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“Your oldest son is really interesting,” Xiaya said, smiling at Bardock.

The two of them chatted about daily life for a while, and then, their topic of conversation shifted to the serious matters of Planet Hongshan.

With the continuous increase in Saiyan’s strength, the Saiyans can no longer cower away on the small Planet Hongshan.

They had to expand their turf.

Planet Hongshan could still be used as their headquarters, but it could no longer be the only stronghold that Saiyans possessed.

From all angles, it was not sensible to cower away on a small planet.

“Bardock, since you are taking Raditz out to carry out missions, I will trouble you to take a look at the surrounding planets to see if you can gather some Forces,” Xiaya said, slowly telling him his idea.

Bardock nodded seriously, and with a grin, he said, “Okay, I will pay attention to this.

For the time being, we will set our sights on the East Area, and after the East Area stabilizes, then we can consider expanding outward.”

“In fact, one East Area is already big enough.

You know that during Frieza’s time, we only occupied less than a quarter of the North Area.

East Area is not at all smaller than the North Area.” Xiaya shook his head and said, “Instead, I feel anxious about that mysterious Universe Commerce Alliance.

No one knows how deep their waters are and how many experts they have! ”

Universe Commerce Alliance was located everywhere in the universe, and there had to be many experts in it.

Of course, with his strength, Xiaya was not afraid of them.

However, the organization was secluded, and there were still too many unknown places, so he does not want to hastily take any action.

Bardock’s eyes flickered with a cold light.

“If Universe Commerce Alliance dares to jump out, I don’t mind killing them all.”


Go all out!” Xiaya said grimly.

They continued to talk about other things.

Bardock sat comfortably on the sofa and asked curiously, “Mr.

Xiaya, I heard that Xiling and Myers are both pregnant”

Xiaya smiled happily, sipping his tea, and replied, “Yeah.

Who would have thought they would get pregnant together.

Hehe, only a few months later than Bulma!”

This could have been stimulated by Goku.

Xiaya sowed seeds day and night, without rest, and Xiling and Myers’s bellies finally had reacted.

They had been locked in the house by Aunt Rebecca so that they could properly rest!

In a few months, I will be a father.

How time flies.

When I first came to the Dragon Ball World, I didn’t expect the ‘child’ that kept following behind me would so quickly give birth to my children.

Xiling and Myers, they both can be considered as raised by me.

It felt as if raising a loli.

When Kakarrot and Bulma were mentioned, Bardock laughed, because if Kakarrot kept developing normally, he would surely become a Super Saiyan.


Xiaya, now that Frieza has died early and I have brought Raditz home, the future has changed a lot!” Bardock said, looking concerned.

If Kakarrot could not become a Super Saiyan because of him, that would be too bad.

Xiaya wasn’t worried, though, and shook his head sideways, saying, “Kakarrot’s training has already been on the right track.

What he lacks now is just a little pressure.

There are plenty of ways to put pressure on him.

Besides, has the future you predicted changed”

Bardock stared blankly for a moment before saying, “It hasn’t.

In the future I have seen, Kakarrot will still transform into a Super Saiyan on Planet Namek, but his opponent seems to have changed.

I don’t know what is going on”

First, Bardock saw Kakarrot transform into a Super Saiyan in a battle with Frieza on Planet Kanassa, but after the destruction of Planet Vegeta, the scenes of the future changed.

The particulars of Planet Namek’s battle also changed after Frieza died.

Although a lot of things had changed, Kakarrot still broke through on Planet Namek.

“Is there such a thing” Xiaya was surprised.

Could it be because of the world’s fixed nature

“Yeah!” Bardock nodded.

“Oh, Right.


Xiaya, lately, I have been feeling uneasy.

It seems that something big will happen near Planet Hongshan.” Bardock suddenly changed the subject, and his expression became grave.

“What is it” Xiaya asked, also sitting upright.

Bardock had the prediction ability.

Although this ability had coincidental nature, it could still give early warnings.

As Bardock felt that a major event would soon occur on Planet Hongshan, then, in all likelihood, something really will happen.

However, with the current strength of Planet Hongshan—and dozens of Saiyan Gods, such as Bardock, Adri and the others—what major event could be difficult for them to stop

Bardock shook his head sideways, looking unsure.

“It’s still not clear.

it seems to be an enemy, but there is also something strange!”

“Let the special battle squadron and Guardian Corps member pay attention to it at all times.

Don’t treat it lightly.”

Xiaya could only make prepare defenses for the time being, but in his heart, he was not too worried; with his current strength, unless a powerful expert like Majin Buu appeared, no one could really harm him.

Furthermore, with so many Saiyan Gods on Planet Hongshan, security was definitely not a problem.


North Area, Frieza’s headquarters.

Frieza stood gracefully on the tall stage, and below it was a dense crowd.

They were all members of the Frieza Corps that Frieza had recently gathered.

“Is this the remaining Frieza Corps”

Frieza’s tone was neither warm nor angry, and even Dodoria—his trusted subordinate—didn’t know if he was angry or not.

This was because the number of Corps members present were lesser than when Frieza had left a decade ago.

Dodoria stepped forward and said, “Your Majesty, these are the only remaining Corps members.

Some betrayed us; some have gotten independent, and some members are unable to get back in time because they are carrying out missions on faraway planets…”

Frieza waved his hand, interrupting Dodoria’s words with a cold and murderous tone of voice, “Don’t talk about those that can’t come for the time being.

How many Corps members have rebelled”

After a rough count, Dodoria replied, “The Corps members that rebelled early on are over ….200,000!” As he spoke, he carefully observed Frieza’s expression.

“Hmph!” Frieza snorted expressionlessly, his two scarlet eyes emitting cold light.

Dodoria could feel the pressure acting on his body suddenly increase, and his face broke out in cold sweat.

“Heh, over 200,000!”

Frieza sighed deeply and said regretfully, “These people are courting their death.

Then, they can’t blame this king.”

“Abo, Kado, Shisami, Tagoma!” Frieza suddenly shouted, calling out some people.

“Your Majesty!”

“Your subordinates are here!”

Abo, Kado, Shisami, and Tagoma—his four subordinates—answered, looking to Frieza with eyes full of fear.

Frieza ordered, “The four of you will separately lead a Corp to the four directions of the North Area, and eradicate all the rebel Forces.

I want you to unify the North Area with the fastest speed!”

“Yes! We assure you that we will complete the mission.”

“Let us deal with them!”

Everyone shouted loudly.

A spherical spacecraft and a disk-shaped spaceship took off into the sky, one after the other, and moved in different directions.

Frieza looked up at the sky leisurely.

With an unreadable expression, he suddenly asked, “How are the things with that Vegeta”

Dodoria said, “It’s still the same, but he has been working hard a lot lately.

I heard that one of three Saiyans—someone named Raditz—died in battle.”

“Ho ho, so there is only Vegeta and one Saiyan left” The corners of Frieza’s lip curled in surprise.

“Yes, Vegeta’s strength has grown considerably.

He is quickly nearing 30,000 Battle Power,” Dodoria said, looking somewhat worried.

This value was already much higher than his.

“30,000” Frieza smiled.

“I remember his father, King Vegeta’s Battle Power.

It was just over 10,000”



Continue to observe him.

Although Saiyans are good toys, Vegeta is too weak to make this king interested.”

Frieza laughed evilly.

If he was afraid of the so-called Super Saiyan before, then now that his strength had vastly increased, he could happily toy with it.

Personally cultivating a Super Saiyan only to destroy it… Wasn’t that very interesting


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