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“You are Saiyans of Planet Sadala” Xiaya looked at them and asked again.

His attitude was neither haughty nor humble as he couldn’t tell if they were friend or foe.

The leader of these Saiyans knitted his brows.

With a strong awareness of territory, he treated Xiaya who had suddenly paid a visit as an enemy.

“This is Planet Sadala… you don’t know” After saying that, the numerous Saiyans stepped forward and encircled Xiaya.

‘He is treating me as an intruder…’ Xiaya found it laughable.

However, Xiaya knew that if he was in the same position and a stranger entered Planet Hongshan for no reason, he would have also done the same.

“Don’t misunderstand, I am not your enemy.

I am only here to take away the Super Dragon Ball.” Pointing his finger at the Super Dragon Ball on the side, Xiaya said with a smile.

However, this only incurred their wrath.

A short-tempered Saiyan said angrily, “Are you still saying that you are not an intruder The Crystal Planet is the place we Saiyans do combat training.”

After saying that, the Saiyans seemed to be on the verge of besieging Xiaya.

The Saiyans of Universe 6 were committed to maintaining peace in the universe, just like Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans under the leadership of Xiaya.

However, compared to Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans, Planet Sadala’s Saiyans were more in harmony with the universe’ order.

Similarly, they also bore more responsibility for maintaining the peace of the universe, so they usually had higher requirements for training.

The crystal Dragon Ball’s super-strong “geological environment” was their excellent training place, so there was no need to worry about the destruction of the site.

However, Xiaya didn’t care about this.

For his daughter, Meifei, he had to take away the Super Dragon Ball.

At this time, Xiaya lifted his head and a breathtaking cold light flashed in his pitch-black eyes.

Suddenly, a violent aura swept out, and the whole starry sky became unstable.

As they sensed the world-shaking movements, the Saiyans were gobsmacked.

The Saiyan leader quickly asked, “Your Excellency, did you really come over just to take away this crystal planet”

“Of course!”

When he heard Xiaya’s answer, the Saiyan leader found himself in a dilemma.

With the strength Xiaya showcased, the Saiyans obviously could not deal with him, but they were unwilling to hand over the crystal planet to him just like this.

They were unwilling to do so because they gained an excellent training ground after obtaining this mysterious planet.

“What should I choose” The leader was troubled.

He felt intense pressure from the unfamiliar man’s body.

He knew that even all the Saiyans together would not necessarily be his match, but a Saiyan’s innate pride made him unwilling to admit defeat.

Seeing the hesitation of the opposite party, Xiaya no longer cared about their thoughts.

He immediately pushed his palm forward.

Suddenly, a thick barrier appeared out of thin air and pressed down on the Saiyans, forcibly pushing them far away.

After that, not caring about their reactions, Xiaya immediately used the space-time ability to start moving the super planet.

The Saiyans, as if slapped by a monstrous wave, were pushed far away before they could react.

At this moment, the scene that played out before them was one that would be hard to forget for the rest of their lives.


They saw a dense sparkling light suddenly cover the surface of the crystal planet.

The silvery light suddenly flashed, and then the whole planet disappeared from the universe without any sign.

At the same time, the mysterious man also disappeared.

“What’s going on The Crystal Planet actually disappeared.”


The Saiyans all started talking at once.

At this moment, the leader burst into a cold sweat on his forehead, and he began to rejoice in his heart, ‘Fortunately, that person did not have evil intentions towards us; otherwise, relying on his strength, our Saiyan race may have encountered a disaster.’

The leader couldn’t imagine the consequences of provoking someone so powerful, but he imagined that it would definitely not be good for the Saiyan race.

If Xiaya knew that the other Saiyans were uneasy because of his actions, he would definitely be amused.

How could he bring harm to the Saiyans when he was also a Saiyan

However, at this time, Xiaya didn’t have the time to care about the feelings of others.

Although Whis’s supernatural power could keep Meifei in a normal infant state for a year, Xiaya was still in a hurry.

He wanted to resolve the ailments in his daughter’s body as quickly as possible.

After putting the first Super Dragon Ball in an appropriate place, Xiaya continued to look for the second one, and the third one…

About an hour later, three Super Dragon Balls were floating together in an orderly fashion.

Now, there was only one Super Dragon Ball left.

“From the place shown in the Dragon Ball radar, the last Super Dragon Ball is in the South Area.” Comparing with the star map in his mind, Xiaya muttered and instantly teleported to South Area.


Sacred World of the Kai.

Vados appeared in front of the Supreme Kai of Universe 6.

The green-skinned Supreme Kai was obese, and he was often asleep.

The fat Supreme Kai, wearing a red Supreme Kai costume, looked like a round onion bulb.

“Miss Vados, what have you come for” Supreme Kai Fuwa yawned as if he was still drowsy.

Even when facing the respected Vados, he still acted like this.

Vados said, “Supreme Kai, I hope you can do me a favour and find the experts of Universe 6…”

“Oh, okay.”

Supreme Kai Fuwa was too lazy to ask for a reason.

He directly asked his Attendant to find the information and hand it to Vados.

“Miss Vados, this is the list of all the powerful experts of Universe 6.”

“Thank you.”

After receiving the list, Vados politely thanked him.

Seeing the Supreme Kai Fuwa being his usual self, she faintly smiled and left the Sacred World of the Kai.

The green-skinned Supreme Kai watched Vados leave and quickly lay on the grass lazily.

Before long, he started to doze.

Supreme Kai Fuwa was quite lazy.

He cared about nothing but sleep all day.


Xiaya continued to be busy in the mortal world.

Soon, he had collected all Four Super Dragon Balls.

He raised his fingers and contacted Whis using the Time Ring.

After a while, Whis and Vados arrived simultaneously in the starry sky of the mortal world.

“Xiaya, since you have gathered the Dragon Balls so quickly, I will send you back to Universe 7,” Vados said coldly.

“Thank you,” Xiaya said sincerely.

Vados nodded, glanced at Whis and continued, “By the way, I have something to tell you.

According to Whis’s suggestion, after you are done utilising the Super Dragon Balls, you will return to Universe 6, and I will arrange some opponents for you.”


Hearing Vados’ words, Xiaya was first dumbfounded, and following that, he was surprised.

He couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

It was clear that Vados intended to train him.

Although it was already rare for him to have an excellent teacher like Whis, If Vados was also willing to train him, he would be able to absorb the strength of both of them; moreover, this was exactly what Xiaya wanted.

Vados and Whis were the strongest experts of Universe 6 and Universe 7, so if they regarded him highly, Xiaya knew that it was definitely related to his identity as a Time Enforcer.

He mused, ‘It seems that they hope to leave behind an escape route for their own universe!’

But this was also what Xiaya wanted.

As the saying goes, everyone takes what they need!

“Let’s go, but firstly, let’s bring the Super Dragon Balls over to Universe 7,” At this time, Whis lightly coughed and said.

Xiaya returned to himself and repeatedly nodded.

Then, he saw Whis and Vados slightly move their sceptre at the same time.

Illusory ripples spread out in all directions and raised two colourful rays of light.

The light flashed and two brightly coloured beams entered the void, bringing along the four Super Dragon Balls and Xiaya.

When it reappeared, it was already in Universe 7.

“Whis, the other three Super Dragon Balls are at the border of the universe,” Xiaya smiled, his mood pretty good.

Whis said, “Go by yourself and remember to come back here after you have made your wish.”

After arriving in the Universe 7, Xiaya didn’t need Whis and Vados’ help to move the Dragon Balls; he could use Instant Transmission to bring the Super Dragon Balls along with him.

Thus, Xiaya nodded to Whis and Vados and quickly brought the four Super Dragon Balls along to meet with Myers and others.

On the other side, Myers was waiting quietly in space for a long time.

Finally, the void plane rippled like lake water, and four huge planets pierced through the void and slowly appeared.

The four Super Dragon Balls quickly echoed with the other three Super Dragon Balls, giving low roaring sounds.

Hum! Hum! Hum!


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