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Xiaya feelings were very complicated at this moment.

As he stared at his child who was emitting a brutal aura, Xiaya clenched his fists.

Xiaya’s child with Myers turned out to be the same as Broly—born as a Legendary Super Saiyan.

With a glance, Xiaya knew the child’s condition as he agonizingly said, “10,000 Battle Power just after birth, and this disturbing aura… It is definitely of the Legendary Super Saiyan.”

Legendary Super Saiyans, just like in the anime movies, have personality defects.

Although they were born with formidable strength, their emotions were driven by brutality because they were too powerful; eventually, they would be reduced to killing machines just like Broly.

Broly was born together with Kakarrot.

As Kakarrot, who was on the bed close to Broly during their childhood, kept crying and disturbing him, it engraved Broly—whose mental state was extremely abnormal—with hatred towards Kakarrot from the beginning.

Thus, It’s the reason why Broly always mutters, “Kakarrot, Kakarrot…”.

Simply put, the shadow of his childhood was too big!

This explained why Myers’ mental state was getting worse when she was pregnant; also, her child was absorbing the nutrition body.

As Myers’ innate latent talent was extraordinary, the child born between Xiaya and her was a Legendary Super Saiyan.

Xiaya wasn’t willing to see his child end up like Broly.

As for personally killing his child, Xiaya could not do it.

Looking at Myers’ tired face, Xiaya saw hope from her eyes.

In the end, Xiaya heaved a sigh and used the space-time ability to temporarily imprison his child.

“Is the child a boy or a girl”


Myers was very sad.

She, who had shed some of her temperament, matured at this moment.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely settle Meifei’s problem," Xiaya assured Myers.


“Xiaya, what’s going on”

Outside the delivery room, Adri and the others felt that something was amiss; thus, when Xiaya was helping out Myers, they all gathered around.

Xiaya told them about his daughter being a Legendary Super Saiyan.

Everyone was silent after listening to him; they also understood Xiaya’s worries.

In fact, after experiencing how frightening Broly was, they didn’t want to see a Legendary Super Saiyan again.

However, the child was Xiaya’s daughter, and they could not find the heart to kill her.

In fact, only Xiaya could make a decision!

“Xiaya, let’s take the child and show her to Teacher Whis,” Xiling gripped Myers’ hand and suggested.

“All right!” Xiaya nodded.

Currently, he also didn’t have a solution. ’Let’s have Whis take a look.

If he also doesn’t have a good way to deal with this situation, then I can only use dragon balls…’

’However, the crystal dragon balls are in the adjustment phase, and Earth or Planet Namek’s dragon balls are quite inferior…’ As it was related to his daughter’s life, Xiaya made up his mind to find the Super Dragon Balls if there was really no solution.

Next, he entrusted Planet Hongshan to Adri and others and brought his wife and daughter to the God of Destruction’s Planet.

“I hope they can find a solution!”

After Xiaya and others left, Adri scratched his head, somewhat annoyed. ‘Why did something like this happen when everything was all right’


God of Destruction’s Planet.

Whis was walking with light steps on the grassfield with his maroon divine robe swaying and a calm wind blowing his silver-grey hair; suddenly, blurred figures flashed a few times, and Xiaya and others appeared in front of him.

Whis chuckled and asked, “You have come over to train so soon”

“Teacher Whis, we need your help with something!” Myers stepped forward and impatiently shouted.

Whis raised his eyebrows and asked curiously, “What happened”

Xiaya glanced at Xiling and Myers and handed over the child imprisoned with the space-time ability.

At the same time, he removed Space Shackle, and instantly, a vicious and malevolent aura suffused the air.

Whis waved his sceptre and let the child float in the air.

“Oh This kid is actually a Legendary Super Saiyan.

No wonder you came looking for me…”

“Teacher Whis, do you have any solution”

Myers asked anxiously.

Whis muttered to himself for a moment before faintly smiling as he said, “I don’t have a solution, but I can temporarily suppress the berserk power within the child’s body.

However, this is only a temporary solution.”

After saying that, Whis lightly waved his sceptre.

Suddenly, the crystal ball on top of the sceptre lit up, and a strange ray entered the child’s body.

Following that, Meifei no longer moved restlessly and went to sleep while sucking her fingers.

Myers delightedly hugged Meifei to her bosom, carefully taking care of her.

“A Legendary Super Saiyan is actually very close to the ‘Demon god’ state, which is equivalent to the demonic version of ‘God’.

If the child can grow up, her achievements will not be beneath yours," Whis said indifferently.

Xiaya wasn’t concerned about Meifei’s future accomplishments.

He only wished for his daughter to not end up like Broly.

“Whis, do you have a permanent solution” Xiaya asked directly.

A Legendary Super Saiyan would become more violent as they grow older.

Broly was precisely an example.

When he was young, Broly could still be controlled by his father, Paragus, using a controlling device, but when Broly became an adult, the controlling device gradually lost its effect.

Whis shook his head and said, “I don’t have a way to eliminate it.

Moreover, you shouldn’t be thinking about how to eliminate it, but to find ways to let the child learn to control the power within her body.”

Seeing Xiaya lost in his thoughts, Whis continued, “The reason why a Legendary Super Saiyan loses control is that their berserk power affects their mind and they are gradually reduced to killing machines.

You can use the power of the dragon balls to think of a solution.

Dragon God Zalama has magical powers in this aspect.”

Xiaya nodded.

He thought, ‘Since things have reached this stage, this is the only way…’

However, as it concerned his daughter’s wellbeing, Xiaya did not plan to use the weakened version of the earth dragon balls; instead, he directly chose the higher-level Super Dragon Balls.

Thus, he said to Whis, “I am going to Universe 6 to gather the Super Dragon Balls.

You know that I have been to Universe 6 previously, and if I enter again, it would be best if you can inform Vados.”

Xiaya had already collected Super Dragon Balls from Universe 6 previously, whereas collecting the Super Dragon Balls could only be done once.

As those were Universe 6’s things, he needed Whis to inform Universe 6’s angel.

“OK, I will go with you to Universe 6’s God of Destruction’s Planet at that time.” Whis immediately agreed.

Then, Whis said to Xiling and Myers, “The power I used on the child can last for about a year.

Take care of her properly after you return.”

“Right, wait for my good news.

I’ll hand the child over to you.”

“Umm!" Xiling and Myers nodded hard, and then Xiaya brought them back to Planet Hongshan.

Seeing them return, Adri and others surrounded them and asked with concern, “How was it Did Mr.

Whis have a solution”

Xiaya smiled and explained, “The matter has been solved temporarily, but to completely eradicate its effect, I still need to find the Super Dragon Balls.

“It’s already good that there is a solution!” Adri repeatedly nodded.

“What do we need to do"

Xiaya thought for a moment and said, “Previously, after I made a wish to Super Shenron, three Super Dragon Balls returned to Universe 7.

I found them and moved them to an empty starfield.

In order to prevent something unexpected from happening, I need you to wait by the Super Dragon Balls.”

Of course, due to the size of the Super Dragon Balls, an average person would not be able to take them away.

However, Xiaya asked the Saiyans to keep watch there just for his peace of mind.

Regarding such a request, Adri and others agreed to it without another thought.


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