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Xiayas eyes shot open from anger.

With a powerful fling, a fierce wind erupted in front of him, and with a low roar, the lightning of Super Saiyan 2 became more concentrated.

When the violent storm crashed down, the figures of Xiaya and Bardock flashed and appeared next to Broly.

If Xiaya had felt a little sympathy for Broly at the beginning, he did not now; all that was left was an endless amount of anger.

Xiaya felt regret.

As a Legendary Super Saiyan, which appeared once in a thousand years, Brolys latent talent was definitely the best among the many Saiyans, compared to those who acquired Super Saiyan through training.

Unfortunately, such people had serious defects in their personalities, and the stronger they grew the greater the danger they posed.

Xiaya was enraged; with a wave of his hand, space shook, and a mysterious force came out of the void.

Broly was firmly locked in place by the power of the space, and his body shook like a blade of duckweed at the center of a gale.

With akacha sound, Broly roared and broke free.

Suddenly, Xiayas body trembled.

The current him didnt suffer a backlash like before; his muscles just felt a little numb.

He turned to Bardock and said, “Strengthen the attacks.

Dont give him the chance to counterattack.”

“Sure!” Bardock nodded solemnly.

He did not advance; instead, he retreated.

This gave Xiaya the chance to attack first.

In the sky, two figures encased in fiery flames stood apart, not far from each other.

A pair of green eyes stared at a pair of red eyes.

From a distance, they resembled two dazzling stars, stirring up an earth-shaking activity.

Suddenly, they both disappeared at the same time and appeared at the same place in the next moment.

He had already appeared beside Broly.

Xiayas leg forcefully struck Brulys chest in an instant, and the violent strength of his legs raised shock waves and caused friction in the air, making swishing sounds.

The jarring sound shook the eardrums, and a buzzing sound echoed out.

Bang, Xiayas foot again struck out and the target was Brolys chest.

However, although Broly has lost most of his rationality, his combat awareness was unprecedentedly powerful, or to say he was already completely controlled by his combat awareness.

In an instant, his arms intersected, cancelling out the blow from one leg of Xiaya.

Just then, Xiayas movements changed, and his body turned around at an incredible angle, causing Brolys body to flip over and leaving Bardock a gap.

Bardock understood in the heart and taciturnity appeared on the other side of Broly.

Bang! Steel-like hard fists fell down, but Broly revealed an insane smile.

Not good!

Bardocks countenance drastically changed, and his attacks came to an abrupt stop.

The force of the recoil causing his body to retreat backwards a few meters, and Broly was blown down, flying down like a cannonball.

Rumble! !

The ground was fractured from the attack, and smoke pervaded the air.

Broly jumped up the moment he hit the ground, and penetrated through the thick smoke and attack towards Bardock.

“Space Shackle!”

With a shout, the space became sticky, and on the rapidly changing battlefield, it gave Bardock enough time to dodge, and cooperate with Xiaya in attacking Broly.

“Space-time Breaking Punch!”

“Energy Ball!”


The enormous explosion resounded through the world, and the surrounding line of sight suddenly became chaotic.

In the darkness which was devoid of any light, Planet Hongshans Saiyan held a great advantage, and all the Saiyan Gods who can still move used their own unique skills.

The world trembled for a while, and numerous fires appeared in the primal chaos pervaded with dust.

“He he, hahaha, Kakarrot, more and more powerful! But you all…going to die!!”

Brolys figure suddenly flashed, rays of light flickering in his hand, and he tossed an orange-coloured energy ball.

The small energy ball rapidly attacked, becoming bigger as it approached, its diameter expanding to ten meters.

Xiaya was surprised, but he could discern the extraordinary side of this energy.

His body followed the rapid movements and hurriedly dodged.

He subconsciously turned around his head and found that the place where the energy ball fell had actually blew open a large crater of one kilometer diameter.

The huge light ball has been stagnant for a long time, which then slowly dissipated…

Xiayas pupils shrank, his expression emitting cold, as his forehead unconsciously burst out in cold sweat.

It must be understood that this is Planet Hongshan here! After the strengthening from Golden-Flame Shenron, it can even bear a Super Saiyan 3 level fight.

Despite that, Brolys attack still caused such great damage to Planet Hongshan.

“This Broly is nuts, how frightening!”

Xiayas heart trembled and at the same time he also felt pity.

If Broly can control his emotions and not be influenced by killing intent, he can then be regarded as a powerful warrior, perhaps even more powerful than Saiyan God!


God of Destructions Planet.

Whis eyes opened and closed, staring with one eye close to a crystal ball, looking at the scenes displayed in the crystal ball.

He muttered: “So, this is the Legendary Super Saiyan ah! There is a littledemon feeling to him.

If the Super Saiyan like Xiaya advancing one step further is Super Saiyan God, then Broly is Super Saiyan Demon!”

“From which space-time did Towa found an existence like him”

Whis knows very well that everything that happens in the Multiverses space-time is just one of the myriad possibilities, just like a world line, which always indicates only one phenomenon.

Besides the things occurring currently in the Multiverse, many other possibilities exist in the Multiverse space-time.

For example, in the current multiverse, Bardock has become Saiyan God, and in other possibilities, Bardock may have died with the destruction of Planet Vegeta long ago.

However the process of Bardock becoming the Saiyan God has appeared in the exceedingly large scale of the Multiverse, and other possibilities can only be buried.

“This Broly is not afraid of pain and isnt worried about tiredness.

He is really a troublesome guy.

Umm, I will personally go to Planet Hongshan to have a look!”

Whis thought, then he tapped the scepter in the void, and immediately turned into a colourful light ray, flying towards the mortal world.

The existence of Broly is certainly not enough for Whis to personally go over, but there is still Time Enforcer below!

Whis had said that he will remain neutral and not intervene, but when his Universe 7s first Time Enforcer is truly in danger, he will still intervene, because once Xiaya dies, Universe 7 will have one less insurance in the future, which may be destroyed by a single thought of Zeno.

With a Time Enforcer existence, in the face of a higher level time domain, Sir Zeno perhaps could be lenient.


In the floating island, Xiling and Myers were anxiously looking below.

Due to pregnancy, they arent able to fuse into Meiling to help Xiaya fight together.

Otherwise, with Meilings strength, they can help a little.

“Legendary Super Saiyan is actually so powerful!” Xiling murmured to herself.

Seeing as the Saiyans below kept dying in battle, her teeth made creaking sounds.

Myers was also watching attentively, her little hands trembling.

“Ai… Elise, how are things going down there” Raditz shouted, his heart trembling.

The battle below was really frightening, his entire body was trembling.

These days, Raditz has gradually adapted to the rhythm of life on Planet Hongshan, and soon he was about to go out to carry out missions, but Brolys arrival has disrupted his fixed arrangements.

Elise yelled powerlessly: “I cant see clearly, they are too fast.”

Gine hugged her daughters shoulder which let Elise calm down, then she turned to ask Xiling who was the strongest present here.

“Im not sure.

Normally, if Xiaya and Bardock had joined forces, it would be sufficient to deal with Broly, but dont know why, that Broly doesnt seem to know pain and tiredness… Where does his energy come from”

Xiling was also not sure.

This is the first time that she couldnt make a judgment.

In the past, whether it was Frost Demon Luther or Metal-Bojack, she could at least make a basic judgment, but when faced with Broly, she for the first time couldnt make a judgment.


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