful Battle Power which was more than 15,000, the aboriginals’ resistance was futile.

They were directly suppressed by Cui as easy as crushing dry weeds.

“Ha ha ha, one more planet has been suppressed.

I have contributed 13 planets to King Frieza.

Umm, it’s still not enough…” Cui muttered to himself while sitting in the cockpit.

Cui was an indigo skinned alien with two antennas at the corners of his mouth.

There was a vent-like tubular lump of meat on both sides of his head.

His current Battle Power was around 16,800.

Cui and Vegeta were sworn enemies.

Cui found Vegeta unpleasant to the eyes, but these few years, Vegeta had been growing even stronger; thus, he could only bury the dissatisfaction in his heart, not daring to reveal it.

Cui dreaded Vegeta, so he made a detour every time he saw him.

Presently, Cui was building achievements non-stop in hopes that King Frieza could get him out of his predicament in the future.

“Hm How did the Ayer Star Pirates’ signal disappear” As he noticed the disappearance of the signal representing the Ayer Star Pirates on the screen, Cui tsked and ignored it.

He turned to count the number of Planets on the screen.

“One, two, three, four… Um, there are still eleven low-level planets here.

Planet Sishui… Start from this target!”

Cui touched his chin.

He was prepared to spend a few years to conquer all eleven planets.


Deep into the night sky, the stars were twinkling.

Vegeta’s spaceship was berthed on an orange planet.

This place had a stronghold occupied by Frieza, and it was used as an outpost in the southern part of the North Area.

At this time, Vegeta was training using the new generation Saibamen.

With a loud sound, the Saibamen’s head was shattered and a purple, fluid-like substance splashed on the ground.

After wiping his hands clean, Vegeta snorted disdainfully and walked out of the experiment cabin.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

As he stood outside, Nappa clapped and said, “Vegeta, you are getting increasingly powerful.

This new generation Saibamen had an average Battle Power of 5,000, but you killed it effortlessly.”

Vegeta glanced at Nappa and nodded slightly.

He then said in an indifferent voice, “This little Battle Power is still far from enough.

Let’s go, we will head out to challenge more powerful targets.”

“Vegeta, are you going to carry out missions” Nappa suddenly asked.

Vegeta disdainfully raised his eyebrows and gave an evil smile.

“Mission Why would I go slave away for Frieza I am going out so that I can get even stronger and then kill Frieza with my own hands!”

Vegeta growled, his voice icy and ruthless.

However, right now, Vegeta was still far from the goal of killing Frieza.

Nappa trembled in fear.

One moment he recalled Frieza’s dreadfulness, and the next moment, he thought of he and Vegeta’s recent improvement in strength; finally, Nappa took a breath and kept up with Vegeta’s footsteps.

“50,000 Battle Power is far from enough.

I need to get stronger!” Vegeta walked in front while thinking inwardly.

Without any good training method, and just by fighting continuously, Vegeta reached 50,000 Battle Power.

He was the first person of Planet Vegeta since ancient times to achieve this feat.


The higher dimension of Universe 7.

With a serious expression, Xiling and Myers adopted a fighting stance.

They stood opposite Whis.

While facing Whis, they didn’t dare to lower their guard.

Whis smiled calmly and walked towards them leisurely.

He didn’t have the slightest aura on his body.

Xiling and Myers could only rely on their naked eyes to perceive it!

However, how could the speed of the naked eyes keep up with Whis’ movements


Whis suddenly appeared beside Xiling like a ghost, reached out his palm and placed it her shoulder; then, Whis exerted strength, causing Xiling to flew out.

After a series of swift steps, Myers was also sent flying.

In the sky, after turning over several times, Xiling and Myers landed on the ground.

The two women leaned against each other; they seemed to be pondering.

Their black eyes kept rolling around, and then they looked at Whis with a serious expression.

Seeing both women gradually enter the state, Whis indifferently smiled, and then his figure disappeared from their line of sight again.


To cater to Xiling and Myers’ strength, he had already reduced his strength to a very low level.

Another attack.

Then, his toes touched the ground.


The dust flew up, and the ground trembled.

Xiling and Myers both flew out, and the place where they stood previously looked as if a huge hammer had smashed it, as spider-like cracks spread out in all directions.

“Hey…” Xiling and Myers’ eyes flashed with a bright light.

They were happy to escape the attack.

However, their happiness was short-lived.

Although they had escaped the first attack, they weren’t able to escape the next one.

Bang! Bang!

They flew out with pale expressions and sank deep in a huge crater.

At this time, they heard Whis’s indifferent voice.

“Your body obviously can’t keep up with your thoughts.

Don’t use your eyes to observe.

Sometimes, you might as well try to turn your movements into your body’s instincts!”

Whis’s diligently taught them.

There were too many unknown abilities in the universe, and there were times when sensing Ki might not necessarily have a good effect.

If they were too dependent on it, then just like the majority of the people in the universe who relied on detectors, they would gradually lose some of their potentials.

However high the mountain is, there was always another one higher.

In the early stages, the use of Ki could improve the skills of the martial arts.

However, in the later stages, they would rather regress.

Of course, these were all very high-level stuff, and ordinary lifeforms might not come into contact with these.

However, Xiling and Myers were different, so long as they were with Xiaya, they were bound to encounter a variety of bizarre characters in the future.

Moreover, Whis was teaching more profound martial arts which were very useful to them.


Then, Whis began to train Xiling and Myers’ combat awareness and how to perceive the rhythm of a battle.

Fortunately, Xiling and Myers were excellent warriors themselves, just like a sponge, gradually absorbing Whis’ knowledge.

Universe 6’s side.

Xiaya kept challenging the strong experts according to the list provided by Vados.

Although it was only swapping pointers and not a battle of life and death, Xiaya still felt that his strength was constantly improving.

It felt like he had returned to the arduous training of his childhood once again.

This was a hearty feeling that he hadn’t felt for a very long time.

After entering the Full Power Super Saiyan 2, Xiaya felt that he had entered a perfect state.

Then, he roused his energy to try to break through the barrier of Super Saiyan 3, but the barrier was extremely firm.

However, even after spending a lot of time, he wasn’t able to succeed.

Helpless, Xiaya could only continue to polish his body.


After completing yet another challenge, Xiaya appeared in the God of Destruction’s world.

At this time, the God of Destruction, Champa, had already gone to sleep, and normally, Vados should have been alone.

However, when Xiaya returned, he found that it was not like this.

At this moment, there was a short and thin kid next to Vados.

It was a little girl of less than 1.2m in height with a single braided side pigtail.

She was wearing a purple and black divine robe, and a blue halo was floating around her neck.

‘This little girl is also an Angel’ Xiaya pondered, ‘But is there such a petite little kid among the angels’

Xiaya recalled the information about the twelve universes that Whis had told him in the past.

‘This little loli is the Angel of Universe 10.

It seems she is called Kusu.’ Recalling the information in his mind, Xiaya determined.

At this time, the Loli Angel also spotted Xiaya, and she asked Vados next to her, “Sister Vados, who is this human, and why is he on the God of Destruction’s Planet”

“He is a trainee Time Enforcer of Universe 7, and he is currently in Universe 6 for training,” Vados introduced in a cold voice.

Hearing that, Loli Angel Kusu’s eyes lit up, and she circled around Xiaya with interest while dragging her sceptre, as if to find something on his body.

After a while, the blue-grey eyes showed disappointment as she said, “There are no muscles at all.

He doesn’t look like an expert!”

Xiaya was too surprised to utter a word.

‘How can an expert be determined by their muscle! So, only a man with muscles is an expert… Ah!’ Xiaya suddenly felt that there was some problem with the three views of this Loli Angel.


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