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Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, several months had passed.

As time strode by, Xiling’s and Myers’ bellies slowly grew bigger, and each of them had a weak lifeform grow in their bodies.

Xiaya was delighted to see their bulging bellies.

Xiaya accompanied them almost all the time, except for the usual few hours of training he did in the Gravity Machine.

Because this was their first pregnancy, Xiling and Myers were a little nervous, and they were very careful when they touched their bellies.

“Xiaya, what should we name our children” Xiling leaned against a soft cushion, surrounded by specialists that were taking care of her.

With a smile, Xiaya replied, “If it is a boy, he will be called Xiang; if it is a girl, she will be called Meifei… Well, Xili is also not bad.” Saiyan names only contained first names; no surname.

Just like Goku, he gave his son the surname Son, which was quite rare.

However, Xiaya had all memories of his past life, so he chose to give his child a surname, according to the custom of his past life.

“Xiang, Meifei!” Xiling softly muttered these two names.

Although she found their pronunciations slightly strange, the names were still quite pleasant to hear.

Myers moved closer and asked in surprise, “The pronunciation of these names is like our names.”

“Isn’t it better for our children’s name to be pronounced like ours” Xiaya asked, smiling.

Myers nodded and did not bother with the issue anymore.

She became concerned about Xiaya’s training situation.

Although Xiaya seemed to train for only 4 or 5 hours every day, only with the right method could he obtain the best returns.

If he desperately trained without knowing how to refine, he would, instead, be doing twice the work for half the result.

This method was not worth the losses it incurred.

Xiaya spent two hours every morning and afternoon in training, and the rest of the time was used to do a little tempering.

When combined with the method Whis taught him, the rate at which Xiaya’s Battle Power grew was not slower than before.

As he was also cultivating his mind, his spiritual level has achieved a better breakthrough.

“It’s a pity that we will be unable to train for one year.

We will be left behind by you even more,” Myers lamented, albeit with a smile.

For female Saiyans, once they are pregnant, their Battle Power would inevitably stagnate for a period.

This was what happened when Rebecca gave birth to Laret.

Xiaya ruffled Myer’s hair lightly and kissed both girls on their foreheads.

“When you give birth to our children, I will take you both out for a stroll.”

“Hehe, then it’s a promise.”

“Mhm!” Xiaya promised his wives.

Just then, the communicator beeped, and Xiaya picked it up.

It was a message from Charlene.

For this period of time, he only wanted to accompany Xiling and Myers at home.

If there were no important matters, Charlene wouldn’t send a message to him.

“Charlene, what is it” Xiaya asked Charlene, who was at the other end of the communicator.

Charlene’s voice came through; she seemed to be really anxious.

“Sir Xiaya, Patrolman Jaco has come, and he brought with him information about an important mission.

He insists on talking to you personally.”

“Let Jaco wait for a moment; I will soon be there.” Xiaya’s furrowed his eyebrows slightly.He ended the conversation and turned to Xiling, “Jaco has come.

It could be a matter from Galactic Patrol.

I’ll go and have a look.”

“Go; don’t let him wait for long,” Xiling said as she put clothes on Xiaya.

Xiaya nodded and headed to the Guardian Corps observation center.

Soon, he spotted Jaco’s spaceship parked on the empty and spacious square.

Jaco was seated on the wing of the spaceship, looking around.

When he saw Xiaya walking over, Jaco hurriedly jumped down.

“Xiaya, come with me now to Master Zuno’s place.

It’s very important.”

“Hold on; what happened, and who is Zuno” Shaking off Jaco’s hand, Xiaya, who was frowning, asked.

He didn’t want to leave Planet Hongshan at this time.

Jaco paused and explained, “It’s like this.

Our patrolman’s agent discovered a warped wormhole in a galaxy not far from Planet Hongshan.

All the life in that Galaxy has disappeared.

As a responsible elite, I am in charge of investigating this matter.”

Xiaya raised his eyebrows, feeling impatient at Jaco’s long-winded character.

“Tell me the important points!”

“The Galaxy has disappeared, and an ice cube flew out of the wormhole.

Look!” Jaco, who instantly got straight to the main point, took out a photo.

Looking at the photo, Xiaya discovered a black shadow at the center of the ice cube, and his expression turned serious.

“Is there a person in the ice cube”

Jaco nodded as his orange eyes lit up.

“Yes, this ice cube is heading in the direction of Planet Hongshan.

Moreover, the ice cube is melting little by little.

Well, when it arrives at Planet Hongshan, it should have almost melted.”

“So, this may be rushing towards Planet Hongshan”

Xiaya’s countenance sank.

It had become very clear.

Whether intentionally or not, someone sought to target Planet Hongshan—something Xiaya could not tolerate.

Xiaya could remember that a few months ago, Bardock predicted that something huge would happen near Planet Hongshan.

That was most likely referring to this matter.

“Do you know who’s in the ice”

Jaco shook his head sideways.

“I don’t know.

That’s why we must go to Master Zuno’s place to understand the situation.

He is an omniscient and mysterious person.

He knows about everything in the world and can surely clear out doubts.”

Galactic Patrol Organization has been closely paying attention to Planet Hongshan.

At the slightest sign of trouble, it had sent Jaco to understand the situation.

It was deeply afraid of the huge impact it will bring on the universe.

This was because Planet Hongshan was so powerful, the Galactic Patrol organization had to serve them.

“Master Zuno” Xiaya was startled.

Suddenly, he remembered that Zuno—who received rewards to resolve people’s doubts—lived on a mysterious planet.

His ability was a bit similar to Fortune teller Baba’s on earth, but it was many times stronger than hers.

He could find out about everything in the universe.

Xiaya could remember that in the original work, Bulma went to Zuno’s Planet with Jaco just to find the locations of the Super Dragon Balls.

“Don’t delay any longer.

Tell me the name of Zuno’s planet; I’ll directly teleport to it.”

Compared to the speed of Jaco’s spaceship, Xiaya’s Instant Transmission was much more reliable.

There was a star chart of the entire Universe 7 in his mind, but the name needed to be looked up one by one.

“Oh, sure! This is the name of Master Zuno’s planet…” Jaco immediately told him the name of the planet.

Xiaya looked it up by name and quickly found it—the location of the planet Zuno was on.

“We are going!” Instantly, Xiaya disappeared with Jaco through Instant Transmission.

Distant Zuno’s Planet.

This was a planet full of Japanese style.

Because of Zuno’s magical ability, people from places far away had come bearing gifts as they sought his advice, but Zuno’s requests are very weird; not everyone could fulfill his wishes.

With a bright flash, Xiaya brought Jaco to the hall that Zuno worked in.

When they entered, the first thing that caught Xiaya’s eye was a tall and big person, who closely resembled a Japanese samurai, sitting on a bowl-like flying vehicle.

This appearance…was somewhat funny.

“Ah, Time Enforcer!” Zuno yelled after seeing Xiaya, and immediately drove out all the people around him.


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