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To the future Time Enforcer, Champa was going to give some face.

He glanced at Xiaya with a profound look and turned to ask Vados, “Why have they come here”

“Champa-sama, he came to Universe 6 to gather the wishing beads,” Vados explained calmly, without any changes on her expression.

“Ha Wishing beads Not giving, not giving… You Universe 7 people secretly took them away last time and used it once; now, you still want the wishing beads!” Champa’s golden pupils opened wide as he flatly refused, just recalling the matter of Vados secretly giving the wishing beads to Universe 7 last time left Champa feeling incensed.

“Champa-sama, I don’t want your wishing beads for free.”

As he said this, Xiaya stepped forward and took out a plate of fried omelettes.

The wonderful smell of spring onions and eggs was transmitted over.

As he sniffed it, Champa couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.


With saliva dripping, Champa’s throat squirmed, and he opened his mouth to say, “Hey, it’s so fragrant! What is this"

“Omelette, a food made from the eggs of magical creatures," Xiaya replied.

“Quick, let me have a taste!”

Xiaya smiled and handed over the omelette.

Champa took it and lightly touched its surface with his fingertips, and then he sent it to his mouth, swallowing it down.

Immediately, the wonderful taste came in contact with his taste buds, and an unprecedented feeling of happiness passed through his oral cavity via nerves, transmitting to his brain and the rest of his body.

Champa was almost moved to tears.

Champa narrowed his eyes, with traces of translucent tears at the corners of his eyes.

He licked his lips as a lingering fragrance was left in his mouth and praised unabashedly, “It’s so delicious.

I have never eaten such delicious food before! It is even tastier than the egg of Baron Bird made by Vados.”

“Hey, if you can take out more food as good as this, I can consider letting you take away the wishing beads.”

As he said this, Champa pretended to majestically stick out his chest.

“This…” Xiaya seemed to be a little embarrassed.

He stealthily glanced at Vados, and Champa quickly sensed it and waved his hand, saying, “Don’t worry; I know that there are very few delicacies in this world that are more delicious than the omelette you just took out.

Thus, as long as it can approach the level of that omelette—even by a little bit—I will regard it as a pass…”

“Really Please wait, Champa-sama.”

Xiaya glanced at Vados again.

When he saw Vados nodding slightly, Xiaya seemed to have made a huge decision as he took out a few dishes from the dimensional space.

Hot plate tofu, egg drop soup, stir-fried potatoes—Six to seven kinds of extremely common meals; but in Champa’s eyes, they were exotic delicacies that he had never eaten before.

Rolling his tongue as he tasted the dishes, Champa smiled with satisfaction.

He waved his hand and said, “I have seen your sincerity, so I’ll let you take away the wishing beads!”

“Thank you very much!”

Xiaya nodded with a cheerful mood to Whis.

Whis looked on quietly as he truly felt that his education to Beerus had gone wrong from the onset.

He thought, ‘Look at how obedient Champa-sama is… My sister’s education has been really good!’

Vados sighed while stroking her forehead in frustration. ‘A few dishes have cheated the precious wishing beads from Champa’s hands… Too wasteful!’

Of course, in Champa’s eyes, how could the mere wishing beads be more important than the “exotic delicacies" The weight of the so-called “ values” were different in every individual’s eyes.

The poor yearn to be rich, while the rich yearn for health, but the values in their hearts were different.

In Champa’s eyes, these dishes were better than the wishing beads.

Vados said, “Since Champa-sama has agreed to give you the wishing beads, I have nothing to say.

When you have gathered the wishing beads, let me know.”

“OK.” Xiaya nodded happily, took out the dragon ball radar and prepared to go down to look for them.

At this time, Whis said, “Xiaya alone can search for the Super Dragon Balls.

I’ll wait on the God of Destruction’s Planet.”

Xiaya thought for a bit, and he also felt that it was right.

After waving his hands at Whis and others, he teleported away, leaving the God of Destruction’s Planet.

After Xiaya left, Whis turned to Vados and asked, “Sister, do you have any experts here who can spar with Xiaya”

“Don’t you have experts in Universe 7"

Whis shook his head and said, “Naturally, there are experts in Universe 7, but there is no one suitable for Xiaya’s current level.

I guess his full strength is probably at the same level as the former Majin Buu.

His strength already belongs to the pinnacle."

“Oh, that Majin Buu—the guy who created chaos in Universe 7 in ancient times My Universe 6 has some people who can match him…”

“Then, I need sister to lend me help,” Whis pleaded.

“It seems that you think very highly of this Time Enforcer.”

“Hehe… After all, he is the insurance of Universe 7.

Moreover, Xiaya has obtained the power to create dragon balls.

He is also somewhat related to Dragon God Zalama.

Now, those two guys of Universe 7 Demon Realm are getting increasingly brazen.

I have to do some early planning," Whis said calmly.

Vados’ shiny eyes wandered about as she said in agreement, “The space-time controller is really troublesome, especially that guy of the Demon Realm.

I heard that Universe 10 hasn’t been very stable recently.

Alright… I will have the Supreme Kai here have a look and see which experts in Universe 6 are idle.

Whis nodded, his purple eyes sweeping through the void as if they could pierce through it.


On the other side, when Xiaya arrived at the mortal world of Universe 6, he headed towards the first target displayed on the dragon ball radar without stopping; it was a planet located in the north of the universe, and as luck would have it, it was within the North Area.

Planet Sadala, a large planet in the northern part of the North Area which had a gravity that was hundreds of times greater than that of Earth.

The inhabitants of Planet Sadala were inherently powerful.

It was a paradise for strong experts, and living on it was a race called, the Saiyan race.

Compared with the Saiyans of Universe 7, Universe 6 Saiyans had a mild temperament, and inherently, they don’t have a tail.

Also, they cannot transform into Great Ape because their Normal State’s Battle Power is enough to deal with powerful enemies.

More than a decade ago, a dark-orange coloured crystalline planet floated over to Planet Sadala’s vicinity, and luckily, it was captured by the Saiyans who were patrolling Planet Sadala.

Since then, this crystalline planet had become the best place for Saiyans to compete on.

Xiaya teleported and appeared near the Super Dragon Ball.

He immediately discovered the Super Dragon Ball from far away, and not far from the super dragon ball, there was an enormous reddish-brown coloured planet quietly floating there.

However, Xiaya discovered something strange.

In his line of sight, Xiaya saw a group of huge light spots appearing on the surface of the Super Dragon Ball, while strong and intense energy fluctuations were transmitted through the void.

“Interesting… Surprisingly, people are fighting on the super dragon ball.

Umm, these people have a Battle Power of around several hundred million.” With a slight observation, Xiaya deduced the strength of the combatants.

“Regardless, I have to drive them out.”

Casually passing a judgement, Xiaya landed on the surface of the Super Dragon Ball, and then he used the space-time ability to send all the people above the Dragon Ball to outer space.

Immediately, a white light blazed and burned, and in the vacuum environment, these white Ki flames protected them.

Shua! Shua!

Several hundred figures appeared next to Xiaya.

They had black hair, black-pupils, and they were wearing simple clothes.

They each had a Battle Power of over a million.

“Your Excellency, who are you, and why have you entered our territory.” The first to speak was a burly man who shouted, his voice penetrating through the outer space in the form of energy.

“Humans” Startled, Xiaya closely sized up the people in front of him.

‘Their strength is quite good.’

‘There are only a handful of primate races in the universe that have such powerful Battle Power.

Are they Saiyans’

‘Their black hair is rising upwards… they are wearing simple blue-coloured Battle Armors, and they have no tail.

Of course, if they are really Saiyans, they will not need the Great Ape transformation as a foundation after a long period has passed.

After a long period of evolution, their tail has gradually disappeared.’

“This is Planet Sadala"

Xiaya knew that Universe 6 and Universe 7 were symmetric; thus, their planets and races were identical.

The Saiyans of Universe 7 also came from Planet Sadala, which was a very ancient period before the Saiyans joined the Frieza Force.

In Universe 7, the Saiyan race was truly powerful before they had to leave Planet Sadala due to the threat of destruction.

The Saiyan bloodline that left Planet Sadala drifted through the universe for countless years and eventually seized Planet Plant from the Tuffles, renamed it to Planet Vegeta and settled down.

Compared to the distant Planet Sadala’s period, the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta had declined too much.

Of course, based on Zangya’s later descriptions, Xiaya had 80% confidence that the main culprit of the incident which caused the Saiyans to leave their native place was Zangya and others.


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