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Time slowly passed by, and soon, the energy crystal sealing Broly entered the sights of Xiaya and the others.

The crystal was deep blue and transparent, and the legendary Super Saiyan Broly was sealed in it.

“Come!” Xiaya bellowed as his gaze turned sharp, and cold glints flickered within his eyes.

“Haa!” Flames erupted all over Xiayas body, and arcs of silver electricity crackled all around him.

Under his control, however, the golden flame became calm and somewhat transparent.

It no longer burned crazily; instead, it now had a warm feeling.

Sensing the completely different aura emanating from Xiaya, Bardock and others were astonished, and they thought,Xiaya is getting more and more powerful.

He can control Super Saiyan 2s aura so perfectly!

At this time—

The deep blue energy crystal in the sky also began to react.

With akacha sound, a crack appeared on the energy crystal, followed by more cracks, which spread all across the crystals surface.

The chaotic aura that encased the energy crystal slowly grew in power and intensity…

The person inside the seal had already woken up.

Brolys eyelids moved, and suddenly, he roared in anger.

Bang! The energy crystal exploded, and crystal fragments scattered in the sky, streaking through the air while emitting brilliant, crystal-clear luminances.

At the same time.

With a loud bang.

The golden energy covering the energy crystal surged like a raging wind, causing Planet Hongshan to become unstable.

“What powerful Ki! He is going to be a tough guy”

Xiaya carefully sensed the aura emitted by Broly, and his countenance drastically changed.

“Brolys Ki is too strong.

An ordinary Super Saiyan 2 wouldnt even be able to summon the courage to fight in front of him!”

I wonder what kind of transformation the Legendary Super Saiyan is! It has a natural suppression towards Super Saiyan.

“It is obvious that Super Saiyan is orthodox.

Why does an existence like Legendary Super Saiyan exists”

No one knew the answer to this question.

At this time, Xiaya, Bardock and the others below attracted Brolys attention.

When Broly spotted Bardock, he roared in anger.


Broly roared angrily and flew towards Bardock.

“Watch out! This guy is not simple,” Xiaya shouted, and the Saiyans behind him, upon hearing that, quickly made preparations.

“Roarrrr…” Broly clasped his head, an expression of pain appearing on his face.

“Kakarrot, Kakarrot!” His voice was hoarse, like a roaring beasts, and the muscles all over his body shook as a cruel and tyrannical aura surged outward.

The frightening aura was icy.

The golden aura gradually turned light green.

“Not good! This guy is not something you can deal with; hurry back! Quickly transform into Saiyan God!”

When Xiaya sensed the aura emanating from Broly grow stronger, his expression changed dramatically, and he shouted out the warning.

Shua shua shua! The Saiyans behind rapidly him scattered in all directions, like a long wing, and then, they formed a circle in groups of six or seven.

They knew that with their current strength, they would only be Brolys meal on a plate, and even if they transformed into Saiyan God, they would only be able to resist for a while.

“Bardock, transform first, and go help Xiaya with the fight!” Adri said, decisively choosing to transfer power to Bardock.

“OK!” Nodding hard, Bardocks eyes flashed with determination.

On the other side, the battle between Xiaya and Broly had begun.

Bang! His body flashed, and Xiaya appeared in front of Broly.

His arms trembled, and there was a series of crackling sounds.

Broly was temporarily was unable to move forward.

“Roar!!” Broly let out a beast-like roar, and the light-green energy instantly soared.

His green pupils gradually lost their color and luster.

Thump! With a violent charge, he brutally smashed into Xiaya.

Pfff pfff!!

Numerous arcs of lightning pierced the air, and like huge balls of fireworks exploded in midair, leaving multiple fiery sparks in its wake.

The sparks fell down from the sky and hit their targets.

In just an instant, innumerable lives had died under Brolys hand.

“Ha ha ha… Kakarrot… Destroy, destroy!!”

Brolys long hair fluttered in the sky, and his consciousness sunk into a state of madness.

The pupil-less eyes revealed a bloodthirsty glow.

Then, he saw the face of the person he hated in the distance.

Broly looked cold and indifferent, as his body rapidly flashed in the air and flew towards Bardock.

Bardock also felt Brolys Ki approaching.

The Ki was terrifyingly powerful.

“Found you, Kakarrot…”

As though he had found his mortal enemy, Broly stared at Bardock, his emotions greatly fluctuating.

Seeing Bardocks red-haired and red-pupiled Saiyan Gods appearance, Brolys emotions fluctuated even more greatly, and the undulations emanating from his body became chaotic.

It was as if he was especially angry at Saiyan God.

“Why are you looking for Kakarrot” Bardock asked in reply.

He couldnt understand why the Legendary Super Saiyan was so attached to Kakarrot.

“Kakarrot… kill, kill you!”

Brolys cold eyes flashed scarlet as he gradually lost his rationality, controlled by the thoughts of ​​slaughter.

He could not stop muttering “Kakarrot”.

Suddenly, tyrannical and rampant energy erupted out, and with Broly as the center, whirlpool-shaped Ki flows rose up.

“He is a lunatic!” Bardock cursed.

It was at this time that the remaining Saiyans also fused into Saiyan Gods.

Fifteen to sixteen red-haired, red-pupiled Saiyan Gods surrounded Broly, who was emitting light-green Ki flames.

“A Legendary Super Saiyan is someone who lacks emotions to some extent, and this Broly is especially serious.”

Xiaya hovered to Bardocks side, and together, they surrounded Broly.

Looking at the Guardian Corps and a few special battle squadrons warriors in the distance, who had lost their strength because of Saiyan God fusion, Xiaya said, “Take a few people and have them bring these people out of the battlefield.”


Several Saiyan Gods replied, and their figures flashed, hurriedly leaving with the Saiyans that had lost their strength.

However, Broly, who had already sunk into madness, was unwilling.

Gradually losing self-control to his killing intent, he was unwilling to let them leave.

“Kill!” Broly crazily roared.

He seemed infuriated.

His sturdy body gradually became bigger, and his aura rose.

Soon, Broly had grown to about two to three meters, and within a few meters of it, he was covered by a raging aura.

“Hu hu hu!”

Brolys muscles tightened, and a majestic aura that was like raging waves stormed out.

His long, green hair stood on end, and his pupil-less, white eyes rotated up and down.

His body flashed, instantly dodging Xiaya and Bardock as he rushed towards the Saiyans that had lost their strengths.

“Hmm So fast!”

Xiayas countenance drastically changed when he lost sight of Brolys silhouette.

He quickly tried to prevent Brolys massacre.

However, his movements were still a step late as many Saiyans had already died under Brolys cruel methods.


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