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After making a wish, the Super Dragon Balls created by Dragon God Zalama would randomly disperse to Universe 6 and Universe 7.

Moreover, it had already been 16 years since the last time they were used.

Among the Super Dragon Balls, three were scattered in Universe 7, and four were scattered in Universe 6.

Putting Meifei in the incubation chamber, Xiaya looked at his three young children who were emitting bubbles in the nutrient fluid, and his eyes flashed with a determined look.

“Is the dragon ball radar ready” He turned around and asked Duokela on the side.

“Yes, Sir Xiaya, it is ready,” Duokela said and presented to him, a compact dragon ball radar.

After accepting the advanced dragon ball radar, Xiaya found that the dragon ball radar seemed to be more precise than the one he had used previously.

He nodded, turned around and said to the others, “I’ll trouble you to look after this place.

I will be back soon!”

“Umm, be careful on your journey!”

Xiling and Myers knew that Xiaya had made up his mind.

They nodded and looked at him with concern as he teleported.

The enormous universe was extremely vast, but with Instant Transmission and directions from the dragon ball radar, it was not difficult to find the super dragon balls.

Also, because the super dragon balls were enormous, they might have already been discovered by other civilizations while floating in the universe.

However, Xiaya was not worried because he had absolute certainty in being able to take the Super Dragon Balls from anyone.

A dark remote starfield.

This place was far away from the Milky Way, and there were only a few sporadic stray stars floating in the void region between Galaxies.

Xiaya quickly found the first Super Dragon Ball here.

The huge orange-red glass surface reflected the lustre of the nearby stars like a mirror.

It looked like a sparkling gemstone from a distance, emitting an unusually conspicuous brilliance.

“Haha, found the first super dragon ball.” Xiaya, who was in a good mood, revealed a smile.

He arrived close to the surface of the super dragon ball and placed his hand on the almost flat surface of the orange crystal.

When Xiaya’s hands touched the surface of the dragon ball, it was like he had placed them on the surface of an enormous planet.

It was a transparent, orange-red coloured glass surface as far as the eyes could see.

Looking down, one would see three gilded bright-red stars in the centre.

They were transparent and crystal clear, and the three bright-red stars were calmly studded in the orange disk like a water lotus, showing a sense of quiet beauty.

“Hmm, this is a three-star ball!”

After a slight glance, Xiaya began to use the space-time ability to move the super dragon ball.

He saw sparkling and wriggling lines—like a net—immediately spread over the dragon ball’s surface.

The super dragon ball began to shake slightly.

Many years ago, when Xiaya’s space-time ability was still premature, it would take ten minutes to prepare to move a Super Dragon Ball dozens of times larger than Earth; presently, it only took about a dozen seconds.

Of course, this was because the gravity of the Super Dragon Ball was extremely low, and about a dozen seconds was mainly spent on the process of wrapping the entire super dragon ball.

After the preparations were completed, Xiaya roared with a serious expression and teleported with the super dragon ball to the previously selected position on the star chart.


The other side of the vast and empty starry sky.

Xiaya appeared with a huge super dragon ball.

Properly finding a place for the super dragon ball, Xiaya slightly paused and then quickly teleported to the next dragon ball’s position according to the direction indicated by the Dragon Ball radar.

After a while, space suddenly distorted, and silvery light rays flickered a few times; then, another enormous dark-orange coloured glass star suddenly appeared out of thin air.

The second Super Dragon Ball was also moved over.

However, when transporting the third Super Dragon Ball, it was delayed for several hours because the third Super Dragon Ball had been discovered and was guarded by people.

Naturally, Xiaya forcibly took it without a trace of politeness.

After a few minutes, the three super dragon balls located within Universe 7 were all gathered together.

In this vast and boundless darkness…

Three enormous Super Dragon Balls were orderly arranged in space.

The dark orange-coloured stars which were close to each other began to make buzzing, low chanting sounds.

“Universe 7’s Dragon Balls have been collected.

Now, I should have Bardock and others send people to watch over them.” Xiaya eyes were staring at the bright and resplendent Dragon Ball stars, thinking carefully in his heart.

Teleporting back to Planet Hongshan, he immediately summoned a large number of Saiyans that had already been waiting, and then took them to the position of the Super Dragon Balls.

At this time, even Myers followed them.

When they saw the enormous dragon balls that were hundreds of times that of Planet Hongshan appear in front of them, almost occupying their entire field of vision, it was difficult for them to hide the shock in their hearts.

It was also the first time that Myers saw the Super Dragon Balls.

She said with a shocked expression, “So, these are the Super Dragon Balls… Surprisingly, they are even bigger than Planet Hongshan!”

Planet Hongshan could be regarded as a small planet.

Its mass was not even half of Earth’s, while the size of these Super Dragon Balls was almost 30 times that of Earth.

Myers and others were dumbfounded.

’With such huge Dragon Balls, how powerful must the summoned Shenron be!’

Now, Myers was full of confidence in the Super Dragon Balls.

After all, whether or not her daughter, Meifei, could return to normal was going to depend on the capabilities of the Super Dragon Balls.

Seeing everyone being subdued by the sheer size of the Super Dragon Balls, Xiaya slightly smiled and said, “This area of the starry sky is already at the outermost periphery of the universe.

It is basically impossible for a lifeform to come here, but to guard against anything unexpected, I need you all to wait here.”

“Yes! Please rest assured, Sir Xiaya,” The Saiyans, who had come together with Xiaya declared decisively.

They were Xiaya’s trusted subordinates, and naturally, they took Xiaya’s will as the cornerstone.

Myers also said with seriousness, “As long as I am here, no one can take away the Super Dragon Balls.” After saying that, Myers bright and dazzling eyes flashed with a cold light.

Xiaya nodded in relief, stepped forward and hugged Myers’s soft and slender waist.

Then, he took a step back and teleported to the God of Destruction’s Planet.

Watching Xiaya leave, Myers retracted her gaze and turned to stare at the three towering Dragon Balls, and then with a determined look in her eyes, she firmly kept watch around the Super Dragon Balls.


God of Destruction’s Planet.

The gentle breeze brought along a delightful fragrance.

When Xiaya returned to the planet, Whis was not beside the pond.

After a while, Whis flew over and said, “I just fixed the trajectory of the stars of the God of Destruction’s Planet.

Beerus-sama will not wake up within a short time.

Now, let’s go to Universe 6.”

“I’ll trouble you!” Xiaya was very polite as he said.

“Hmm!” Whis chuckled and lightly touched the sceptre in his hand to the ground.

A colourful brilliance immediately wrapped around the two of them, and the light rays flashed.

Many beautiful light rays scattered in all directions like fireworks.

Whis brought Xiaya along and entered a wormhole.

It was a bright and colourful space-time wormhole, or more specifically, a space tunnel.

In the tunnel, various kinds of sparkling colours were flashing, and Whis was standing at the front with a calm expression.

Colourful light rays went past on both sides, directly traversing between the two universes.

Xiaya could also very easily shuttle between universes, but since Whis was personally going, Xiaya let Whis take the lead.


After a few minutes, the colourful brilliance abruptly disappeared, and the surrounding background changed into that of a vast and dark outer space.

Xiaya and Whis were floating in space.

“This is Universe 6.

We will now go to Universe 6’s God of Destruction’s Planet,” Whis said.

Then, he used his magic to fly while bringing Xiaya along.

Soon, they entered the dimension of universe 6’s God of Destruction’s Planet.


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