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He has some skills. Xiaya was surprised by Zunos violent reaction.

He remembered the purpose of his trip and took out the photo taken by Jaco, which he promptly handed over.

“Master Zuno, please tell me what it is in this photo.

Will it affect Planet Hongshan”

“Okay, please wait a moment!” Zuno nodded.

In front of Xiaya, he did not display his usual arrogance.

Zuno closed his eyes and began to mutter scriptures.

“This is the crystallization of energy.

A legendary warrior is sealed inside.

A powerful demon of Demon Realm transported it after using fifteen space-time crystals to create a large fragmented world, after which it sacrificed the entire fragmented world.

After absorbing the energy of an entire fragmented world, this crystallization of energy is very strong, and the legendary warrior inside has become even more formidable…”

“The legendary warrior” Xiaya raised his eyebrows.

He raised his head and asked, “How would it affect Planet Hongshan”

This is what concerned him the most.

“Its hard to predict, but its impact on Planet Hongshan will be huge, and the entire galaxy will be in danger of being destroyed.”

Xiaya was startled, but his face darkened.

Grasped the key point, he asked, “When will it arrive at Planet Hongshan”

“17 hours 23 minutes 41 seconds…”

Zuno answered truthfully.

Jaco was shocked, though, “How could it be so fast Galactic Patrol organization has made a rough calculation that more than ten days remain before its arrival!”

Zuno still has his eyes closed as he said, loudly and emotionlessly, “This is because of the influence of space-time ability.

Space-time wormholes will open irregularly, and the person sealed inside will wake up in advance.”

Xiayas eyes widened, and he shouted angrily, “Space-time ability… Is it the Demon Realms Towa” When Xiaya thought of the fifteen time-space crystals used to transport this sealed crystal rock, he was unable to contain his anger.

The moment he lost his temper, dense energy surged out of him like rolling waves, and a berserk whirlwind began to swirl in the quiet hall.

Everyone there was unable to move due to the immense pressure bearing down on them.

Fortunately, this lasted only for a short amount of time before Xiaya drew his aura back in, nodding at Zuno.

“May I ask what the name of that legendary warrior is” Xiaya asked seriously.

“Broly!” Zuno whispered, but Xiaya felt that a gigantic hammer had just struck him in the chest.

He was greatly surprised.

Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly!

The person about to reach Planet Hongshan was actually him

Xiaya sucked a breath of cold air.

He still didnt know that such a warrior had been born on Planet Vegeta.

Even after becoming the leader of Saiyans, he did not find Brolys name in the list of known Saiyans.

Brolys debut was in the anime movie; moreover, he appeared in more than one episode.

That showed the producers love for him.

After the “Legendary Super Saiyan” is born, their strength will double every year.

It was very frightening!

Xiaya didnt know if this legend was true or not; from his understanding, the first person to leave the Super Saiyan legend was Bardock, who had crossed through space-time.

Bardocks leaving behind the Super Saiyan legend and the special mention of Brolys “Legendary Super Saiyan” were two different things.

What Bardock left was the legend of the existence of the Super Saiyan in the main world.

Later, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and others achieved the level of Super Saiyan, one after the other.

TheLegendary Super Saiyan referred to a powerful expert, among the Saiyans, that only existed in legends.

It is an appellation, especially referring to abnormally strong experts among Saiyans, that was developed only for anime movies.

Such experts who rely on their bloodline will be born at indefinite times in certain periods…

After all, it is a unique setting in the anime movies.

It was reasonable to say that the current world was moving according to the main line world, so there shouldnt be the so-calledLegendary Super Saiyan character.

But now, as Zuno said, Broly had appeared.

Although he was not a character from this space-time, he was still inextricably linked with Saiyans

“Towa, she really gave me a big problem!” Xiaya gnashed his teeth hatefully, but he had no choice but to face the approaching enemy of unknown strength.

Based on what he had seen in anime movies, in the times that Broly had appeared, he was not especially powerful; at most, he was only at the Super Saiyan 2 level, but this time, Xiaya didnt dare to underestimate him, at all.

Broly had traveled through time and absorbed power from a whole fragmented world.

No matter how strong Xiaya was now, he really did not have any confidence.

“Jaco, we are going back!”

Xiaya no longer intended to stay on Zunos Planet.

He immediately took Jaco and returned to Planet Hongshan.

Looking at the spot where Xiaya had disappeared, the omniscient Zuno breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, he closed the door with seriousness, declining visitors.


Planet Hongshan.

After returning from Planet Zuno, Xiaya told everyone about the matter.

“The legendary Super Saiyan, what is that” After listening to Xiayas explanation, everyone was silent.

Compared to the Super Saiyan transformation, the existence of this legendary Super Saiyan was like a bug.

They did not need to train.

They were born with the talent to enhance Battle Power!

Doubling in a year; how formidable!

Even if they were born weak, say, with just 50 Battle Power, they would still reach 13 million Battle Power in 18 years, without doing any training!

And if they were born with good talent, they can easily attain tens of billions of Battle Power in adulthood.

“Bardock, when Kakarrot was born, wasnt there anyone called Broly Oh, and his father was called Paragus!”

Xiaya gave told the information he knew, to make it easier for Bardock to recall.

Bardock shook his head sideways.


Planet Vegeta doesnt seem to have a Saiyan called Paragus, but Im not sure.

After all, there were too many Saiyans on Planet Vegeta.

Maybe, he was not a well-known Saiyan.”

Xiaya nodded.

There were so many Saiyans on Planet Vegeta.

If he had not been paying special attention, he also wouldnt know if there was someone named Paragus.

“In any case, whether it is true or not, this Broly will soon arrive on Planet Hongshan.

Moreover, according to Bardock and Zunos prediction, Im afraid that this battle will be very dangerous.” Xiayas expression was very grave.

“Uncle Adri, take all the low-level Saiyans to the floating island, but leave behind enough combatants on Planet Hongshan.

Facing the legendary Super Saiyan, Xiaya could only prepare for the worst.

It was already too late to use the spacecrafts to send the Saiyans away.

Although there was still time to use Instant Transmission, Xiaya had to maintain his peak state to welcome Broly, so he could not waste energy on it.

After thinking about it again, the floating island in another dimension was the best choice.

Xiaya turned to Xiling and Myers and said, “You two are pregnant now.

So, dont stay on Planet Hongshan.”


“Be obedient!” Xiaya said solemnly.

Adri looked at his daughters and said, “Xiaya is right.

You are not in any condition to fight.

You have to think about the children in your bellies.”

Xiling and Myers looked unwilling, but they still accepted the suggestion.

Then, Xiaya ordered members of Guardian Corps and the warriors of the special battle squadron to evacuate the Saiyans on Planet Hongshan.

When all Saiyans had entered the floating island, which was under Launchs control, the floating island gradually rose to the higher dimension.

Xiaya raised the purple ring on his hand and sent a message to Whis, who was on God of Destructions Planet.

“Hey, why are you looking for me” After a while, Whiss indifferent voice rang out from it.

From the crackling sound of flames on firewood that Xiaya could hear, he knew that Whis was doing his daily cooking.

Getting straight to the point, Xiaya briefed him on what was happening in the mortal world.

Whiss expression turned serious, but he was still not very concerned about it.

With a calm disposition, he said, “It seems Towa of Demon Realm is creating trouble.

She can be very hard to deal with.

Its really unfortunate that her sight is fixed on you.”

“Whis, I hope that you can take action at a critical juncture.”

Whis awkwardly replied, “But, we angels must maintain complete neutrality and cant intervene in the matters of the mortal world.

Sorry, I am not able to take action.”

“Is there really no way” Xiaya was a little disappointed.

“Unless Beerus-sama intervenes.

But, Beerus-sama is sleeping at the moment.

I dont have any method.”

Xiaya nodded.

“Can you guarantee that my floating island will not be disturbed by the outside worlds energy”

“Uhh, that is possible!”

Seeing Whis finally agree to this, Xiaya couldnt help breathing a sigh of relief.

Now, he could put his all into the upcoming fight.

When he was done talking to Whis, Xiaya said to Adri and the others, “In a while, Broly will appear near Planet Hongshan.

I will probe him first, then you all can turn into Saiyan Gods!”

“Bardock, you should also turn into a Saiyan God.

After that, your strength will not be inferior to Meilings!”

“Okay, leave it to us!”

As this matter concerned Planet Hongshans safety, Xiaya cant help but be overly concerned.

He first had to determine Brolys strength.

If Brolys strength was only that of the anime movie, then he would not need Bardock and the others to take action, as he would be able to defeat Broly by himself.

However, he had to be prepared for the worst.

Under Towas influence, Brolys strength may greatly exceed that of the anime movie, so he had to prepare a means of escape.


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