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The battle below grew more fierce, and the area of destruction grew wider.

Planet Hongshan’s star core was operating crazily—like a water pump operating at full capacity—constantly transferring golden energy to support the strength of the planet’s crust.


Three dazzling flashes pierced the deep blue sky, and they intersected with each other, time after time, and erupted violently.

Xiu! A ray of light suddenly streaked across the sea’s surface, creating a huge chasm that was 100 meters wide.

The blue sea water rose to incredible heights, and a few Ki pillars surged into the sky.

They then turned into spraying water and descended as a flurry of pattering rain.

Xiaya was breathing heavily, and blood could be seen dripping down the corners of his mouth.

Fighting such an intense battle for a long time had made his manner of breathing messy.

This was where the Super Saiyan transformation was not good.

The higher the intensity of transformation, the stronger the burden on the body.

Although Xiaya had already adapted to the Super Saiyan 2 state using his own method, he was helpless against Broly’s extremely frenzied attacks.

“Bardock, how long can you hold on”

Bardock shook his head sideways, smiling bitterly.

“Not much time is left of Saiyan God transformation.”

“Hold off your strength, and kill him in one shot!” Xiaya said, mentally prepared to fight and stake it all in one attack.


They communicated briefly and attacked Broly separately.

For a moment, lightning and flames covered the blue sky.

Their field of view was covered with bright lights that sparkled like stars.

The pressure was earth-shattering, making it seem as though the sky was going to collapse.

The feeling was immensely oppressive.

Xiaya stepped on the air and arched his body, instantly arriving beside Broly.

He turned his fist into a palm and pressed it against Broly’s chest.

The other hand grabbed his arm and pulled it hard.

Broly’s roared angrily, and his strong, muscular body was thrown Bardock’s way by Xiaya.

At that moment, Bardock was ready with a fist, which he smashed into the incoming Broly.

Bang! With a violent tremble, the overbearing fist force turned into transparent shock waves that spread out in circular wave-like cyclones, along the surface level.


A huge crater appeared on the ground, and huge cracks spread from it for several kilometers.

“Huu Huu Huu!”

The ground suddenly blew open, and Broly soared up from it.

His body exuded a light-green flame aura.

He looked at Xiaya, with a cold glint flickering in his eyes, and gave a muffled roar.

“Roarrrr! Kill, kill… Kakarrot…”

Suddenly, Broly turned crazy again, repeatedly muttering “Kakarrot”.

The light-green flame aura emanating from his body expanded, and suddenly, the sky was filled with clouds; it was as though the end of the world had arrived..

“Peng! Peng! Peng!”

It was getting stronger and stronger.

Planet Hongshan was unable to bear it and shook violently.

The rampaging energy caused stones to float, as they had broken away from the force of gravity.

Mountains and rivers collapsed with loud bangs, the oceans seethed violently, and billowing waves battered the shore.

Not far away, the dozen or so Saiyan Gods, who had on fiery expressions, could only stare wide-eyed.

They already realized that if they were to enter the high-intensity energy field caused by Xiaya and Broly’s battle, Saiyan Gods like them, who had only Super Saiyan level strength, would not even have a little impact; instead, they may end up getting crushed by the tyrannical and merciless energy.

“Really! In such an intense battle, we have no chance to intervene!” Sadie, who had turned into Saiyan God, swallowed bitterly as his throat was a little dry.

Muying sighed.

“I can’t even see their movements clearly!”

The Saiyan Gods looked unwilling.

They had thought their Saiyan God transformations would grant them the strength to protect Planet Hongshan, but every time they countered a strong enemy, they would still need Sir Xiaya to take action, as they could only hide far away.

To Saiyans, who considered fighting as honor, this was humiliating.

It is reasonable to say that Muying and the other Saiyan Gods were strong enough.

In ordinary times, guarding Planet Hongshan was not a problem, at all, but presently, it was Broly—whose strength surpassed the norm—that was attacking Planet Hongshan.

In front of Broly, even Super Saiyan 2 was useless.


“Haha, destroy… destroy!”

Broly looked crazy.

As he laughed maniacally, his body soared through the air, and his chaotic aura was wrapped around him like a piece of armor.

With a speed as fast as lightening’s, he flew towards Bardock.

Broly’s fist flashed, and lightning that crackled above it was strong enough to destroy the world.

One hit weighed eighteen thousand kilograms.

Broly’s strength had already exceeded that of an ordinary Super Saiyan 2.

It was close to that of Super Saiyan 3—no, he was already Super Saiyan 3! !

Xiaya’s eyes widened.

He hadn’t expected Broly to be so powerful; even Majin Buu, who would have just woken up, would be only this strong.

Gritting his teeth, Xiaya instantly teleported, appearing between Broly and Bardock, after which he opened his palms and roared angrily:

“Spacetime Freeze!”

In an instant, the sky, ground, and even the chaotic Ki flows became a glittering, translucent ice-blue color.

In the area of Spacetime Freeze, Broly, who had already his fist, was frozen in midair, and the lightning around his fist had turned solid.

“Broly, disappear from the universe!!”

With a loud roar, and cold light flickering in his eyes, Xiaya coldly snorted and thrust his palms towards Broly.

A majestic and boundless power surged from his palm, and the ice-blue space-time began to distort under its influence, turning into crystal drops.

Gaining the upper hand for a moment had allowed Xiaya taka a dominant position.



Broly’s fist collided with Xiaya’s palm, and waves of violently energy exploded.

It was at this moment that the majestic power displayed its effect.

Kacha! Broly’s expression of fury finally changed.

The fist that collided with Xiaya’s palm got deformed, and its five fingers sank inward.

“Ahhhh!!” Broly let out a painful roar as his body shot backwards.

“Finally know pain” Xiaya coldly snorted.

He knew that this blow had dealt much more than a small injury to Broly!

At the same time, the power in Broly’s attack passed through Xiaya’s body and flowed downward.

Although it had weakened and divided into two unequal parts as it pressed downward—because of Xiaya’s existence in the middle—its destructive power could still not be underestimated.

The imposing aura surged downward and struck the bottom of the sea.

Rumble! A loud sound bang resounded, and the entire sea surface collapsed downward, revealing a huge depression with a diameter of tens of kilometers below.

Gigantic waves surged out in every direction…

Bardock had been lucky enough to avoid a calamity because Xiaya’s sudden intervention.

Thus, he did not hesitate, unwilling to waste the opportunity.

Right when his Saiyan God state was about to fade, Bardock roared and stirred all the power in his body, causing it to erupt.

For a moment, only a vast expanse of crimson light rising into the sky could be seen in the horizon, like a Roc bathed in flames.

In the sky, a wave of energy that was filled with a frightening amount of power streaked towards Broly.

Rumble! The mountains and rivers collapsed with a loud bang, and the ground suddenly sank, causing layers to soil to erupt outward.

Time seemed to have become still, and then, a huge, dazzling rays of light tore through the clouds, instantly illuminating the entire planet.

The dazzling light and the energy waves covered the entire planet.

The strong vibrations actually caused the planet to stop revolving for a moment.

The turmoil stopped, and the sand and smoke dispersed.

The ground seems to have undergone a great change.

The mountains and rivers that were originally integrated as a whole had collapsed, and the green forest covering the entire mainland had disappeared.

The scenery reflected in the eyes has become a vast yellow desert.

Although Bardock was panting, he still hovered in an upright position.

His face was covered with sweat and dust.


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